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....on to the book selections. The premise of the whole DIK scenario as it evolved in an AIM discussion many moons ago was for each person (there were six of us in the chat) to pick six books that they would choose if stranded on an island. No repeats, no duplicates. In looking back over my choices, I can see very clearly that the bulk of my romance reading has centered around historicals. And lb snatched up my fav m/m romance quickly, so it was not able to make my list. (MFC, I shall borrow you from lb's cabin, yes I will!) Without further ado, I give you my list of fav books I just gotta have.

1. Outlander - No surprise here. My favorite book(s) of all time. I still have the vivid memory of reading the first three in this series at age 16 and being completely and utterly transported to another world and being convinced that Jamie and Clare were in fact real people. When we first talked about only getting ONE book on the island, this would have been my choice.

2. Lover Eternal - One word...Rhage! K, so I know that Z is the one that everyone wants to heal and nurture but Rhage will always be my favorite brother. This was the first book I read in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and after all of the rest, it is still my favorite. I love how Rhage is utterly and completely head over heels for Mary, how the mere sound of her VOICE is enough to transfix him. The age-old fantasy of a perfect gorgeous man desiring and pursuing the plain woman (and she doesn't magically lose her glasses and discover she is a sekrit supermodel) really works for me. *sigh*

3. The Serpent Prince - I realize that this is a somewhat recent release and perhaps it is a little hasty to put it on a DIK list. However, I've already gone back and reread it several times. Which is something I rarely do and which tells me that it's in my library for the long haul. Simon is a great anti-hero, so tortured and yet so naive in the ways of the heart. Add the red shoes and the elegant and witty dialogue and I'm sold. Just thinking about it makes me want to read it again.

4. The Duke - This book by Gaelen Foley is part of a larger series, but it stands alone perfectly well by itself. Stuffy duke Robert gets his world turned upside down by his mistress Bel. The whole arranged mistress thing is certainly a common enough plot device in romance, but I think it was very well executed here. This is a book I go back to for a satisfying romantic read.

5. By Arrangement - If I'm on an island, I gotta have at least one awesome medieval. And this classic by Madeline Hunter is my pick. A complex hero (who is a cloth merchant and not a noble!) and a heroine who grows and matures from spoiled brat to strong and capable woman over the course of the book. Not to mention the excellent story telling that makes me feel like I'm right there in the rough and tumble of olde london.

6. Caine's Reckoning - Can't be stuck on an island without a Sarah McCarty book! It's tough to pick just one, but I think that this is the most well-rounded of her catalogue so far. It has all of the good stuff that I expect from her: strong, commanding hero who is emotionally nurturing, heroine that has no reason to trust men but who finds herself warming to this incredible guy, old west setting and oh yeah, uber-hot delicious sex scenes. mmm mmm good. Time for a reread!

Actually, I kind of want to go back and reread them all now. TGFB...thank god for books!


KT Grant said...

The Duke is such an amazing read. When Robert beats the crap out of Bel's rapist, I was standing up and cheering.

Och Jamie from Outlander. *swoon* redhair never looked better on a man.

As for Lover Enshrined, one word = chains!

lisabea said...

My favorite bit from Lover Enshrined is when Rhage (who truly has a female of worth: Mary is THE best IMHO of all Ward's females) sees Mary naked for the first time. She feels so ugly because of her scars..and her history of illness and he (OMG) thinks of her as a warrior.


I share. I'm a sharer.

Anonymous said...

"Lover Eternal" is my favourite BDB novel by far. And: it's one of the few books I thought about getting a second copy to have one in pristine condition on the shelf... :)

It's a shame that Madeline Hunter didn't write more medievals. I read 3 and liked them all.

Tracy said...

Outlander - Jamie - Yum.

LE and LA are my two fav BDB books - love the way Rhage loves Mary! So very cool. I love when she tells him he makes really great friend material and he's so blown away. *sigh*

Love Caine's Reckoning

I haven't read your other 3 but will work on that. :)

Katie Reus said...

Okay, I haven't read J.R. Ward, but all of you have convinced me to read Lover Eternal!!

Kati said...

Count me among those who adore Rhage too. It's my favorite of the books so far, although I'm holding out for Tohr.

I've been listening to Outlander on tape lately, and I find that I'm liking Jamie better than I did the first time. The first time I read Outlander, I was kind of like, "What *is* the big deal?!" But I'm definitely getting it more.

I also loved Caine's Reckoning, and sula, based on your love of Asa, I just ordered the entire "Promises" series from Sarah. I have Promises Reveal to review anyway, so this way I can read the first three so I'm caught up. Yay!

sula said...

ahoy! am being moved today to another office so the computah isn't yet reconnected. hopping on another person's workstation for a moment to say hi.

kb, that scene from the Duke was quite disturbing. mostly because i found myself cheering and i'm not a violent person by nature.

lb, agreed on that scene from LE. It's part of why I so heart Rhage. He's so nurturing and awesome.

taja, I asked Ms. Hunter at RWA if we might expect more medievals from her but the answer was not promising. *sniff*

tracy, i'm glad to see we share such good taste. go redheads! ;)

katie, I think that of all the BDB books, LE is the one to try. Even if you don't dig the rest of them, this one really is a 'romance' imo.

k, back to work. hopefully i can snag a network cable before end of day.

LesleyW said...

Lover Eternal I think is the best told story so far in the BDB (though I think Lover Awakened is my favourite).

And me not being a rabid historical fan, I've just discovered Elizabeth Hoyt and am working through her backlist. So looking forward to reading the Serpent Prince. It was her dialogue that hooked me, so glad to know the first book was not a fluke.

Ciara said...

It is the reason I started reading romance. I owe my current existence to Jamie and Claire.

Thank you for being the only other sane one. Rhage is so much better than Zsadist!

I picked up the Serpent Prince at RWA based on your rec! Haven't read it yet, but I will soon. I should see what this Sarah McCarty is all about. I've heard so many good things.

Shannon said...

I love Elizabeth Hoyt (hence the current Hoyt love fest on my blog.) I should have my interview with her posted at some point this weekend. She writes historicals that contemporary fans can love.

Rhage. ::sigh:: That book was so lovely in a badass BDB sort of way. I really need to do a reread.

Shaymless Aymless said...

Must add Outlander and the Duke to TBB.

I am so on the Rhage bandwagon...

Blossom: hehe... chains... *g*

JenB said...

Rhage. *sigh*

I'd love to tame his beast.

little alys said...


Oh The Serpent Prince! So many good books and I must take a look at The Outlander series soon. :D

Great books to take! This way, I can stroll along to your hut and borrow and book or two. :D

Carolyn Crane said...

I need to read that Elizabeth Hoyt, because clearly you have great taste. I am sorry you didn't get Jamie. I think you deserve him. I think there should be two Jamies.

Marg said...

I share the same favourite authors, but like different books by each one except for Outlander. I love Jamie Fraser. It has been an age since I read an Outlander book. Maybe it is time to start thinking about rereads.

Christine said...

Rhage and Mary.
'Nuff said.

Joanna Chambers said...

I really must read the next Jamie and Claire book - it's cause they're so long - but I loooooooved Outlander.

The Bookworm said...

*gasp* I havent read any of these yet. they do sound good.

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