Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Colleen Gleason's Last Blog (for now)

From MK: Ladies, Colleen dashed off a quickie last day blog because last night, she was up late hosting a fabulous webcast celebrating the release of her new book: When Twilight Burns, which came out yesterday. Colleen, we SO appreciate your being here with us on the island for the past couple of days. Please come back often (but, stay away from ROARKE!) Oh, wait, was that inhospitable? Sorry.

Six Novels I'd take with me:

+ Night Train to Memphis (Elizabeth Peters)
+ Trojan Gold (Elizabeth Peters)
+ Bet Me (Crusie)
+ Alinor by Roberta Gellis
+ Harry Potter (can I take them all????)
+ The Grand Sophy (Georgette Heyer)

The problem with the seven heroes is that, I might take them, but if I'm not Eve Dallas or Victoria Gardella or Alinor Lemagne....they wouldn't give me the time of day. *sigh*
It would be a travesty--no, it would in fact be Hell--to be trapped on a desert island with hot guys like Roarke, Sebastian Vioget, Max Pesaro, Ian di Vipont, Edmond Dantes (from Colette Gale's Master), etc.....because it'd be like having a slew of chocolate or other wonderful food...and not being able to partake.

That's what makes those heroes DIK heroes...even under duress, even if I were the last woman on earth...they'd never look at me twice.

Sigh. So much for fantasy, huh?


Christine said...

LOL Don't worry... you're not alone. When asked what three things would you take with you if you were stuck on a desert island I named my husband. So I'd just be looking at the hero buffet without sampling, too. ;)

KT Grant said...

I am so coming to your hut with all the men you picked! :D
I may just have to steal Roarke and Sebastian away for a day or two to go hiking, yeah that's what we will do... hiking :P

Ana said...

I just read Bet Me and I loved it! Great choice of books.

Shannon said...

You are right. Part of what we love about those heroes is their devotion to their women. Now if we can just figure out how to morph into those heroines when we are with those men... problem solved.

And goodness, is that a young Clive Owen I spy at the top of this post? nummy!

Tracy said...

Great books and heroes Colleen.

Congrats on your book release!

The great thing about our's fantasy...they WOULD look at us! (I just keep telling myself that! lol)

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is a most definitely nummy nummy Clive Owen at the top of my post...courtesy of MK, because I was too durn frazzled to remember to include him.

And therefore I will forgive her for that rather...inhospitable...remark about staying away from Roarke.

Although (heh) I'd rather watch Eve take you down, MK, than be the one she's after. ;-)

Katie Reus said...

Ahh, Clive, he's my undercover boyfriend...shhh :)

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