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Evangeline Anderson's Books and Heroes

Six DIK Books

1. Pride and Prejudice—the ultimate romance and first ever chick lit IMO. Every woman who reads it wants to be Elizabeth Bennet and date Mr. Darcy. I adore the way love conquers all, even her horrible family connections and his snooty relatives. Just the best.
2. Outlander by Dianna Gabaldon—I love the idea of going back in time I finding a hot Scottish warrior to get busy with.
3. The Chronicles of Narnia—I cut my teeth on these as a kid and spent my entire childhood expecting to open a door to another world. I still reread them as an adult and I can’t wait until my son is old enough to read them.
4. The Harry Potter books—I know I’m such a nerd but I love Harry and his crew. I’m so sorry the series is done now and there are no more HP books to look forward to.
5. The Anne of Green Gables books—another childhood favourite that stands the test of time. I recently reread all of these while I was pregnant and had horrible writer’s block. I love Anne with an e and all her wholesome adventures. These books make me long for simpler times and I also want to date Gilbert Blythe.
6. All of the Dark Lover books by JR Ward but especially V’s book—Now why couldn’t we have more Butch and V and less Jane and V? But I still loved this book a lot. Also Z’s book but if I had to choose, it would be V all the way.

Seven DIK Heroes

1. Richard B Riddick from the novelization of Chronicles of Riddick. The ultimate bad boy. I have it bad for him and would love to be at his mercy. I’m sure he would bring the Dom in dominance to a whole new level. Yum!
2. Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. He’s such a gentleman which I know is the exact opposite of Riddick but he’s also extremely hot. Maybe because you always want what you can’t get and Mr. D is so aloof and unobtainable until the end of the novel.
3. V from the Brotherhood of the Black Dagger. Okay, JR Ward didn’t go into details with what V likes to do in the bedroom but something tells me it would be hot…hot…HAWT.
4. Z from the Brotherhood of the Black Dagger. He is so wounded and damaged and hot. How can you not want to nurture him and have hot, healing sex with him?
5. Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. Can you tell I’m a geek by now? lol. But having read all the books and seen all the movies, I have to admit I probably am thinking more of Vigo Mortenson than the actual character in the book.
6. Jamie from Outlander. Again with the hot Scottish warrior—how can you resist looking under that kilt?
7. Jean-Claude and Richard from the Anita Blake books. Yes, both at the same time. Why are you looking so shocked, I am an erotica author you know. Lol


Tracy said...

Outlander, Narnia books - love these!
Anne of Green Gables books - such fond memories of reading these when I was younger.
JR Ward - Crack. All I'm sayin.

V, Z (obviously we have the same taste in men since he's in my hut! :)), Aragorn - oooh baby, and Jamie *sigh*

Great choices!!! You're gonna get along fine here on the Island!

Ciara said...

JAMIE!!! *droooool* get in line.

Great picks!

Katie Reus said...

P&P and The Chronicles of Narnia!! What great picks ;)

Evangeline Anderson said...

Aww, glad you like my pics guys. And Tracy, yes, those JR Ward books ARE like crack you get so addicted. I have a little independant book store here in town that will sell me her latest book before the actual release date (which is a big no-no) and they know to reserve me a copy of all her stuff. Gotta have it!

KT Grant said...

Evangeline, your books and heroes are perfect!
I adore Anne of Green Gables! My middle name is Anne such as Anne who is Anne with an "E". :D
And having two men together is definitely better than one!
Everyone knows I am lusting for Rehv hardcore after reading Lover Enshrined.

Evangeline Anderson said...

Oh, and I forgot to say that I will be doing a random drawing for a winner pretty soon (probably by noon my time and it is close to 11 now.) I just need to get with Wave about it--she has been helping me so much with all of this. I am muddling through because I am not as Blogger literate as I would like to be. So a shout out to Wave--I love ya woman. You're the best.
: ) E

Evangeline Anderson said...

Hey Kaite,
Ya know, I think about Rhev but I think the purple mohawk is giving me a problem.(spoiler alert) The weird sex with the Sympath Princess is certainly intriguing though. I am wondering if JR is going to keep giving diff male characters their own book like she has in the past or if she is just going to mix it up. This last book was supposed to be Phury's book you know and lots of readers complained that rather than romance, it was more of a hard core urban fantasy. I had to agree but it didn't bother me a bit--I still loved it. SO I wonder if Rhev and John and the rest are going to get books of their own or if we're just going to see all of them as the plot thickens. What do you think?

KT Grant said...

JR has announced Rehv's mate, who is a nurse from Haver's clinic. I was disappointed in the light romance between Phury and Cormia but overall Lover Enshrined had me hooked! When it comes to Rehv and JM's books, I see some excellent romance and of course hot sex :D
What do you think of Rehv's barb?
Ouch? LOL

Evangeline Anderson said...

I didn't know she'd announced his mate! I hope it's a pretty tough nurse to keep up with his bad ass.And as for the barb, I actually think it's a cool and interesting concept. When writing paranormal fiction, you want to distinguish your paranormal hero from an ordinary human guy and you have to admit, not many human guys are running around with a 'barb' in their pants. lol E

Sarai said...

OMG I totally forgot about Aragorn never read the books but I heard he was WAY hot in them.

Love me Anne of Green Gables I use to re-read them over and over until my mom had to buy me a new set.

In other words your picks ROCK!!!

jessewave said...

You ladies and your BDB books. I just ordered the first one and if I only think I could become addicted that's it for me LOL

Hey Evangeline it was my pleasure to be of assistance. The more I help the more inclined you might be to write another "Assignment" book. Now that's one series (if there was one) that I wouldn't mind becoming addicted to.

I'm off to check out your website.

Evangeline Anderson said...

Hey Sarai,
Yes, I have gone through several sets of the Anne books too. They are great reading when you want something simple and sweet and light. I can't wait until my son is old enough so I can read them to him too. And the Harry Potter books too, of course. Gotta read him some Harry. : )

Evangeline Anderson said...

Thanks again Wave. And I am so excited about my website because I finally figured out how to upload the covers for my new books in the coming soon section. Now if only I could figure out how to link them... But this is a good start, anyway. Be sure to check out the cover for Broken Boundaries, yet another m/m book which is coming out from Ellora's Cave in Jan 09.

Christine said...

Hi Evangeline!
You've got some great picks on your six DIK books and heroes. In fact, some of your choices overlap with mine! -I've got both V and Butch in my hut! ;)

... and at least two of the BDB books... I'm pretty sure we made sure we had all of them in the library when the original six DIK ladies had that first AIM chat that started this maddness! :D

Evangeline Anderson said...

Hey Cristine,
Yes, those BDB books are totally addictive. And I keep liking the next one more than the last. JR Ward is very talented. I know lots of readers who complained because she is leaving the romance behind a little and writing them more as urban fiction but I really like the direction the series is taking.

Tracy said...

E - well I finished Eyes Like A Wolf last night and while Richard didn't have a barb he certainly had that knot which of course had to stay in for HOURS! Pretty heady stuff! :)

And I'm jealous your independent book store sells you the books early! I know they're not supposed to but still! lol

Evangeline Anderson said...

Hey Tracy,
Yes, very hot with the knot. I was worried when I wrote it that people might think, eww, beastiality (sp?) but so far everyone has liked the book. Glad you did too.
And speaking of the barb, when I read that I thought, Damn, and I thought i was being risky writing a knot! But if JR Ward can be wriing barbs, I may have to think of something even more extreme. Don't ask me what tho. There's only so much you can do to dress up a penis. lol

Tracy said...

LOL! Dress up a penis *snort*

I liked the way you incorporated the knot. I'd first read about the whole knot/barb thing in Lora Leigh's Breed series. Rehv's I imagined more of a hook and I know it turns KB on but it does nothing for me. Of course I don't jones for Rehv like she does either! :)

Mary M. said...

Lol. I had forgotten that Aragorn and J-C/Richard were in the post and not in the interview :-D. I had read this one first - I love seeing what books and heroes other people like because you know if you'd get along. And you and I have to be long-lost sisters or something :). I've read all the books you name and like all the characters, except the guy from Chronicles of Riddick. I've re-read Anne of Green Gables and the 7 sequels more often than any other series. Have you ever read Emily of New Moon, also by L.M. Montgomery? It's about a young turn-f-the-century girl who wants to become a writer. Just like Anne, Emily lives in rather austere surroundings, but she has a vivid imagination that allows her to cope with her stern family.

And the BDB....oooh, better not get me started on that. I don't want to be jailed for overzealous B/V militancy. I'll just say that I want more, more, more of them abd the idea that it will probably never happen makes me want to cry. If I were to bring a BDB book on the island, mine would have been Lover Revealed, though, simply because it had the yummiest V and Butch moments (and because I loathe Jane). V....*sighs and goes to look at Nacho Figueras folder*

I used to like Richard a lot, befor LKH messed him up beyond repair. Liked JC a lot too, but less since we see so little of him and he's become an "accessory" in Anita's life. Pity.

Evangeline Anderson said...

Too funny. It's so true that the moments between V and Butch were WAAAAY hotter than between V and Jane. BTW, did you notice that she had some m/m action going between John's friends in this last one? I wonder if anything will come of that in the future? Hot, HOT, HAWT. I can't wait to read the next one to see what happens.

Evangeline Anderson said...

Have never read that series. Is it good? I'm a very picky reader but I like anything kinky. (Well, I AM an erotica author, right? lol) So if you can reccomend it, I'll run on over to Amazon right now and check it out. Or is it an e-book?

Anonymous said...


Can I just say, and I am not meaning to rain on anyone's parade here but Scottish men just aren't that hot! Believe me, I have lived here all my life. Perhaps back in the day they were but's why I can't really get into Scottish historicals, although I am going to give Outlander a try.

As for Anne of Green Gables, I love that. I totally fell in love with Gilbert when I was a young thing. *sigh*

I love Viggo Mortensen but not as Aragorn. Now as Lucifer in 'The Prophecy'. UM! Evil and Hawt!

And I love all my BDB boys but especially Butch with a little but of V and Z for variety. Oh and JM and Rev and Qhuinn and Blay. Ah hell, who am I kidding I wouldn't turn any of them down. Except for Phury. Cause he's a whiny little beyotch. *grin*

Mary M. said...

Evangeline, you bet that I noticed!!! P. 421 :-DDDDDDD My favorite of the whole book. I don't know if something will come out of it, but I hope. JR had said previously on her baord that Qhuinn would end up with a female, but now that everyone says how much they loved that moment between Qhuinn & Blay she backed up and said "maybe" they'd end up together. Ghah. It's driving me crazy. I loved Butch and V, and still love them, but I don't want another dead end M/M relationship. I'm eager for more anyway. They are the main reason I want to read Rehv's book.

I didn't find V and Jane hot at all. Except maybe for the bedrom scene. But the scene Butch drank V's blood and climaxed in his arms, and the one where he offered his neck for V to bite from and brought him flush against him, from head to toe and everything in between.... *grabs stool with fan and turns it towards her*

Evangeline Anderson said...

Don't go telling me that Scots aren't hot. THere must be a few that are good enough looking to want to look under the kilt. lol. And yes, I love Gilbert Blythe. He's so sweet and he waits for Anne so patiently...sigh. the best.

Mary--you must watch the JR Ward boards more closely than I do. I REALLY hope that she keeps the m/m romance going between Blay and Quinn. I say let them have their own book, or at least a big part of someone else's. She has to know how readers felt about Butch and V. So come on and throw us a bone! : ) E

jessewave said...

"But the scene Butch drank V's blood and climaxed in his arms, and the one where he offered his neck for V to bite from and brought him flush against him, from head to toe and everything in between.... *grabs stool with fan and turns it towards her*"

Mary after reading this I turned the A/C on full blast. Why are you doing this to me? I convinced myself that I wasn't going to buy anymore BDB books after I read Dark Lover b/c I don't want to become addicted. Please stop it already LOL

Evangeline Anderson said...

Wave, you've got to break down and read the JR Ward books. Full of hot alpha males. Yummy! E

Mary M. said...

*grinning madly* That's nothing, Wave. You should see the photo sequence I'm putting together in my B/V thread in the Phade. There's that girl torturing us with a description of Butch and V laying down on the bed to do the healing, so close their lips almost touch and the hips are lined just right... I had to get even somhow. *eyes sparkling*

Better keep the AC on when you finally read the books.

Evangeline Anderson said...

Mary, send a link-please! I want to see hot pics and read naughty B and V stuff. Is it fanfic? Lots of authors turn up their nose at fanfic but not me. When it's well written it can be as good as anything you can buy in either e-books or print. E

Anonymous said...

'I totally wanted to have sex with you.'

My fav line from Lover Unbound. And Butch's initiation ceremony in LR. Amazing.

Hmm I love me a bit Butch and V.

We need to stop talking about it, I'm trying to not complusively re-read these books again and again.

Evangeline - There are hot guys in Scotland but they are all AUstralian! *grin* I'm not kidding. Give me a cowboy over a highlander anyday!

Evangeline Anderson said...

Now I'm wanting to reread the books too and that is so not good. I should be writing my own. Damn that JR Ward...she really cuts down on my productivity.
lol E

Mary M. said...

Lol. Sorry for that, Evangeline! I think every BDB fan has cursed JR Ward at one moment or another ofr the addictive qualities of her books. I remember that great post of Lisabea titled exactly "Damn you JR Ward". Lol. Priceless.

The naughty B/V pics are on a BDB fan discussion board:

This is the direct link. You have to become a member to view the actual thread, but it's really quick to do. There's no fanfic, unfortunately, because JR is publicly against it so the board doesn't want to risk it, but we still have lots of cool discussion (well, at least a little :-D) and LOTS of manlove pics. The Assignment is the first story we recommend to B/V addicts who want to start reading M/M fiction :).

If you want B/V fanfiction, an acquaintance of mine put together that very helful repertory: . Skin to Skin and No Regrets are my personal favorites.

Hope you like! :-D

Tracy said...

Can I just say, and I am not meaning to rain on anyone's parade here but Scottish men just aren't that hot!

Ok I was in Edinburgh for 2 days and was tripping over my tongue almost the entire time! Hot in spades! Add the Scot accent and damn! Of course this was 10 years ago...maybe they all moved away? lol

Evangeline Anderson said...

Thanks Mary,
I am going to check this out when I get the chance. Right now the baby has us hopping over here. It's amazing how much noise one tiny human can make. lol

And Tracy, it totally is the accent that makes foreign men so hot. I wonder if anyone thinks an American accent is hot? I'm kinda partial to a TExas drawl myself but maybe that's because my hubby is from Texas.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's totally the accent thing. I hate my accent which is probably why I can't do the highlander thing in novels. But I can't resist an irish accent or texan or boston drawl. South African accents also do it for me as well Australian.

Thanks for that fanfic link Mary. I am deffo checking that out.

Mary M. said...

Evangeline, just stop by if/when you have the time! I'm sure you would find the pics... inspiring ;). I hope young B is doing fine! :-D

Sayuri, browse to your heart's content! :) The repertory is actually divited into sections depending on BDB characters, so there are a lot more fanfic links in tere if you want to see Z fanfic, Rehv fanfic, Wrath fanfic, OC BDB fanfic...just about any type you can think of. There aren't that many, but it's still rather varied. It ranges from the very bad to the surprinsingly good.

Evangeline Anderson said...

So funny you should mention Boston and Texas in the same way. TO me, anyone from Boston is a Yankee and the accent sounds very hard and flat and extremely UNsexy. But maybe that is just me being a southern girl. Appologies if there are any yankees on the island. Some of my best friends are but I wouldn't want to live up North. Things move too fast for little ole me. : )

Mary, the baby has finally settled and I am going to go check that link out now. *Rubs hands together in anticipation*

Anonymous said...


But that's why I like a Boston accent, because it's kinda hard and edgy (or it sounds that way to me.)I love the way the 'a's are elongated and given emphasis. Don't know of my many kinks! *grin*

Evangeline Anderson said...

You know what movie makes that accent sound sexy? Good Will Hunting with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. I loved that movie and I always wondered why there wasn't any slash on line about the two characters. I mean, the one guy has a good homelife but the other is a foster kid that gets beatn up by his horrible foster father. There could have been some really hot hurt/comfort fanfic there. But I guess the movie is too old. I would write some myself but you can't sell fanfic and I have to pay the mortgage, damn it. lol

Tracy said...

Yep - accents - gotta love em. Scot, Irish, and yep that South African one gets me every time. (or as Nix says in Dark Desires - Sith Ifrican) :)

Oh and to answer your question that you posed earlier about the Breed series. It's good. It's personally my favorite so far of Leigh's books.

Evangeline Anderson said...

Yes, I looked up some Leigh books. Don't know why I didn't recogize the name but I remembered reading some of her stuff before I got into EC and liking it a lot. Especially Marley's Choice. Never read the Breed series tho. Should give it a try.

The Bookworm said...

great picks, P&P is one of my favorite books. And I love the HP books too.

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