Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The menz

Heroes. They are the element of a book (particularly romance) that makes it worth reading. As I mentioned in my previous post, I love the actiony bits, but without a hero that I can root for and fall for, I wouldn't care who comes out the winner in the over the top battle royale. A romance novel with a bad heroine is annoying. A romance novel with a bad hero is not worth finishing. We love the men, their struggles, their emotions and reactions. Whether you are an Alpha lovin' girl or are diggin' on the Beta man, you know the hero is the backbone of a book.

So what makes a good hero? I'm sure each one of us could answer that question and come up with a slightly different answer. Our real life heroes may differ widely from the heroes we desire between the pages of a book. For me, a hero needs to be strong. Not just physically (although, that is very nice), but he must possess a strength of character. He should be attractive, or at least attractive to the heroine (hey, read for escapism, the menz should be hot!) Funny earns him bonus points. Passionate, intelligent, sexy, confident... you know the list. Actually, listing it all off makes me think of the personal ads you see on Craig's List. SWM iso... Hmmmm.... what if my heroes had personal ads. Of course none of them would write one for themselves. They are far too manly/busy/sophisticated/etc. to ever do something like that. But what if one of their friends were to write one for them? Well, some of them might look something like this:

Sam Starrett (Troubleshooter series/Suzanne Brockmann)

SWCowboy type, sexy, passionate, rough around the edges, take charge, inventive, gorgeous. ISO SF who is strong, sexy, an amazing shot, willing to put up with bone head behavior until I realize how damn much I love you. Well traveled to dangerous locales. My buddies will love you, but not nearly as much as I will.

Adam Hauptman (Moon Called/Patricia Briggs)

SWMW(erewolf) tall, brn/brn, attractive, strong leader, protective, father of teen, financially secure, mature. ISO SW(pain in the ass)F (preferably a skin walker), who is independent, able to work with her hands, enjoys a large family community, not easily scared, takes initiative. May need to withstand informal testing before members of "family" accept her.

Capt. Malcom Reynolds (Firefly & Serenity)

Space Cowboy looking for his lifetime Companion. Reluctant Big Damn Hero who is rough around the edges, skirts the law, and is loyally devoted to his crew wants an elegant, sophisticated, woman to be his Ambassador through space. Should know how to serve tea and shoot a cross bow. Ties to the Alliance are a deal breaker. Please be patient as I will deny out attraction to all and sundry, but know that you spin me about.

Sam Donovan (Mr. Perfect/Linda Howard)

Mr. Perfect iso his Mrs. Perfect. She must be feisty, a little bit crazy, a lot sarcastic, a risk taker, lose her head over cars, and realize I am a cop, not a druggie. I am hot, sexy, passionate, attractive, comfortable with my body (tend to walk around my house naked), dedicated, will bow at your feet if you have a vintage Shelbey, and will wash you car (and you) thoroughly.

Izzy Teague (Code Name series/Christina Skye)

SBM, Denzel Washington look-a-like, mysterious, intelligent, a whiz with all thing technology, mysterious, confident, strong, did I mention mysterious? ISO... not sure yet. Will know her when I see her.

I also have Max Bahgat and Stan Wolchonok in my cabana. What do you think should go in their personals ad?


KT Grant said...

I am all for a man to walk around naked in his house, as long as he looks like Sam :D
Of course I would be peeking out my window as he walked around, or slept, or played with...

little alys said...

Shannon M- I agree, a bad hero makes the book unreadable. Completely unreadable!!! Give me agood hero!!!

Katiebabs, you have your own menz!

Stacy~ said...

There's just something about those Sams (Starrett & Donovan) that do it for me everytime...

Shannon said...

Mmmmm.... Sams. Either one of them can walk around naked and I have no problem with it. In fact, I encourage it in my cabana. Hot. Naked. Men. :)

lisabea said...

Love your format!!

Also: Max iso ME. Heh. ISO SWF, YOUNG, must like long walks on the beach, beating her tom tom, and turning his hair gray while driving him out of his already crazed mind.

Oh. I heart him.

Christine said...

I LOVE Adam Hauptman. I would consider trading all of the men in my hut for him.

Shannon said...

He's mine Christine! All mine!!!

Wait. Who is in your hut? ;)

Christine said...

I forget. You can have them for Adam.

Ana said...


Kati said...

I LOVE Adam Hauptman. I would consider trading all of the men in my hut for him.

*MK whispers*

Christine, I think we need to hatch a plan to steal Adam.

LesleyW said...

Love the way you've done this. VG. :)

Katie Reus said...

Yay for Sam!! I'd be peeking out my window at him too! (Although, I might not have called him to tell him I could see him, lol!)

Sarai said...

LOVE the menz. Will be stealing some pictures it seems... Great topic. Heroes vary for most of us with the exception being we all want them to be HOT!

Shannon said...

Hey! You keep your grabby fingers off of my Adam!

::lays on top of him so he can't mysteriously vanish::

Christine said...

Oh, Shannon. Honey. Do you really think MaryKate and I are such simpleton's that we'd just take Adam away with our hands? We're much more devious than that.

*Christine whispers*
MK! We need a plan... ;)

Tracy said...

OMG I love the personal ads thing. Very creative!

Sam Starrett - honey he can park his boots at the end of my bed anytime...along with Max and Stan of course!

Sarah said...

I do like Sam!

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