Wednesday, July 16, 2008

About Me featuring Kim

Kim's our DIK girl of the day. Kim has a serious book addiction and lives in Texas with her very patient and understanding husband of 25 years and two kids ages 21 and 18, two dogs, one cat, a bearded dragon and a parakeet. She has been a narcotic K9 handler for 15 years and is looking forward to retiring next month. She and her husband also own a laser tag and arcade center because their lives were just not crazy enough, with one job each.

Favorite Reading Position
In a lounge chair on a beach in Mexico....but that hardly ever happens so, in a recliner in the den with the dogs at my feet tripping me when I try to stand up.

Best love song
Always and Forever. It was played at our wedding.

Favorite Heroine
Eve Dallas from J.D. Robbs In Death series

Author everyone loves but you don't
Catherine Coulter

If you could be in one book/series/world which would you pick
In Death series. I sooooo want an auto-chef!

How old is your inside voice
Ha! I think it is a 99 year old man.

Favorite sex song
Lets Get It On by Marvin Gaye...a cliche..I know. shakes head

If you could be a hero who would you be
Ranger. That dude is just icy.

What heroine is most like you
Brenna from The Wedding by Julie Garwood because I am constantly losing things.

What heroine would you like to be
Stephanie Plum. Ranger and Morelli...'nuff said.

Boxers, Briefs, boxer briefs, kilt (I say we add commando)
Oh I do love a man in a kilt.

Favorite book set on a tropical island
I don't think I have ever read a book set on a tropical island. Hmmmm

What hero is most like your significant other
I asked my hubby this, he said "Superman". Huh. Is anyone really surprised???

What hero would you like to be your significant other

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring
Books, sunblock, and a big floppy hat.

Favorite drink to bring to the DIK party
Brandy Alexanders made with Braums vanilla ice cream.

You can visit Kim here. She doesn't currently have a blog and considers herself a professional commenter.


Kati said...

Mmm, Kim, I love me some Roarke too. :wink:

Every time I hear Always and Forever, I think of my sister and her husband, who also danced to it at their wedding, which was 25 years ago this December.

Wow! Laser tag, huh? That takes me back to the day. We used to do high school youth group lockins at the local laser tag center. Very cool!

lisabea said...

She's also a fabtab cp.


Hey KIM you'll have to show me your bearded dragon. OMG that just sound nasty and pervy! Yay!

I still maintain that we all need to go on a DIK field trip for laser tag. I always take the name "Butch" and will cheat to win by using anyone as a human shield. So. Much. Fun.

Also: Ranger? Le Sigh!!

Sarah said...

Eve is super cool!

Katie Reus said...

Yay, another fan of Marvin Gaye!! And Superman?? Yeah, men never grow up. That's my theory ;) Your hubby sounds like mine!

Kim said...

Hi everyone!

MK~ ::sigh:: Roarkalicious. I love him and his button. Hmmm That sounded kinda dirty. heh.

Good grief it makes me feel really old to type that I have been married for 25 years. I got married at age 19 and if one of my kids told me they wanted to get married at 19 I would kill them. I don't know what my parents were thinking. I just heard that song the other day playing at the grocery store...oh no...I have been relegated to musak!

LB~ That bearded dragon is a moody SOB. He is my son's pet that got left behind with me when he went to collge. He was supposed to have a shelf life of 10 years but he is now 12. Jeeze.

My kids won't play laser tag with me anymore. I think they object to me laughing maniacally when I shoot them. ::shrugs:: I want you on my team and we will take no prisoners!!! Bwahahaha!

ahhhh Ranger. Am I the only one that sees Dwayne The Rock Johnson in my head when I think of him?

Sarah~ I love Eve...and I lust after her auto-chef!

Katie R~ We should count how many of us picked that Marvin Gaye song. Its a classic and so sexy. I had it as my ring tone assigned to my husband but he fricken calls me all the time and it was getting embarrassing so I had to change it. Imagine trying to do my job and that starts playing in your pocket....yeah...Red. Face. heh.

Tracy said...

Kim! Great answers. I want to read on a beach in Mexico as well. Let's plan a trip! We can go to your laser tag place and kick ass then off to Mexico to relax!

I think it's hilarious that your husband said Superman. Nope - not surprised at all! :)

mmmm Brandy Alexanders. I love them and with the ice cream. yummy!

Kim said...

Tracy~ I am always up for a trip to Cozumel! So relaxing. The beaches are private so you don't have anyone walking around trying to sell you cheap t-shirts, jewelry that turns you green or wanting to braid your freakin' hair, like you're 12 years old or something. Just cabana boys with unlimited food and drinks. Yay!

I may have to re-think the Brandy Alexanders...that ice cream is going to melt pretty fast. But if it melts on the menz I figure we can lick it off. MMmmmm.

JenB said...

Braum's. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

And I love bearded dragons! I always wanted one, but I didn't want to deal with all the crickets and the habitat requirements.

Texas people are the best. :)

Sarai said...

Catherine Coulter me too! I don't care for her but everyone I talk to about historical novels is all like Catherine Coulter rules.
The book that did it for me was a rape scene where the woman was raped so bad her clit was torn? the hero sewed it back on after he had raped her in the begginning (and kidnapped her from England to take to Italy) Anywho don't care for her.

Great drink choice and LASER TAG OMG I heart you. When I come down to Texas I am so going to play!!!

little alys said...

I want to visit that laser tag. Want to go play!!! Instead of Mexico, how about Hawaii? ;) Retirement is just around the corner... Or we could do a DIK at the laser tag and arcade center. Hehehehe. Okay okay, I stop. For now. *cheeky grin*

And Sarai- WTF? Ewww, ugh... Yeah, I don't think I'll be able to read that book...her books. Feel sick now.

Kim said...

JenB~ Our dragon is pretty old so he doesn't eat crickets (he can't catch them) anymore just romaine lettuce. He's a low maintenance pet. If you get one, don't make it wear a jaunty beret...they hate that...srsly. Really pisses them off.

Sarai~ I read that one too! I think is was the last one I read. But I don't care for her contemps either...I just don't get her. My mom loves her FBI series.

Kim said...

little alys~ I think you just gave me my new ad slogan.

"Do a DIK at Laser Tag!"


Katie Reus said...

Ughh, Sarai!! Yuck! I actually don't care for CC either, but I'd never read that one. (I couldn't have finished it) You need to give some kind of warning before you post something like that, lol.

Shaymless Aymless said...

I loved Brenna in The Wedding!

I uh, 2nd - 3rd - whatever, the lasertagging and we should all go to sit on a wonderful beach somewhere and enjoy the rays and lovely, lovely books.

Carolyn Crane said...

Hey Kim!
You are an excellent professional commenter! What fine answers, and may I say, we are Stephanie Plum sisters. Also, I love that your husband said Superman!

lisabea said...

Cj will you spare some Ranger (who SO could be the Rock...oh YES) time for Kim?

Shannon said...

Oh wow. that man's tush! his legs are fabulous!

Oh god. I can't belive that CC wrote that. Horrifying!

Roarke is the man. Eve is one lucky heroine. She has Roarke, the auto chef, real coffee and beef, and a stash of good chocolate.

You know, I have never gone to a laser tag place. DIK meet up in Texas!!

KT Grant said...

EVE!! Good one. But Roarke is mine.
And omg men on the tube has nice butt. I am drooling here.

Kim said...

aymless~ I love Julie Garwood historicals...I just read Saving Grace for the third time last night...sooo good. Have you read any of her others?

CJ~ ::blinks:: LB says you have Ranger in your hut? So you are a "Babe" girl too?

LB~ I heart you

Shannon~ I gave that fine man with the nom-able tush pic to LB for MLM and she never used it... so I stole it back...sorry LB

KB~ Roarke is in your hut? HMMMmmm ::must use covert skillz to sneak in KB's hut::

lisabea said...

Really? I am the WORST filer with the email. I have about 4000 email all lumpitey dumped together. Really need to get that fixed.

Hey is his willy stuck in one of those little pouches? I mean..he could be really grooving on that floaty.

jessewave said...

Hi Kim, Greetings
I've been out all day and I hope it's not too late to add my voice to those of the other Ladies.
I like that Let's Get it On by Marvin Gaye is your sex song - it's my favourite too. I love Stephanie Plum too (at least until Bk. 10)and Ranger and Morelli are to die for.

I think it's incredible that you're a K9 handler - must be a pretty exciting job but really stressful which is why I guess you're giving it up to run a laser tag and arcade center. That's so much easier LOL

Kim said...

LB~ I think you're right-o...look how his leg is kinda hiked up there...

Jessewave~ I think laser tag is more stressful. LOL. Teenage workers, kids, parents, payroll, quarterly taxes...(Crap!I have to do that this week) Book 12 of the Plum saga was where I started to get disappointed... I still read them though, I can't help it...I have to finish the series. I think I have OCD when it comes to books. hahaha.

Sarai said...

Alys imagine if you will an innocent 16 year old girl reading TO THIS DAY I haven't picked up another one of her books I SWEAR I was damaged.

Kim: Wasn't it the worst thing OMG

Katie: Sorry you're right should of placed a warning I'm still disturbed by it. *shudders* Sadly enough I finished the book b/c I thought a lot of romance was suppose to be like that NEVER AGAIN

Christine said...

Hi Kim!
How exciting that you are retiring from your K9 job next month! Congrats.

And professional commenter!?? lol I love it!

And I love Eve, too.

Mary M. said...

OMG I love your pic! And I'm a Ranger fan as well. I'd lick that guy all over.

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