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Jeri Smith-Ready Part Two - Le Hero

Hi everyone, and Happy Canada Day where applicable!

Welcome to Act Two of my guest-bloggery. Today I thought I’d talk about an aspect of my latest novel (romantic urban fantasy Wicked Game) that I don't usually get to address, even though it's pretty much my favorite part.

(Don't forget, everyone who comments on today's post and yesterday's will go into a drawing for a signed copy of Wicked Game, or one of my other books if you already have that one. A name will be randomly drawn at 11:59pm tonight and announced in my final post tomorrow.)

In urban fantasies, the emphasis is usually on the heroine, and you can find a lot of blogs and reviews out there that talk about the “irrepressible” Ciara Griffin. Recovering con artist, creator of WVMP The Lifeblood of Rock ‘n’ Roll, yada yada yada.

But here at DIK, Heroes Rule, so I’m going to give Shane McAllister a chance to step up and be noticed.

Basic stats:

  • Age: 39, but looks 27, the age he was turned
  • Hair: light brown
  • Eyes: pale blue
  • Height: 6’5”
  • Weight: I’ve never weighed him.
  • Hometown: Youngstown, OH
  • Education: some college (majored in music theory at Ohio U. but dropped out due to, uh, some problems he’ll only discuss with me)
  • Sign: Pisces (hoo BOY is he ever a Pisces)
  • Religion: Catholic (non-practicing since he was vamped, to avoid third-degree holy water burns)
  • Likes: strong coffee, strong ale, strong women
  • Dislikes: pretension

Enough with the baseball card facts-at-a-glance. What’s he really like?

Shane is cool. He and his maker Regina have cool down to an art form. Sometimes he comes off as more reserved than he really is. It’s not until someone turns him on (or pisses him off) that The Cool gets shed for The Hot.

He’s a feminist. A lot of his favorite bands are all-girl or at least female-fronted. He likes a woman to speak her mind, and he’s got no time for the ones who sit around and wait for him to tell them what to do (except during certain, ah, role-playing situations, *ahem*).

He’s romantic. He informs Ciara that at the end of his show, the last song he plays will always be for her. So she wakes up before 5:54am to find out what he’s thinking about her that day. It could be fun (“Hard to Handle” by The Black Crowes), raunchy and insistent (“Give It Away Now” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers), or a quiet, plaintive expression of his need for her (“Human Touch” by Bruce Springsteen).

Plus, he plays the guitar. Because I love music so much (and have no talent for it myself), if a guy can make it with his own hands, that’s a giant plus in the Ideal Hero column. A guitar’s particularly sexy because of—well, just watch a dude onstage, strumming away. Looks suggestive, no? And if he can find all those chords and whatnot, just think what else he can do with those hands. (Note to other authors' publishers: More musician heroes, pls k thx!)

Oh, and the vampire gig? Shane was ambivalent about it at first, but twelve years later he has no regrets, and he doesn’t apologize for his nature. He’s comfortable in his own skin (which can reach a temperature of 97.9 degrees F after he drinks—not quite human, but close!).

In this world, being a vampire means more than consuming blood and avoiding the sun. The vamps in Wicked Game get psychologically and culturally ‘stuck in time’ when they’re turned. They speak the slang and wear the fashions of their original eras. Which makes them odd conversationalists but hey, fabulous DJs! Also, as a vampire ages, he or she ‘fossilizes’ and becomes less human, more monstrous.

Shane’s from the 90s, so he’s a lot more modern and “normal” than most vamps. He knows how to use a cell phone and surf the web. Ciara tries to bring him slowly into the present by teaching him about new music and life in the 21st century. She hopes that this way they'll still be able to relate to each other down the road. Not that she's thinking of a permanent commitment or anything. (She made me add that last part.)

Thanks to Ciara's marketing savvy, you can learn loads more about Shane on his MySpace page (ladies, go friend him and make her jealous) or at his page on WVMPradio.com. Listen to his favorite tunes and find out what he’s thinking.

You can ask him anything, but be warned--he's a private kind of guy. To loosen his tongue, you might try beer, bourbon, and other liquids that start with 'B.' ;-)

Time for me to kick back on the Island with an umbrella drink. If you need me, I'll be in the shade.


Tracy said...

Ok - I already was half in love with Shane but I think you've pretty much clinched the deal for me. He's got to be one of my heroes that I want but wasn't in my original hero pick!

Love the Myspace page Jeri!

Ciara said...

What fun! He sounds like a great guy - someone who could be the heroine's best friend AND lover. I can't wait to read the book and meet him.

Jeri said...

Tracy: Awww. Thanks for friending him. When he wakes up later he'll be sure to drop you a line. ;-)

Ciara: Yep. I think lovers should be friends, too (not necessarily friends *first*, though--that can be complicated in its own right).

BTW, people are welcome to comment on both posts. More comments, more chances to win!

LesleyW said...

I'm a Pisces - two fish connected but swimming in opposite directions.

So can you share his less attractive Piscean attributes?

I always thought we were dreamers who had trouble following through - as it were. LOL. At least I thought that was why I have such a brilliant ability for procrastination.

Kati said...

Sweet! I'm a pisces too. And am COMPLETELY prototypical, so I can relate to Shane.

This really makes me feel like I need to rush right out and pick up your book, Jeri!

Hot, hot post!

Sarai said...

Alright seriously ME WANT THIS BOOK now I want to know more about Shane I want. *stomps foot and pouts*
Fine I'll play nice.

Thanks for the info it worked!!!

Sarai said...

"No pretension, no bullshit, and absolutely no Foo Fighters"

Okay seriously the station rocks you guys should go check out the music!!

Kim said...

Shane sounds like an awesome hero! I think he needs to be in my hut. Ambivalence=easy-going and I love that in a man! I am a pisces too and I need someone tall because I'm tall. He can also pick out the music, I liked the 90's sounds.

Yes yes, I think he will fit in perfectly...plus with a name like McAllister he's bound to have a kilt somewhere...yes?

jessewave said...

I think the ladies all have the hots for Shane (me included). If I had known that he was available he would definitely have been on my list of heroes.

You, Jeri Smith-Ready are putting a serious dent in my wallet.

By the way, thanks for the Canada Day wishes. As a Canadian I appreciate our neighbours to the south acknowledging us from time to time LOL

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Youngstown, Jeri? That's not far from me. Heck, if we ever meet, remind me to tell you my Youngstown story...

Cari Quinn said...

Narrow-minded me, I never considered a Pisces hot hero material, but Shane definitely sounds like he is! ;)

Can't wait to read Wicked Game!

Shannon said...

A musician? FABulous! There are not enough of us musically inclined folk represented (in a positive way) in romance and UF novels. They always seem to be the self-centered ex.

Shane sounds scrumptious!

JenB said...

Ooooh, Shane sounds yummy. *slurp*

Jeri said...

LesleyW: Hmm, well, Ciara would say that he's too sensitive and that he lets his emotions lead him around by the nostrils. But as a fellow Water sign (Cancer), I see that as a plus. ;-)

But you're right about the dreamer part. He'd rather be off doing his own thing, as long as it meant a lot to him.

As for less attractive? Hmm, he can be passive-aggressive when he doesn't want to do something. And broody. Thin-skinned. Reluctant to take charge of a situation (but when the chips are down, he leaps into action--otherwise he wouldn't be much of a hero, would he?).

It's funny, I never thought about the dual nature of Pisceans until I did a Tarot class and mentioned that Ciara was a Gemini. My teacher said, "I hope the four of them get along!" ;-)

Marykate: Thanks, glad you liked it. And definitely, rush right out! Shane wants you to, uh, relate to him as soon as possible. ;-)

Sarai: LOL! I should put up a disclaimer--I personally have nothing against the Foos. It's totally Shane. Being a hardcore Nirvana fan, he thinks the FFs are too 'commercial.'

Kim: Sorry, he's Irish, so no kilts. But he's pretty adventurous, so I'm sure you could probably talk him into it. ;-)

Jessewave: Shane is definitely available for Desert Island hero status. Feel free to kick off one of the other blokes. ;-) And happy holiday--hope you have the day off.

Susan: I'd love to hear your Youngstown story. I've been there once and hope to go back again later this year.

Carolynn: Maybe he has Scorpio rising? Would that help? I've never done his full chart. *makes note*

Shannon: So true! My husband plays guitar, and he's as good as they get. :-) He was even in a band in the olden days. As a matter of fact, the first time I told him I loved him was after he sang karaoke (I think it was The Clash's "Should I Stay or Should I Go?").

JenB: He is. But don't take my word for it. Ask around. ;-)

Shaymless Aymless said...

In totally agreement with JenB. Shane sound totally sinfully yummy.

Jeri said...

aymless: Thanks! I have no doubt the feeling would be mutual. ;-)

Carolyn Crane said...

He sounds amazing. What a well thought out hero!

Sandi L. said...

Vampire deejays! Count me in, this sounds too yummy to pass up.

Jeri said...

Carolyn Jean: Thanks so much! I enjoy spending time with this character very much. ;-)

Sandi: Thanks so much for stopping by!

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