Sunday, July 13, 2008

About Me featuring Jessewave

Jessewave is an avid reader from Toronto. Her interests include, writing book reviews, dogs, writing, travel and sports (especially baseball).
Favorite Reading Position
Where else? In bed, under the covers

Best love song
I’ve been loving you too long to stop now by Otis Redding. (Which lovers wouldn’t love this wonderful love song?)

Favorite Heroine
Wonder Woman (you gotta love those bracelets and the fact that she always got her man)

Author everyone loves but you don't
J.R. Ward – I just don’t get the BDB books – too much angst by her fans! Why don’t the guys do the nasty already and put everyone out of their misery?

If you could be in one book/series/world which would you pick
Star Trek, The Next Generation – I’m a sci fi addict

How old is your inside voice
10 – I think this is the best age because you’re too young to have responsibilities

Favorite sex song
Let’s get it On by Marvin Gaye (I still think that this is the best song for getting the moves on)

If you could be a hero who would you be
The Dark Knight, Batman

What heroine is most like you
Mystique from X-Men

What heroine would you like to be
Storm from X-Men

Boxers, Briefs, boxer briefs, kilt
Commando, but if that’s not allowed then I love a man in a kilt, with nothing on underneath it of course

Favorite book set on a tropical island
Gilligan’s Island. (This was all I could come up with at such short notice – I know, pathetic)

What hero would you like to be your significant other
Gary Dourdan (Warrick Brown on CSI) and Wentworth Miller (Michael Scofield on Prison Break). So sue me. I couldn’t make up my mind. You ladies have heard about ménages haven’t you?

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring
1. A solar powered e-book reader filled with M/M books
2. A big dog
3. A solar powered vibrator, the best on the market because those nights are long and lonely

Favorite drink to bring to the DIK party
Rum Runners – Here’s the recipe
1 oz. rum
½ oz. blackberry brandy
½ banana cream
Splash of pineapple
Splash of orange juice
Dash of grenadine
Float a bit of dark rum
Combine all ingredients in blender and pulse to a smooth consistency. Garnish with flag, orange slice and cherry

You can visit Wave here or on her blog Reviews by Jessewave


Mary M. said...

Of course I'm the first to comment. Who else would be on her computer a Sunday night at nearly two in the morning????? Lol.

Interesting answers. In what way are you like Mystique and why would you rather be Storm? Except for manipulating weather so we don't get as much snow and rain, I'd rather be Mystique myself. Just curious.

And I almost asked "why the dog?" before remembering that huh, some people simply like dogs. I'm more of a cat person perself, so the purpose of bringing a dog instead of, oh, let's say a lifelong supply of chocolate mousse with rapsberry sauce is lost on me. I must point out that you didn't bring any food for your dog and it's certainly not going to eat coconuts. Bad, bad dog mommy.

And why bother with the solar-powered vibrator when you have a hut full of sexy men at your disposal? If you get tired of those, just snatch Nate from Lisabea's cabin. Use your Mystique abilities to turn into Aiden and he'll follow you like a puppy :-D. Muahahaha.

Katie Reus said...

Great heroine choice, I LOVE Storm!! And, I've got to ask, why bring the big dog to the island? I own a dog, but didn't think of bringing her...details please :)

jessewave said...

Hi Mary and Katie

First the dog question - I am a dog person first and foremost. If I date a guy and he doesn't like dogs, out he goes. Why bring him on the island? B/c I can live without men (that's what vibrators are for) but I can't live without my canine friends. (sick isn't it?.) Mary do you remember the picture on my blog? Not the men, the dog :) Well that's my dog Jesse after whom the blog is named and you will notice that his name came first before "Wave" :) Unfortunately he's no longer with us but he's there in spirit. I always suspected he was gay so he's in good company!!!

Mary I thought really hard about those guys in my hut -they are all gay so they will be humping each other and I'll be left out in the cold hence the reason for the vibrator LOL

vsritqzI love both Storm and Mystique for different reasons - Mystique has a body to die for (they both do actually) but she likes to go around without clothes. Re Storm, I've always wanted to look like Halle.
Yes Nate, Nate, Nate - Lisabea thinks she has him but I have not conceded b/c I left room for him in my list of heroes if I ever win him in a duel.

KT Grant said...

I love how some of us are either bringing a solar powered laptop or a solar powered vibrator. LOL
What type of dog are you bringing? Will he play catch we me?

jessewave said...

Are we supposed to work on the island? That would be the only way I would bring a laptop. I'm bringing an e-reader - does that count? I never thought of bringing a laptop - too much like work. But a solar powered vibrator, grrr :)

My taste in dogs runs to very big dogs - my Jesse was a Doberman (but in temperament he was more like a pussy)cat, and I'm sure that any dog I bring to the island would play with you.

Carrie Lofty said...

I'd be Jean Grey. That way I could sit on the couch in my pajamas and fight evil with my mind. Who needs to leave the house when you're a teleketic telepath?

Not to mention the whole "can't decide between Scott & Wolvie" issue. I mean, "both" is an acceptable answer, yes? Coz that's another reason not to leave the house...

Sarai said...

LOL Carrie OMG too funny. I would be Rouge no don't laugh I think the whole streak of white thing she has going on HAWT not to mention the whole Gambit thing and her powers.
That's 2 vibrators on the island does this mean I get to keep the menz not being used????

jessewave said...

Sarai and Carrie

Jean Grey?

And any left over menz are mine - Did you notice that I want both Gary Dourdan (CSI) and Wentworth Miller (Prison Break) to be my significant others? There will be no leftover men not being used LOL
Only 2 vibrators on the island hmmm ... well I guess that means that the noise will be at an acceptable level :)

Sarai said...

I like Jean Grey but I prefer Rogue just cause I dig her powers and wow she rocked in the comic books sucked in the movies but rocked in the comic books.

Katie Reus said...

We can all take turns spoiling your dog! I bet he gets more attention than the men :)

jessewave said...

Hi guys
Comic book heroes are always better in the comics than how they are portrayed in the movies - that's why I kept my collection of Marvel Comics decades after I should be reading them.

My dogs always love to be petted by beautiful women also, for them "play" has different connotations than in M/M books :)

KT Grant said...

I am so addicted to my little laptop that I would need it with my on the island. Need to play some yahoo games while I am not busy in my hut ;)

Carolyn Crane said...

Oh, you are brilliant to choose STNG for your world to be in. No sexism, no poverty! Replicators! Holodecks where you can canoodle with the person of your choice! And those advanced medical tricorder thingys.

Great answers!! I am so glad you are bringing a dog, too.

jessewave said...

I don't know what happened to my last comment, I guess it's lost in cyberspace so I'll try to remember what I said.
CJ I'm glad you can appreciate why I want my world to be STTNG - Replicators (don't have to cook), beam me up - no car and therefore no need for gas, no poverty - a perfect world, great looking men on board the starship and you can play with my dog.

Katie(babs) I flipped a coin between the laptop and the vibrator and guess what won?(It was a two headed coin) LOL

Tracy said...

My fav. heroine is WW too. Right on.

Love the x-men. All of them. I don't that I could choose just 1 to be. Anytime I could be around Scott or Wolverine would be a good day.

ALL the men in your hut are gay? Wow. You wanted nothing for yourself? Interesting.

Wentworth Miller. I love him. Completely! :)
Rum runner - sounds really good.

jessewave said...

Wonder Woman has always been my heroine - love the bracelets.
Xmen has been one of my favourite comics so of course I would choose characters from the comics as idols.

Wentworth Miller is to die for (both him and Gary Dourdan) and yes, all of the men in my hut happen to be gay so I had to get something for myself LOL

Shannon said...

Mmmm... Gary. That man has the most amazing eyes. I loves him lots. I just hope he can stay clean. He needs to stay on the show! (I love all the men on CSI. Well, exceot for the really annoying lab tech. He can go away.)

Now the big question I have is this: While living in the STNG world, which man would you be dragging into the holodeck?

jessewave said...

Well I do like Data (remember, he is anatomically correct)and Worf as well as the Captain. I guess I'll have to have them all LOL

Yes, I love Gary's eyes (that's the same reason I love Wentworth Miller) although they both have killer bodies as well. Gary will have to sty clean if he wants to have a life, never mind be on the show, but I still love him.

little alys said...

Your interview is hilarious! I agree, I would love to bring my dog if the island wasn't overly hot. She needs the shades. :)
Personally, I'm fasinated with Mystique. She is one fasinating character. And ya know, I always thought Storm and Wolverine would've hooked up, but that's another story.
Personally, I'm more like Rogue, which is very sad indeed, cuz she gets angsty.
Star Trek, TNG was a great series.

jessewave said...

I'm glad you like my About Me.
I really love X-men (it should be called X-men and X-women) :)
Yes, Storm and Wolverine would have made a great couple. I wonder if there will be a X-men #4?
My dog will be fine b/c the hut is air conditioned .

little alys said...

Fellow X-Men fan!!! Woohoo!! I think the only other series I love this much is Gargoyles. Who was it that mentioned Gambit being in the next X-Men (yes, men and women), but rather than a follow up, it's supposed to be a spin off. Of course, they've been talking about Gambit in every single film yet have we seen him? No.
AC in hut? Good idea. :)
Too bad Storm's married to the Panther now. Seriously, recent turn of events after the House of M and Decimation is really rubbing me the wrong way. I am not a happy reader these days.
And when are they going to come out with that Wonder Woman movie?!?!!!

Sarai said...

ME I mentioned Gambit and he is in the spin off of Wolverine story with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine yet again. this time we get Dead Pool, Gambit, Silver Fox and another I can't for the love of god remember... OH WELL Gambit's in it *does happy dance*

Christine said...

Hey Wave!!
The Rum Runner sounds so delicious. Too many ingredients for me to put together at home on my own, so I'm glad you'll be bringing them to the island. ;)

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