Sunday, July 6, 2008

About Me featuring Carolyn Jean

CJ is our DIK lady for Monday.

Carolyn Jean lives in a big old apartment in the middle of Minneapolis with her dashing husband and two frolicky kittens. She makes a living writing the kind of ads you probably love to hate, and she's also an aspiring novelist who is excitingly close to being able to drop that pesky "aspiring" part. Hobbies include running, reading and just basically living the life of a bookish hermit.

Favorite Reading Position
In bed. Back, side, back, side.

Best love song
Do You First Then Do Myself by Corey Glover

Favorite Heroine
Phedre from Kushiel’s Dart.

Author everyone loves but you don’t
Dan Brown. What is up with the Da Vinci Code? I hated it. Can I also say the cheese everybody loves but I don’t is fresh mozzerella? It has no taste. It is the Emporer’s New Clothes of cheeses.

If you could be in one book/series/world which would you pick
I sort of like the Kushiel’s Dart world.

How old is your inside voice

Favorite sex song
Lotus Flower by Blackalicious

If you could be a hero who would you be
Michael the angel.
What heroine is most like you
Milagro from Happy Hour at Casa Dracula

What heroine would you like to be
Charlotte from Worth Any Price by Lisa Kleypas (hello: Nick Gentry!)

Boxers, Briefs, boxer briefs, kilt (I say we add commando)

Favorite book set on a tropical island
South Pacific. Is that a book?

What hero is most like your significant other

What hero would you like to be your significant other
Luckily, Morelli

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring
ereader with a THOUSAND books, desalinization kit, chapstick.

Favorite drink to bring to the DIK party
A never-ending champagne fountain. Maybe I would bring that to the island, too.

You can visit Carolyn Jean here or on her blog The Thrillionth Page.


LesleyW said...

Which Terre D'Ange House would you be in Carolyn Jean?

Ana said...

*smacks forehead* Desalinization kit!

Brave choice of favorite heroine.

The Bookworm said...

great answers CJ :)
I dont like Dan Brown much either.

Kati said...

Hi CJ! I want to have a very loooong conversation with you about Kushiel's Dart, because clearly you love it, and I've got it, and have been trying to read it, and still can't get into it.

Sarai said...

OMG I so heart you!!!! Love your answers and YOWZERS on the RC picture LB is going to be jealous!!!

Carolyn Crane said...

Lesley -LOL I was thinking I would just be one of the regular people there!

Ana: I think you have Sully, right? We could make a deal for the water.

Naida: I guess he's sort of an easy target!

MK: I noticed on your blog and meant to comment...I would give it more pages. I get a bit bored when the books start with childhood, but press on!

Sarai: I stole that pic from LB. Shhhh.

Shannon said...

The Emp New Clothes of cheese? bwah ha ha!!! But it is so good in ensalada caprese. Mmmmm... balsamic and basil. nom.

Ana said...

CJ, no I do not have Sully *shifty eyes* Katie has him :(

Tracy said...

Hey! You got a thing against mozzarella??? lol

Ok - Michael, commando, in the South Pacific with the never ending champagne. I like it! :)

KT Grant said...

Does your hubby call you "cupcake"? :D
Sully is very much mine! But Michael still calls to me...

Carolyn Crane said...

Shannon: I love that. Capri salad. But I use normal mozerella. Will you still be my friend?

Ana: Oh, sorry. I guess you don't get any water. Though you may have some other trades...

Tracy: never ending water and champagne. All girls invited. We should have a special island party during RWA!

KB: Ooh. Right. Need water? Of course you do!

KT Grant said...

Water? I have rum! :P

Katie Reus said...

I love the idea of a never ending champagne fountain! I'd likely turn into an alcoholic ;)

Christine said...

Desalinaization kit?!!?! OMG Pure genius, I tell you!

I lurve champagne!!! Mmmmm....

South Pacific is an original Rogers & Hammerstein musical... not a book. Sorry. But I have to agree that it is an awesome story and definitely worthy of being an island favorite!

"Here am I your special island
Come to me, Come to me.
Bali Ha'i,
Bali Ha'i,
Bali Ha'i!"

I'm going to be singing the soundtrack all day long now...

My girls do the cutest rendition of "Happy Talk."

lisabea said...

CJ....You have my RC...and you know what I would bring on a desert island? YOU. heh.

Wicked good answers. I'm shocked that Eric was ousted by Michael...but now that you HAVE Michael, I can understand.

OK Serious question: Should I trade Captain Jack Sparrow for Jake Riordan? It's a dangerous trade.

Sarai said...

"OK Serious question: Should I trade Captain Jack Sparrow for Jake Riordan? It's a dangerous trade."

I am thinking yes I mean really what can Captain Jack do for you that Jake can't and think of all the scraping and bowing that Jake can do for Adrien b/c you make him... Huh I mean really can you top that I ask?

Shannon said...

Hmmm, CJ, I don't know. I mean, that is bastardizing the salad. The foodie in me is not sure she can handle that ;)

Heh. I am imagining you all with the champagne fountain. It would be one giggly island.

Damn you, Christine! You had to go there with Bali Hai!!!! Grrrr! I hate that frikkin song! Had to sing it when I was in the show in high school. It was ridiculous. Never have you seen a whiter island girl.

Sarah said...

I love the song by Blackalicious, seriously funky.

Excitingly close huh?? How cool is that!

lisabea said...

I'm still so in lust with that incarnation of RC.

Christine said...

LOL Sorry Shannon! Were you cast as Bloody Mary? I just can't picture that!

Shannon said...

No. Bloody Mary would have been fun. I was stupid Island Girl #4, or something. I don't even think we got numbers. My best friend and I are still bitter about that show after... way too many years. All of the good parts were given to the A Crowd girls. Casting based on talent was not valued at my high school ::grumblegrumble::

jessewave said...

Hi C.J.

I'm late for the party as usual. I was wondering about your hero - Michael the angel? WOW. I never would have thought of him in a trillion years!! Also, the desalinization kit - You are one healthy babe.
I agree about Dan Brown - didn't "get" the book but I hope that you remove the word "aspiring" very, very soon from "novelist".
I'm toasting you in champagne.


sula said...

ceeeeeejay!!!! Omg, i am so proud. The Kleypas book that I sent you gets a mention (go nick gentry!). heh.

all your mozzerella belong to us. i will take it and put it on my hand-made pizza dough. we shall make tasty pizza. how's that?

why weren't you blogging back when I lived in the Cities? We could have hung out in dinkytown or something. *sniff*

Ciara said...

Who is morielli? I think I'd wanna live with the Alba if I were in Carey's world. Gotta love the picts.

lisabea said...

Hey Cupcake, you wanna take that Morelli question?

Look! It was the rare sighting of Sula! YAYYYYYYY!!!

DIK LOL CAT? I'm on ur dik...

uh...can you finish that one Sula?

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