Thursday, July 24, 2008

You're My Hero!

Happy Friday! It's me, Tracy once again, here talking about...
Heroes. God, do I love heroes! When you come across one you like or even love, sometimes it’s hard to put down in words what it is about them that draws you.

For me the draws are:
Sexy as hell doesn’t hurt either. What? I can be shallow!

So here are the heroes that are in my hut on the island and a few words of why I chose them.

Zsadist (Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J. R. Ward – Z’s book: Lover Awakened) Tortured. That stupid bitch of a Mistress really fucked him up with her blood slave crap. He just seems like he’s so very far from being redeemed but it’s not as far as he thinks. After falling in love with Bella Tracy he wants to make himself a better person. How can I describe it? I can't. I just love him! With every book he just becomes a better person and I like him more and more.

Daemon Sadi (Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop)
Unbearably beautiful. Daemon’s sexuality and strength make him the fantasy of every woman and a few men. He can be one mean son of a bitch but he is fiercely loyal and loves his woman. (me)

Dorian Christensen (Psy/Changeling series by Nalini Singh – Dorian’s book: Hostage to Pleasure)
I’ve had a thing for Dorian throughout the entire series. The fact that he can’t change into his leopard form just made me feel for him. His sister getting killed was another blow. Despite that he’s an incredible sniper, sentinel and loyal friend. He’s incredibly good looking as well, which is always a plus. After reading Hostage to Pleasure I’m practically in love with the man!

Phin Tucker (Welcome To Temptation by Jennifer Crusie)
A pool playing, sexy mayor of a small town. He’s great looking, wonderful and creative in bed (lamp scene for those who have read the book) and has a great sense of humor.

Wrath (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J. R. Ward – Wrath’s book: Dark Lover)
How can you not love this man? Big brooding male, long dark hair, King. And dude, that scene with Wrath and Beth in her apartment – oh holy heaven!

Indiana Jones (do I really need to name a book? ok, Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide by DK publishing)
A seriously unlikely hero but he’s just so wonderful. Intelligent but has a great sense of humor too. *sigh*

Caine Allen (Caine’s Reckoning by Sarah McCarty)
Strong, protective, courageous. His loyalty and love for those of Hell’s Eight make him immensely attractive to me.

Now, who would I have picked if I’d had no competition??? Well, certainly all of the above but also:

Rhage of Black Dagger Brotherhood fame (Ok - let's face it, I'd take all the Brothers + JM, Blay & Qhuinn)
Acheron – Dark-Hunter extraordinaire
Lucas Hunter – Psy/Changeling series
Colin Ames-Beaumont – sexy vampire – Demon Moon
Bones – The Huntress series
Nate – My Fair Captain - dayum!
Sam Starrett – Troubleshooter series
Max Bhagat – Troubleshooter series
Clay – Women of the Otherworld series

I have to stop there or I would go on and on. It’s sad that there are so many different historical romance heroes that I love as well…did I name any? Uh, no. Lordy, I need a bigger hut.

Tomorrows post: No clue. Come and be surprised!


LesleyW said...

Tracy have you been reading those recent posts floating about the blogverse about self-insertion. LOL

I had Zsadist and Daemon both down on my list but you grabbed them first. But that's okay because I got JM and Lucivar. :) (I think I got Lucivar LOL)

And has everyone read Hostage to Pleasure apart from me? Sounds like it's going to be worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

Man, we would sooooo fight over men. *grin*

Good choices.

lisabea said...

Z is the best of the bros and i heart him. Just saying. And it's clear that JR WArd loves him best too.

And Colin agrees that he should be on your list. And everyone else's.

Nate? Mmmmmm.....Nate (pull out that photo and your mouth goes dry..also I get a little omg scared)...

Katie Reus said...

Good call with Indiana Jones. I used to have the biggest crush on him :)

Tracy said...

Tracy have you been reading those recent posts floating about the blogverse about self-insertion.
Maybe it's too early but, huh?

Lesley - Lucivar is so great. I read HTP and Oh my lord how I loved it...especially since Dorian was in it! :)

Fight? where?

Yep - Z's the man. Yeah - I figured Colin wouldn't mind being in everyone's hut. Savi have something to say about it though. Yep...pulled up that pic of Nate - holy hottie Batman!

INdie - I've crushed on him since I saw the first IJ movie in high school. He's just so likeable of a character!

Kim said...

Obviously I am going to have to read the Anne Bishop books. All the cool kids are talking about them and I don't have a clue. :(

Great choices one and all! Especially Phin...I just read WTT last week and yeah...yum!

Lesleyw- I haven't read HTP either.. how did you biatches get it so early?

BTW- The pic of the dude with the long dark hair in the shirt and jacket- I have an employee that looks just like him. And abso yes...that is why I hired him. What??? He brings in the teenage girl dollars to laser tag. They come in and giggle and make goo-goo eyes at him and buy sodas from him....He's my little Dr. Pepper whore. So yes Tracy...I am in the shallow pool with you! LOL

Sarai said...

See I had a crush on the young adventures of Indiana Jones (you remember those right?)
Never liked JR's characters so don't understand them *g* But I am very interested in Daemon and it was a hard choice between Vaungh and Dorean


Shaymless Aymless said...

Love the choices! Dorian is totally yummy and HtP (some really super nice book fairy loaned me her ARC ^_~) made him even yummier. Zsadist, Wrath and Daemon! *wow*

KT Grant said...

At least you stayed away from my man Roake. Mines all mines.
Hmm Z very yummy in a very tortured way.

Tracy said...

Kim - yep, I like Phin a lot. Dangit, now I'm gonna have to read it over again! lol
Dr. Pepper Whore - omg that's hilarious!

Sarai - I never watched the Young IJ - I'llhave to look that one up. Yeah, Vaughn's a totally wonderful guy too.

Amy - Wasn't HTP great? Love it!! Yep - got some good ones in my little hut, uh, big hut.

KB - I read the In Death series so long ago I can barely remember Roarke *duck and runs*.
Z - love.him. :)

jessewave said...

Love your choices. I just started my first BDB book, Dark Lover and I see what you mean about Wrath

I have to totally rethink my heroes after having read about yours. Why is this so hard?

jessewave said...

I forgot to ask - where on earth did you get those photos? Not only are they hot but suave and elegant as well. WOW. You must do a LOT of research

Tracy said...

Wave - isn't Dark Lover great? Just love it. Yeah - those heroes are had to choose when you can only have 7! lol
I can't remember where I got the guy in the middle but the others I found on photobucket - go figure! :)

Christine said...

Great choices, Tracy.
I love Z, too!!! And can't wait to read HtP. I adore Dorian so far in this series, and loved him in MtP. I can't wait to fall more for him in Hostage to Pleasure! :D

Shannon said...

I had not yet gotta on the crack wagon that is JR Wrad when we had chosen our heros. Now I totally get why you all were fighting over the BDB boys. I think Z is my fav. He may be making an appearance on my "if I could have any man" list.

Hmmm... perhaps me, you, Z, and Sam Starett could have a little dinner date. I won't give up my FBI cowboy, but a weekend long trade? That could be doable :)

Tracy said...

Shannon - I'm all over the long weekend trade. How's this weekend for you? lol

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