Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I have failed!!!

I wanted to do so much on my three days here, but alas I'm still sick as a dawg. I missed another day of work and I've spent the day alternately sleeping and coughing.
Hopefully my next turn I won't let everyone down :(

As a consolation, all I can do is a wee bit of eye candy.


I ♥ Book Gossip said...

I have a question, where can I find more pictures of these hotties?

Pamk said...

Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for the hotties

Tracy said...

Aw honey you didn't fail! How about we schedule another time sometime soon when you can do what you were planning? Then you can do it while you're feeling fresh as a daisy. I'm not sure how that feels but I'm sure it's good! lol

I hope you feel better soon friend.

Shannon said...

Oh hon. You really have the creeping crud. Don't worry about it. Eye candy is much appreciated. We all love to oggle the menz. Go curl up with a comfy blanket, a cup of soothing tea, and a good book. ::hugs::

Christine said...

No worries, Kristie!!! Feel better soon.

LesleyW said...


No worries, hope you're feeling better soon.

Ana said...

Aww Kristie, hope you feel better soon! *flower*

Sarai said...

Aww honey get to feeling better. When you are let me know I happen to know the person in charge of the schedule *g*

lisabea said...

Two words, my friend:

Is that two words?

Krstie(j) feel better soon and we'll wait for you! Come back another time. Tracy is the shiznitz and she'll hook you up.

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