Sunday, August 24, 2008

I present

Theme SUNDAYS for your viewing pleasure!!!

Why Sarai how did this come about you ask? Well I was sitting at home one day reviewing all the pretty, pretty pictures I have collected thanks, in part, to you lovely ladies and I thought hell what if we put those pictures to use. *cues Let's Get It On* So ladies sit back and relax b/c this is my gift to you EVERY SUNDAY (unless we are celebrating the birthdays!) Speaking of birthdays DID everyone wish Thea a happy one on the 20th? we will have theme Sunday.

This weeks theme is COWBOYS. Next week we will focus on BUTTS (so send me any all pictures you have of menz butts and I will post)

Sit back and relax and please enjoy my cowboys.

I just really like this next one. Makes me wonder what happened to his pants?

Aww and this one is singing us a song can you hear it?

And nothing says I love you like a group of fine looking menz in cowboy hots. So I love you guys!

HOLY SHIT I just found my new favorite blog!!! Seriously go check it out!

Anywho hope you enjoy I will see ya next Sunday.


Joanna Chambers said...


Shannon said...

oh, lovely. me likey lots!

Teddy Pig said...

They are all missing something that most guys have. What is it?

Oh body hair! Looks like a Nair ad.

Tracy said...

Vera, vera nice Sarai - you go girl.

TP - I think they got into Lisabea's beach bag and stole the nair! teehee.
Personally I can take the hair or leave it - I'm just not that picky! lol

JenB said...

Pretty pretty.

Sarai, do you still have the email I sent out with all the butts? There were 20-something pics on that one.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh cowboys.......hmmmmmmm.

Sarai said...

Jenb: I don't think I can find it can you re-send it please?

Ciara said...

Dude, cowboys are hawt, but those boys have bigger boobs than I do.

little alys said...

Cowboys. Nice to the eye, but I second Ciara. I'm not happy when a guys twins are bigger than mine. ;)

jessewave said...

Cowboys with boobs. What a novel concept. TP is right about the lack of body hair. I like a bit of body fuzz, just not so much you can braid it tee hee hee.

Rowena said...

Mmmm...I've always loved cowboys and now I remember why! THANKS!

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