Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Beach Bag

My last day, here on the blog, and I guess it's time to show you all what's in my beach bag. Back in April, I wrote about this here. But I guess I could find a few words to say about all my keeper books, so, excuse me whilst I widge on some more about these books.

My Fair Captain, by the ever clever and wicked nice gal, JL Langley. This book changed my reading habits entirely. Sure, I'd started reading m/m romance, but it was this book in particular that set off the reading binge that would be responsible for MLM. Yes. It's all because of Nate. Heh. Not really, but he makes a handy scapegoat. Anyway, this isn't a work of Oprah Winfrey quality fiction (and thank you, jesus, for that), but it's so much fun, so original, the relationship so sexy, the characters wonderfully drawn..oh! Me likey! Me likey so much that to date I believe I've bought 8 copies and chucked them out to friends.

Breaking Point by Suzanne Brockmann. A lot of folks would argue with me about this next book being one of Suze's best. PPFFFT. Brockmann is one of the powerhouses of romance. She tells a great, fast paced story. She sticks her landing everytime. And she is a master at deep POV. Oh her books just ROCK. Anyway. Suze always has so many story lines going in her books...and I think this is a real gift. She draws these relationships out slowly, carefully, over many books. Builds tension and conflict until WOWWIE she finally sets those characters center stage and they work it all out. This is my favorite couple. While I do love Jules Cassidy, oh I do, the pairing of Max and Gina is the story that hooked me.

Crack by JR Ward. What more can I say? Zsadist's book! He's a broken, angry, bottom of the barrel, unlovable, unloving vampire of the BDB kind. So they spout such idiocy as "True, that." And "You feel me?" It's crack. Once it's in your system, it's nearly impossible to resist. OK true I still haven't read that last one....

Anyway. Z is my fav. And Bella's good people. He may whine a little, but he's got some valid baggage. Unlike a certain pothead twin brother of his that I'm so not mentioning right now.

Welcome to Temptation, by Jennifer Crusie. There's something about Phineas Tucker that appeals to me. Is it that he's sexy? He plays pool? He's a terribly ambivalent Mayor? He's focussed on nailing Sophie but won't be seen in public with her? And Sophie! Smart. Aware of her shortcomings. Manipulative (don't you love that scene at the end where she ticks through the steps of the con while addressing the big shots at the town meeting?) and funny. It's in my beach bag. Just ask and you can borrow it anytime.

Demon Moon, or How I Switched Teams because of my desperate affection for Savitri Murray, by Meljean Brook. I've had this book listed as my favorite since I read it last year. Meljean built this fantastic world of guardians, demons, vampires, and humans in that gripping, classic tale of good versus evil. So big fat hairy deal, right? Oh I forgot to mention: Savitri Murray and Colin Ames-Beaumont. Nothing about these characters is usual. They have staggering imperfections balanced by unbelievable strengths. There's a balance of good and bad within them that is reflected through out this magnificent story. OK YES I GUSH. I don't care. It's my favorite.

Last, but never least, The Hell You Say by Josh Lanyon. I'm almost embarrassed to talk about this book again, because I adore Adrien English and have made that abundantly clear since I first picked up these books. Cheerleader? Oh, so what. But of the three available (to date) this is by far my favorite. You want some drama? Some soul shattering revelations? Some chuckles and head shaking and maybe a little fear? Here it is. But I warn you: this ain't no HEA. This isn't a gay romance where men come leaping willy nilly out of the closet clutching their rainbow flags to their heaving, manly chests and yelling "Woot that was easy! Why'd we wait so long? I LOVE YOU, MAN!!!" This story really hammers home just how gut wrenching it is for one man to be deeply conflicted and in denial about his sexuality. And holy moly, how that anger and resentment coil and build and ultimately spills over and, oh noes, it hurts my bff. DAMN IT. I'm going to fricken explode before the next one comes out. We're going to have to wait for it. New book comes out soon.

So that's my three day event on teh blog. Hope you all have a happy, safe weekend. I'm going to drink some more coffee.



Tracy said...

I luuuuuv your beach bag my friend!
All of them fabulous books.

This isn't a gay romance where men come leaping willy nilly out of the closet clutching their rainbow flags to their heaving, manly chests and yelling "Woot that was easy! Why'd we wait so long? I LOVE YOU, MAN!!!",
Omg I laughed so hard at this! You're too damn funny. You did a pachy job on your 3 days! Thanks chickie

Shannon said...

There is a reason that I have three, count 'em THREE, Troubleshooters heroes in my hut. Notice that Max is one of them. ::sigh:: The way he fights his love for Gina, thinking he is being noble. Stupid man, doesn't he realize that his age is not an issue for her? Oy! The angst! I love that he doesn't quite fit the mold of the Team Sixteen heroes. He is not as physically imposing, yet he will still throw himself into the line of fire. All of Suze's men are intelligent, but Max has brains and cunning that are unmatched among them. He has to play the FBI system, yet he will break the rules when it is important. God, I love that man!

Mmmmm... Z. I am so addicted to that crack. Although, I am having a difficult time getting into Lover Enshrined. As much as I love Z, his twin is asking for a liitle cheese with that whine.

I blame, er... thank you guys for getting to read Demon Angel. Now I am hooked on the Brook, as well. Must dig up Demon Moon for my next read.

lisabea said...

Tracy~It's certainly eclectic. A little of everything...if you count MFC as regency-ish.

Just wait til you read the Pig Post on Monday.

Shannon~ I love how Max completely 360's once he realizes that Gina is alive. He completely falls apart: fightin and out of control. Yup. Breaking Point. Great book.

lisabea said...

WAIT. He 180's. Not 360's. WHere's Christine were her mad math skilz???

sula said...

this beach bag is full of win. Especially the MFC. How we luvs it. And Adrien? *sigh* I can't wait to see what Josh has dreamed up for him next (or maybe I can...depends on Jake).

I guess I still need to read that Demon Angel/Moon/thingie, huh.

DIK Ladies said...

Hey Sula: Did you read the Adrien interview? Dude is drunk on Italian Margies...sounds so familiar....

Yes. You need to meet Colin, but I wont' throw a fit cuz, er, I still haven't read that Jamie Fraser.


Katie Reus said...

Love the beach bag!! And I didn't comment on the previous post, but I love your cabana. I was picturing something more rustic, but I like the way you think ;)

I still haven't read Breaking Point! Omg, I need to!

Sarai said...

So can I borrow the beach bag? You know for just a day or two or three...

jessewave said...

What a treasure trove. Some of your books are really outstanding -

of course my two favourites are My Fair Captain and The Hell You Say. Haven't read Demon Moon as yet and Suzanne Brockmann is one of my favourite authors. The BDB books - haven't read any of them and am afraid to after seeing how they affect everyone LOL but I do have Dark Lover in my TBR pile.

Great choices Lisabea

KT Grant said...

Meljean is responsible for my first dog crush *blush*
Colin and Savi are such an "out of the box" couple, but they fit so perfectly!

lisabea said...

Katie Reus~Thanks. I'm quite fond of my beach bag, too. *G*

Jessewave~I tried to be well rounded in my picks. When we chose, sooo many months ago, I kept typing MFC! MFC! MFC! THYS THYS!(which was my first choice) and, uh, I got it....

Katiebabs~ I'm so worried they will turn to ash on day ONE. Luckily the cabana has those teak shades.

Sarai~Of course. That's why we have the library on our DIK Island!

little alys said...

With all your raving of JL Langley and Josh Lanyon, I'll be soon addicted to those menz. Hehehe.

You're wonderfuly (naughty) three days full of glorious (naughty) pictures. Hehehe.

KT Grant said...

I must say that the best rec LB ever gave me was JL Langely's MFC. That is a wonderful romance, gay or straight and everyone should read it!!
I want the next one in the series oh so badly!

JenB said...

I love Welcome to Temptation. Jennifer Crusie is teh awesum.

I own the first Troubleshooter book, but I just haven't gotten around to reading it. Shame on me.

LesleyW said...

Great choices. I have read all of them except for Demon Moon, which I have on my TBR pile but it's so long, it's finding that nice chunk of time when I can indulge myself.

And I haven't picked up The Hell You Say. Is this the third book in the series? I have the first two on my TBR pile.

So I'm getting round to having read all the books in your beach bag. :)

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