Monday, July 28, 2008


So the less talk the better I figured but I had to say. Sarai here taking over for Kristie while she is partying hard in San Fran. She left us all alone so I had to come up with something to make it worth while. And I think I hit it right on the head. So those ladies left behind enjoy. For those ladies in San Fran na na boo boo we gotz the menz and you gotz the books. I think we win!!

And if you think the guy on the right is hawt without clothes you should see him in a suit Holy CRAP!!

And yeah in case you ladies were curious, which I highly doubt you are, but just in case I am a total back girl and guy to the left totally had me without a hello!

I don't believe we have enough photos to make up for the fact that we are stuck here while the others are out meeting fabulous authors and I seriously hope they are promoting DIK!!! Wait where was I oh yes we need a least one more don't we? Yeah I thought we did too so my newest favorite pictures not to mention it is helping me change my mind about the back being the sexiest part of the menz here. In fact I think I am now a 6 pack kind of girl b/c of him.
Okay tomorrow is dirty menz so if you have a BAD BOY pic or a dirty boy you want me to post send it to and I will post for you with your favorite tag! Alright ladies have a wonderful DIK filled day and I hope your week got kicked off to a great start!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh Wentworth Miller.......*slobber*

I'm a back girl as well. And a Arm girl, butt girl, thigh....well pretty much everything! LOL

Nice pics Sarai. It does take the sting out of not goin gto the RWA. I can't wait for all the gossip!

Katie Reus said...

Yum!! I'm a back girl too. LOVE IT!!

Sarai said...

I can't wait to post tomorrow's Dirty/Bad boys and then Wednesday I'm going for Cowboys b/c I just finished Tin Star by J L Langely and loved the M/M story line and they were COWBOYS so I'll dig around for those. YUMMY!!!

Seriously don't you feel bad for me I mean my job (running this site) is SOOOO HARD right?

JenB said...

Sarai - Dig around in the Eye Candy album on the group site. There are lots of naughty boys in that one. :)

Kati said...

Sarai - I loved LB's Mr. Hotty McTattypants from last week. I dunno if he counts as dirty, but if he does, I'm volunteering to hose him down with a scrub brush.

I'm a giver like that.

Anonymous said...


I saw Tin Star on your blog and got it thinking, hey they're cowboys and they're gay. Can't get much hotter, right?


Now I am going to have to glom all JL Langley's stuff. A fangirl is created!


I am destined to be peniless.

Sarai said...

Sayuri: Join the club thanks to JenB, Wave and LB I am beyond broke. Bastard actually laugh about it.

MK I will try to steal it and see if I can work it in!

JenB how do you think I got so many pictures anyway?

JenB said...

*snicker* MaryKate said "hose"!

S & S - Y'all are poor because of me...puh-leeeease. Who do you think was broke first? Hmmm? That's right, ME. Skint.

Poverty loves company. :)

Bridget Locke said...

Mmmm...that lovely V-taper. Shoulders down to the waist. If a guy has a good one? I'm all over that. :)

I find it so funny that that picture (where you can see the man's naughty bits) keeps showing up. I found that one, forwarded it to Lisabea and now it's haunting the blogosphere. :) I'm not complaining. No, ma'am! :D

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