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Katie’s Favorite Heroes in Fiction a.k.a The KB Lust Factor

It is day two of everything about me and today is all about the men! The heroes I picked are a combination of sexiness that I find myself panting over, along with that something special, or that little quirk that makes them stand out from all the hundreds of other fictional men I have read. I really did try to pick the best men who would be suited for island life. But some of the heroes I wanted were taken, especially by those sneaky wenches, Mary Kate and Carolyn Jean. Two that I specifically wanted were Roarke from the In Death series and Michael, the head guardian angel from Meljean Brook’s series, but I was too slow on the uptake and had to settle for these six others who are just as worthy as the two that should have been mine!

Alexander (Shura) Belov from The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons. By now you all know how much I adore this book, so much so that the hero, Alexander is one of my all time favorite heroes in all of literature. This Russian solider who defected from the United States with his parents when he was only a boy, lives in fear everyday of the war that he will be found out and shot. He finds love with a young girl who would die for him, but he can’t be with her because of the place he has put himself in. His so-called best friend blackmails him and he is already involved with the older sister of Tatiana, his soul mate. He has some gut wrenching decisions to make. His love and devotion for his beautiful, blonde angel brought tears to my eyes. He is not perfect and makes some uncomfortable decisions, but because of this, Simons makes him so very human. Plus he can make some excellent blueberry ice cream (and his uses for the ice cream are so very creative)

Rehvenge from the Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward. Rehv is my ultimate bad boy, the enigma of this series. He is a drug addicted, impotent wanna be pimp who can destroy a person with one thought from his mind. He feeds off a person’s emotions and god help the woman he ends up mating with, because the orgasm he gives her could kill her literately from the pleasure. But oh my, what a way to go! He also can wear a mohawk and still look cool.

James Diaz from Cry No More by Linda Howard. Diaz is a loner, a mercenary who survives through intelligence and muscle. He is the silent and sexy type who doesn’t have a lot of experience seducing women, but when he finds the one woman that maters, watch out gals because he is a quick learner. Diaz is my all time favorite Howard hero. He would be a great guy to co camping with.

Gabriel “Sully” Sullivan from Gabriel’s Ghost by Linnea Sinclair. He can make a woman see stars during sex, literally. And he saves the woman he loves from a fate worse than death even though she can’t stand him. His deep love for his captain and soul mate is one romance that should be written in the stars. (har har I made a funny pun)

Rain Tairen Soul from the Fading Lands series by C.L. Wilson. His name is a bit strange but he can turn into a flying cat! What more do you need in a man? Or maybe it is his undying devotion and protective instincts for the woman who gives him back his soul and makes him whole again?

Jack Prescott from Dangerous Lover by Lisa Marie Rice. Jack is a lot like Diaz. This man has survived for one reason alone; because of the love he has had for the one woman who makes him feel human. He is so very heroic in my eyes because he wants his lover to have the basic needs she deserves. He make sure his lover is kept warm, fed and loved late into the night, keeping her safe in his arms. His undying love is all consuming, knowing that he can bring a smile to his love’s face is enough to keep him going. And the man wanted to paint Caroline’s bedroom the same color she had when she was a teen, when he first fell in love with her… awww….

My final hero pick is a bit out there but so very worthy. Sherlock Holmes is my first literary crush. He is one of the first Bohemian characters that I can think of. He seems like a loner but is comfortable in the lifestyle he is accustomed to. He is very intelligent and quite the dresser and lives during my favorite time period- Victorian England. Sherlock may seem to be a bit... asexual shall we say, but in my teen fantasies, I was able to bring out that underlying sexuality that is below the surface. Sherlock is my older man crush.
Tomorrow is my final day and the DIK. The question is, what do I have in store for tomorrow? *insert evil laugh here*
Katiebabs (KB)


jessewave said...

Hi Katie Babs
I don't know most of your heroes but they seem very worthy. I just purchased my very first BDB book so I'm looking forward to meeting the impotent wanna-be pimp Rehvenge. Sherlock Holmes is a man I love b/c I'm addicted to mysteries (you thought I only read M/M books didn't you?):) Where on earth did you get the snazzy looking Sherlock?

Sarai said...

Okay Sully WHOA I would love a chance with him *g* BUt I'm scared crapless of Chaz...

Love the hero slection Sherlock HOlmes was a great pick and I am getting the Horseman book this weekend (I know I know totally blew the name) So I will let ya know how that goes

Tracy said...

Rehv - You're his Bharbie! lol

I need to read about Sully.

Great picks - all seem very hunky

little alys said...

Sherlock Holmes? *cough*

I really need to read The Bronze Horseman and The Windflower. Everyone keeps recommending them!

LesleyW said...

Cry no More I think was the Linda Howard book that had me in floods of tears at the end. So can definitely go with Diaz as one of your picks.

And The Bronze Horseman has gone on my wishlist. :)

Katie Reus said...

Cry No More is by far, one of the best books I've read. I couldn't get through that without crying. To go your whole life searching for something, then to selflessly give it up. (I love Diaz, but I'm talking about Milla)

Ahh, Jack Prescott, the perfect man. I read that book over and over and never get tired of it. Ahem, we had a deal to share him remember??

Christine said...

You've really piqued my interes in The Bronze Horseman. I need to put this on my reading list.

dd03 said...


He's right up there with V & Z for me!!

All yummilicious in their own rights!! lol

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