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About Me: Evangeline Anderson

Hi Folks,

Well, Jeri is a tough act to follow but I’m going to try. Thanks for having me on DIK. I haven’t done any guest blogs or promo for a while since I just had a baby earlier this year so forgive me if I’m rusty. For my hot guy photo, please see the cover of my next book, Slave Boy, coming out from Loose id later this month. (I think it’s July 18 but I could be wrong.) As you can probably guess from the delicious cover done by the very talented April Martinez, it’s a male/male book so if you’re into that, I’m your girl. If not, I have plenty of male/female books for you to check out as well.

Okay, as to the prizes. (Cause that’s what everyone wants to know about right?) Anyone who posts anytime in the next three days goes into the random drawing Wave and I are doing to win copies of my print books. Those include, Take Two, Pleasure Planet, and Pleasure Palace all from Aphrodisia. I will also be starting a round robin later on in the day. You can post a sentence or a whole paragraph. Who knows what we can come up with together? It might be sexy or funny but I am hoping for both. So look for that because it’s another chance to win. Remember, the more you contribute, the greater your chances of getting free print or e-books—your choice.
All right, and now, here are my answers to the DIK questions.

About Me – Evangeline Anderson

Favorite Reading Position

In the bathtub. For me, nothing beats a super hot bubble bath and a good book (and okay, some dark chocolate too.) Obviously this means I can’t read e-books in the tub which sucks but if you came to my house you’d see that all my fav books are a bit waterlogged around the edges. What I want to know is when are they going to invent a waterproof laptop? Because I would totally write in the tub too if I could. In fact, I could live in the tub. All I need is an endless supply of hot water and an equally hot butler to serve me. I just love being able to lock myself away from the world and read and soak.

Best love song

Longer by Dan Fogelberg. It is my song with my hubby and I just love the way it flows. It makes me think of my wedding, which was a very happy day for me. (I have to say at this point that I shared these questions and my answers with a friend and fellow author and she totally denigrated my musical choices. Let me tell you, I am well aware that my taste in music is white bread but that’s okay with me. I blame it on the fact that I am an MRI tech and have a whole library of easy listening songs to calm and soothe claustrophobic patients. You can’t blast Metalica when somebody’s already about to crawl out of their skin ya know. Having said that, even I have limits. No Kenny G. No way, no how. Never. So there.)

Favorite Heroine

Has to be Anita Blake of Laurel K. Hamilton’s Vampire series up until Narcissus in Chains. After that book, the whole Anita world just fell apart IMO. And please forgive me if you’re still a fan, but I just hated the way that Anita went from being such a tough chick who wouldn’t sleep with anyone to being a freak who will sleep with everyone. I mean, the first eight or nine books actually had a plot that didn’t revolve around sex. But after she was stricken with the audure (sp?) she was compelled to have sex with everyone and anyone. Okay…I think I just went off on a rant there. Really sorry but this was so my fav series until poor Anita started having lust seizures and getting it on with every vamp, were, and whatever in the whole freaking universe.

Author everyone but you loves

Whoo-boy. That is tricky. Can I get back to you on that?

If you could be in one book/series/world which would you pick

Probably the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlain Harris. I love Sookie’s attitude and all the gorgeous guys she has to choose from. And I would LOVE to get into Eric’s pants. Lucky Sookie. I totally wanna be her.

Favorite sex song

Witchy Woman by the Eagles. (Yeah, I know it’s not a traditional sex kinda song like Sexual Healing or anything but I think it has a great rhythm. Plus, I like that line “And she drove herself to madness with a silver spoon.” How did she use that spoon, I want to know. Was it for cocaine? Or was it a magical vibrating spoon or something? If so, I want one. Lol

What Heroine would you like to be?

Again, Anita Blake before she became a world class ho.

How old is your inside voice?

Probably about twenty-three. Old enough to know better but still young enough to do it anyway.

If you could be a hero who would you be?

Superman. Hands down, you get to fly and you’re invulnerable. Plus you get to look hot in those yummy tights and cape—oops, that would be a hero I want to DO. I think I just had a Brandon Routh moment there. Sorry.

What heroine is most like you?

Um, is there a heroine who likes to sit for hours in front of her laptop while eating dark chocolate? That would be me. Let me know when somebody writes her so I can sue them for fictionalizing my life. K? Thanks.

What heroine would you most like to be?

A skinny one. No seriously, that’s hard to answer because it depends on my mood. Sometimes I wish I could be Clair from the Outlander series and get some with Jamie. Other times when I’m in an ass-kicking mood I’d like to be Anita (pre-Narcissus in Chains of course).

Boxers, Briefs, Kilt or Commando.

Definitely commando. So much sexier to see a guy peel down his jeans and show the goods with nothing in the way. Of course, I notice that Tighty-Whities didn’t make the list. Can’t imagine why not. Lol

Favorite book set on a tropical island

I have to say Swiss Family Robinson because it is the only one I can think of that I read that’s set on a tropical island. Seriously tho, we listened to the book on tape when I was a kid on a family vacation and parts of it are unintentionally hysterical. They have this boat they use for fishing which I believe is called a pennis which was plenty close enough to penis to have my brother and me nearly in convulsions with laughter. Of course my father (who is a minister) was extremely angry with us for laughing which only made us laugh harder. Anyway, long story short, it’s a funny book. Give it a try.

What hero is most like your significant other?

I have to say Mr. Darcy. Not because my hubby is remote and haughty in any way but because Mr. Darcy was able to sit around and never do the dishes because he had servants to do them for him. Can you guess who does the dishes in our house? Eh-hem. But I love him anyway for being so good with the baby. (My hubby, not Mr. Darcy. Mr D I love for being incredibly hot but I don’t know how he’d handle a crying baby at 4 am. Probably he would call the nanny.)

What hero would you like to be your significant other?

Okay, girls, brace yourselves. NERD ALERT here. I want me some wolverine (Hugh Jackman style of course.) I know that’s a comic book hero and not a book hero but if I get to pick, he’s my first choice. Hot, hairy (smooth chested men leave me clammy) and full of angst. I bet he could really nail a girl to the mattress, know what I mean? And I have to confess, when the lights are out, my hubby does a pretty good Hugh Jackman Wolverine imitation (another thing I love him for despite his aversion to dishes.) PS—Wave, did you know that Logan/Wolverine is a Canadian character? One of his nicknames is ‘Canuckle head.’ I know, I know, more nerd trivia than you need, right. Sorry.

What three things would you bring to a desert island?

Food. Drink. My laptop. That is all I need in the whole world to be happy (aside from my fam of course)

What drink would you bring?

Well….*ducks head* Would you believe I don’t drink? Not because I’m morally opposed to it, just because I grew up in a house where it wasn’t done and I never developed a taste for alcohol. I will drink virgin daiquiris and pina coladas with you all night long, tho and be your designated driver. How’s that?


Kim said...

Hi Evangeline! Welcome to DIK!
Yay! Another Sookie fan! I think Eric is around here somewhere in someones hut. But I believe Billiam the Wank has been banned.

Great answers, especially the bath and chocolate!

Bridget Locke said...

*snicker* Okay, I have to laugh at your drinking thing, b/c I answered almost the exact same way. :) I don't drink either and mine was a virgin strawberry margarita...I think. It's been awhile since I filled out my questionaire. :)

Loved your answers though. :)

Sayuri said...

Yay! Can I join you on the virgin pina coladas, cause I don't drink either and every thinks I'm a freak? (especially here in Scotland.)

I have never read m/m before BUT that's not to say I don't like a little m/m tension a la Butch & V and I have been over and checked out some excerpts so I think I may pick up a few quite soon.

With you on the Wolverine (so glad Jackamn got it and not Dougray Scott.) And you are the second author now to mention 'Outlander' and Jamie. I have bought the first book. Gonna start reading it soon.

Welcome to DIK. Hope you enjoy your time here.

Sayuri said...

And I love Sookie as well, but have only read the first two so have no love for Eric yet and I still love Bill.

I am sure that will change tho. However, I'm rootin for Sam.

Sookie & Sam 4 eva!

Evangeline Anderson said...

Hey Kim,
Yes, Eric is Waaaay hot. Even hotter than Jean-Claude from the Anita books IMHO. And as for Bill, when I read the part in the book where you find out what he did (I won't mention it because Sayuri says she's still reading) I was in a crowded airplane. Anyway, I was so shocked I shouted out "Oh, my God!" And everyone looked at me and I was way embarrassed but it was a total OMG moment, IMO. : ) Evangeline

Evangeline Anderson said...

Hey Briget and Sayuri,
Yes, everyone looks at you like you grew two heads when you say you don't drink but I just don't like the taste. So sue me, right? I cook with wine and beer a lot but if there is any alcohol content still left then it doesn't taste right to me. Bleh...
PS Sayuri,
Lots of women are beginning to think they might like to try a m/m book because of Butch and V. I guess all of the authors who like to write it owe JR Ward a debt of gratitute. : )

jessewave said...

Evangeline, Evangeline

Sookie Stackhouse, Swiss Family Robinson and no drinking, where did you go wrong? This is so opposite to those totally hot M/M books you write especially my favorite,The Assignment. I can't wait for Slave Boy which I believe is coming out in a couple of weeks. Keep those hot men coming (er....whatever)


Evangeline Anderson said...

Hey Wave,
Yeah, I know my reading style differs from my writing style. It's one of those weird little things about me. : P

lisabea said...

Evangeline~Sookie So Rulz! And Eric the Vampire way better than a BDB vampire any day of the week because he's naughty and funny and oh man,he's hot. CJ has him in her hut and I'm determined to lure him away.

Sarai said...

Hello EVANGELINE welcome to DIK!

Love your answers I'm so with you on Anita she totally rocked and kicked ass until the stupid Oh let's sleep with everything that has a dik moment.

I actually have passed on the books since.

Anywho welcome and make yourself and home!

Evangeline Anderson said...

Hi Lisabea,
Hey, I love your icon. V hot. Batman and Robin slash always gets my motor running. : )
And yes, Eric is HAWT. Break me off a piece of that. I just finished reading the last Sookie book and was so glad *spolier alert* she cut Quin loose. I think in the next book we're going to see lots more of Eric and I can't wait to read it. : P

Evangeline Anderson said...

Hey Sari,
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels that way. I guess I still obsess about it because the Anita Blake universe was so amazingly good and then it was like LKH just decided to throw everything out the window and start again. I don't understand her descision but I did hear that her heroes are based on men in her life and I think that Richard was based on the hubby she divorced and Micah (Bleh) is based on current hubby. So maybe that's the reason it all went to hell.

Tracy said...

Hey Evangeline! Good to have you here chickie!

Ok - Longer is a great song. Yes, totally white bread and I can see how people would point and laugh at us but it's a great love song!

Mmmm...Superman. Great choice.

I have always had a thing for wolverine. When Hugh Jackman brought him to life on screen I bought wet myself because he was so similar to how I would have made him! (personally HJ does it for me no matter what! lol)

I haven't read LKH so I don't know of this ho of which you speak. Maybe I should just read the first 8 or 9? :)

Again, good to see you, hear from you, read you!

JenB said...

Fun answers! And I love Wolverine too. :)

I can't wait to read Slave Boy! Got any teasers for us?

Evangeline Anderson said...

Hey Tracy,
So glad I'm not the only nerd who loved Wolverine even before HJ played him. And you like Longer too? I think we are white bread nerd soul mates. lol
Glad to see you!
PS-Jen, I wish I could give you some yummy tidbits on Slave Boy right now but I am on my work computer and as you can imagine, my company looks askance at me posting hot gay sex stuff on their computer. I promise to post a yummy excerpt tonight when I start the round robin. K? E

Shannon said...

Oh baby! Wolverine! Don't worry, geekiness is welcome on the DIK. Heck he can come hang out with some of the other guys on the island: Batman, Malcom Reynolds, Superman...

I, too, and in the new-to-M/M camp. Between the BDB and Suzanne Brockmann's Jules Cassidy storyline, I am slightly intrigued.

haha, I can see how heavy metal might not be conducive to calming an MRI patient. I am relived to hear about your Kenny G aversion. eek! Now if you like Yanni...

Oh, if you live in a town that has an Argo Tea (the Starbucks of tea places), you should try the Mojitea. It is basically a virgin mojito: iced peppermint tea, lime juice, sparkling water, little bit of sugar. Yum!!!

Christine said...

Hi Evangeline and welcome to the island!
(And congrats on the new baby!)

Loved reading your answers. So glad you offered to be the designated driver. Maybe we ought to make sure there is a golf cart or something on our island just so you have something to drive! :)

How do you manage to work an out of the home job, write, AND be a new mommy? AND keep the house clean? Okay, I'm exhausted just *thinking* about all that!

KT Grant said...

Welcome to the fun DIK island Evangeline!
I wanted to be Anita also before she became a sex freak of nature. I was totally fine with a little threesome between her vampire and werewolf, but her harem of men is just too scary now.
I have tried to read in a bubble bath but my pages always end up wet :( *okay that is a loaded comment*

Evangeline Anderson said...

Hey Shannon,
Okay, now I feel like I have found my true spiritual home here on your island. Because I am also a huge Superman geek. I like the movies from the 70s becasue I was a kid back then and Christopher Reeves was way hot. Girls who were born and grew up in the 80s and 90s
don't get it but I'm telling you, I wanted to get in that big silver bean bag chair from Supe 2 and get busy with the man of steel in the worst way. : )
If you want an intro to m/m fiction, may I humbly reccomend my book, The Assignment, about two straight cops who go undercover in a gay resort and have to -Eh-hem- be sure they don't blow their cover. Ask Wave about it--she's a big Assignment fan. : )
And the non alcoholic mojito sounds fabulous but where I live we don't have Argo tea. Instead we have a shop called Teavanna which I love, being a big tea drinker. But no virgin mojito. : (

Hey Christine,
Thanks for the congrats on my little man. And how do I do it all and keep the house clean? Simple, I ignore the house. Yes, I am that bad. If there is a sink full of dishes to be done and a chapter of hot sex to write and I have to pick, guess which gets done? lol. Of course, I do have to make exceptions sometimes or we wouldn't be able to live but being able to turn a blind eye to the occasional dust bunny is a must if you want to get any writing done. It's either that or get rid of the hubby or the baby and I can't live without either of them.
: ) E

Shaymless Aymless said...

Hi Evandeline! Welcome. You can be our designated life-saver, you know the one that makes sure we don't drown (it is an island after all)! LOL

Evangeline Anderson said...

Hey Katie,
Yes, I was so dissapointed that she didn't just let Anita get with Richard and Jean-Claude at the same time. that would have been the logical conclusion to all the build up she wrote but then she had to go and change things. Grrrr... E

Tracy said...

white bread nerd soul mates? Has a nice ring to it. :)

Evangeline Anderson said...

Hey amyless
Guess it's a good thing I just got my CPR renewed then huh? Yes, I will be the lifesaver.
: ) E

Evangeline Anderson said...

Hey Tracy
Uh, yeah. I think White Bread Nerd SoulMates will be the title of my next book. It should sell like crazy, don't you think?

Evangeline Anderson said...

Hey Tracy
Uh, yeah. I think White Bread Nerd SoulMates will be the title of my next book. It should sell like crazy, don't you think?

Evangeline Anderson said...

oops, I posted twice. Damn Blogger.
Sorry! E

LesleyW said...

Hi Evangeline,

Think everyone else has already welcomed you.

So glad to hear Slave Boy isn't out yet, I popped over to Loose to check it out and just clicked on the cover and it came up not available...was disappointed.

And looking forward to the excerpt.

Tracy said...

I think White Bread Nerd SoulMates will be the title of my next book. It should sell like crazy, don't you think?

Like hot cakes, I'm sure! lol

Katie Reus said...

I'm going to second you on Hugh Jackman. Yum!! Sometimes I wish I'd never developed a taste for alcohol. My waistline would be smaller ;)

Evangeline Anderson said...

Hey Lesleyw,
Nope, not out yet. But I just checked my release dates and according to my editor, it will be available July 8th. So mark your calender for some hot m/m action on that day. Actually, if anyone wants a reminder, I have a yahoo group which is just for that. I don't chat on it at all, just send out one e-mail on the day a new book comes out so it is very low volume. If anyone would like to join and be reminded of new books, just click on over to my website at and you can join from there.

And Katie--just because I don't drink does NOT mean I am skinny. Please, it is a CONSTANT struggle with me. I often think I would give up just about anything to be except chocolate, of course. lol. We all have our addictions, right? E

jessewave said...


I'm looking forward to Slave Boy even more now because it is being released on my birthday!

So I have a question, when is the next book starring the detectives from The Assignment (the one you're currently writing) going to be released?

KT Grant said...

Evangeline, I just finished reading Charlie's Bargain and I must say WOW! Lynx ix a very interesting guy, especially the way he is with Charlie *wink wink*

Sayuri said...

Just finished The Assignment and OH.MY.GOD.

I love Sean O'Brien.

Completely loved the story. Dammit, now I have another back-catalogue I need to read.

Ana said...

Hi Evangeline, welcome!

I go straight and say: I would like to get on with Eric Northman too. Ahem. Now that this is out of the way, I hear you on the Wolverine love. In fact, he is one of my heroes pick, therefore he is RIGHT HERE on this very island. : ) You can borrow him for a night, if you want.

JenB said...

Evangeline - Did you know that THE ASSIGNMENT is actually a favorite among Butch/V fans because they think the Valenti/O'Brian relationship is what Butch/V *should* have had. So they recommend your book right alongside their own Butch/V fanfics! I actually thought it *was* a fanfic until I checked the dates and realized your book actually came first. That's pretty amazing stuff, E!

THE ASSIGNMENT is also pretty much required reading for members of my own M/M discussion group on Yahoo. It comes up in so many recommendations and conversations that I'm sure some new members read it just so they'll know what the hell we're talking about. LOLj

Evangeline Anderson said...

Hi All,
Sorry I was MIA for a while there. My boss chose this afternoon to drop by for a 4 hour visit so I coudln't be seen answering posts or personal e-mail. Ugh. But I'm back now and I'll do my best to catch up.

Evangeline Anderson said...

Hey Wave, Happy B-day in advance. I hope the ARC of Slave Boy will be a good prezzie. And I promise you'll be the first to know the minute I finish the next Assignment story.

Katie--So glad you liked Charlie's Bargain. I was a little afraid when I was writing it that Lynx was too ruthless in what he was willing to do in order to get Charlie so I'm glad to hear you liked it.

Evangeline Anderson said...

Sayuri--So glad you liked The Assignment. It always amazes me how much e-mail I get about the characters. People want to know what is going on with O'Brian and Valenti, where are they living, what are they doing, etc. I think they have an apartment somewhere together and are having hot alpha sex every night. : )

And Jenb-I have to say that nope, the Assignment is in no way a fanfic of Butch and V. I love them to death but I never even read the JR Ward series until last year and I wrote The Assignment years before that. I think it's just that they are both alpha males as are Butch and V and that is the similarity that makes both relationships work.

Evangeline Anderson said...

Ana--Yes, please, loan me Wolverine for the night. (Or possibly longer. Well, I may just never want to give him back at all, okay? lol Here is my ultimate nerd confession--I have been a Wolvie fan ever since the animated series which made me read the comic books which in turn made me see the movies and now I am hooked for life. : P

OK guys, look for excerpts and the start of the round robin soon. Remember the more you participate, the more chances to win. I am going to do a drawing tonight to pick someone to win an e-book. So stay tuned. : P Evangeline

Ana said...

What about this for nerd confession: I read ALL XMEN comic books by the time I was 17 and I had erotic dreams with Wolverine, in Comic Book format. LOL.

You know what? You can have him for your entire stay in the island! *flower*

Evangeline Anderson said...

You know what Ana, just for that I want to give you a free book. Yes, because it is so nice to meet a fellow Wolvie fan and not feel like such a nerd. So go to my website at and pick what e-book you want and then e-mail me at and I will send it in the format of your choice. : ) E

Mary M. said...

Hi Evangeline!

Damn, I can't believe I missed your arrival on the island yesterday! I'd written it in my day planner. Trouble is, I didn't check my day planner yesterday. I'll look at the bright side of things and tell myself I have a lot of new material to read. I saw that the excerpt for Slave Boy was already there (yippee!), but I'm saving it for dessert ;)

I've never read Sookie Stackhouse, but I used to be a big fan of Anita Blake. I still read them, but no way I'm spending a penny on them. I don't want to encourage Ms Hamilton in the direction she's taken. The ardeur device got old after two books of it. I don't think I've re-read any of the books after Cereluan Sins. So sad to see a promising series totally crash down like that. Still, if Laurell were to finally put Richard and Jean-Claude in the same bed and let them have some hot mansex, I certainly would be first in line to read it :-D

Wolverine....Roar!! Love that male. I had a huge crush on him after seeing the first X-Men. I wanted him to end up with Rogue. I found them so cute. I read Logan/Rogue fanfic for nearly a year. And I still have the huge Aragorn poster that my then-boyfriend gave me the spring before Return of the King came ou...that would make it 2003, I think? Well, it's been on the back of my bedroom door ever since. When you're single it's a nice face to look at before you go to bed :-DD.

Evangeline Anderson said...

Hi Mary, So good to see you again! Yes, I want to see Richard and Jean-Claude get it on. I would pay a lot for that but she seems dead set against Richard now so I don't think it's ever going to happen.
And I'm a Logan/Jean shipper myself although I'm not above reading a little Logan/Rogue if it's well written.
Thanks for your welcome to the island. : P

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