Tuesday, July 15, 2008

About Me featuring Tumperkin

Our DIK lady today is Tumperkin from the UK. She's a Mom, wife and lawyer by day; romance lover and aspiring author by night.

Favorite Reading Position
On side in bed (very bad for eyes!)

Best love song
If I can have a love song about a place rather than a person, 'England, my Lionheart' by Kate Bush

Favorite Heroine
I have loads! Today I'll go for Lily Doyle from One Night for Love by Mary Balogh

Author everyone loves but you don’t
Mary Jo Putney. I do LIKE her, but her books don't really get beyond liking for me.

How old is your inside voice

If you could be a hero who would you be
Hero? Rather than heroine? Prolly someone cool and unflappable who looks a bit effete like Gervase St Erth from The Quiet Gentleman or the Duke of Avon from Powder and Patch (both Georgette Heyer). I've got a bit of a thing at the moment for feminine looking men who're utterly lethal

What heroine is most like you
Probably Submit Channing-Downes from Judith Ivory's Black Silk (I really relate to the part where she's watching Graham Wessit yachting)

What heroine would you like to be
The Grand Sophy or Jessica Trent - one of those fabulously confident, managing ones who know exactly what they're doing all the time

Boxers, Briefs, boxer briefs, kilt (I say we add commando)
Kilt (predictable, moi?)

Favorite book set on a tropical island
An old category romance by Charlotte Lamb called - I think - Illusion

What hero would you like to be your significant other
Michael McNeill from Wild At Heart would make a nice husband. He's got no hang-ups about any crap and he'd do his fair share around the house.

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring
1. paper
2. pens
3. tea

Favorite drink to bring to the DIK party
Elderflower martini

You can visit Tumperkin here or on her blog Isn't it Romance?


Katie Reus said...

Aww, I love that you said you'd bring tea! That's definitely a giveaway that you're from the UK.

Kati said...

Hey T.! Wow. I'm ashamed to say I've not read any of the books you reference in your list.

Also, the piccy, who is that actor? Sorry, ignorant and in need of Diet Dr. Pepper this AM.

jessewave said...

You would bring paper, pens and tea? What happened to the computer age?
What is an elderflower martini? Is there a recipe?
I remember reading Georgette Heyer for literature when I was at school - very cool author!

Carolyn Crane said...

Oh, T! What lovely and eccentric answers! Though paper and pens...mmm so smart.

Christine said...

I think that actor is Rufus Sewell? Not sure, though.

I love that you're bringing paper, pens, and tea. Basics are a good thing and often overlooked in this day and age. ;)

I'm interested in the recipe for the Elderflower Martini as well. And good thinking! The elderflower would help if we get a cold or something while on the island far from modern medicine!

Shannon said...

I will also throw in my request for the martini recipe.

You all have such lovely thing to say about Gorgette Heyer. I should add her to my list.

Paper and pens. You are old school, my friend. Fabulous!

Sarai said...

Hey I think it's cool you would bring paper and pens. I love just sitting back writing and sometimes sketching ALTHOUGH I suck at the latter!!! Hope alls going well with you!

KT Grant said...

Hmmm I love tea! Green tea is my new favorite tea :D
Verra nice picture of Rufus. I love him as a bad boy ;)

Kim said...

Another kilt fan! Yay! I took a pic of some guys in kilts at Mad Dogs British Pub in San Antonio last week...but alas my flash didn't go off so it turned out dark.

But yeah they were hawt and totally cool with me snapping pics of them....I think my hubby was embarrassed by my behavior...heh, the things he puts up with. Poor man.

Tracy said...

Hi T!

Your inside voice is 110? Why is that?

I have to say I know none of the characters you mentioned. I really need to read more! No one laugh.

I'm putting in my request for the martini recipe as well! :)

Joanna Chambers said...

Hi everyone!! *waves nervously*

The actor is indeed Rufus Sewell. Anyone who's ever been to my blog knows I LOVE him.

And I'm 110 because I'm just very very sensible you know?

Ok - Elderflower martini. Ees verra verra good. The husbag is cocktail man. He's like Tom Cruise in Cocktail except he's taller and with a bigger nose and a lot hairier (in a not-hairy way if you know what I mean) and he's not so - stocky? - you know? - he's more like leaner and of course he has a Yorkshire accent rather than an American accent and also he is not at all religious and or short in any way.

But I digress....

The point is - the husbag makes the cocktail usually so I'm hoping this is right - it's definitely MOSTLY right:

- 20 mls good quality elderflower cordial
- 40 mls gin or vodka (I favour Tanqueray gin)
- Dash lime juice

Shake hard with ice and strain into frosted glass; decorate with a curl of lime peel.


Joanna Chambers said...

Oh and Katie R: tea and gin. Don't forget the bleedin gin.

Christine said...

T :: You crack me up. Your husbag sounds like a much better catch than what's his face from Cocktail. ;)

lisabea said...

When Sula and I travel to Scotland to see you, will you serve us that martini??? Yes?? And put us up? And bring us tea and toast in those nifty little toast caddies?

Yay for T. Submit? Ooooh. That Judith Ivory. She's a keeper.

LesleyW said...

LOL - being from the UK I appreciate that you've brought tea.

And Charlotte Lamb - blast from the past. I remember reading her books when I was a teenager. Also Penny Jordan and Susan Napier. Susan Napier was my favourite because she was quite cutting with her humor.

Joanna Chambers said...

Hi L - I'll do better than that - I'll get the husbag to make the drinks.

And I assume that you are referring to a toast RACK? *mumbles something under breath about 'Americans'*

LesleyW - Susan freakin' Napier! Her books are wild! Bam once did an HILARIOUS review of Mistress of the Groom - go stick 'Napier' in her search box. And Penny Jordan. Remember all those eighties ones which always have heroines interior decorating all over the place? She was obsessed with rag-rolling if I remember rightly.

sula said...

I just have to say....RUUUUUUUFUS!!!


love that boy. :) Can you bring him to the island too?

LesleyW said...

Tumperkin - LOL - you're right. I'd forgotten how every heroine was an interior designer. Yep, they were really influenced by the eighties.

Kristie (J) said...

Ooohh - I love Michael McNeil. Oh so yummy 'Lost' hero!! And Jessica Trent - she's a great heroine!

Sarah said...

Yum! And Rufus Sewell, vera cute!

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