Monday, January 19, 2009

Romance Domination!

It’s my turn? I’m in charge? You all have to do what I say? Sweet! Muah hahahaha!!!!

Ehem. So sorry. I’m not quite sure where that came from. I don’t normally crave world domination. Perhaps classroom domination. My students better believe I am the queen of all within those four walls. In the rest of my life, though, I don’t hold such strong ambitions.

But what if I could take over the world? Where would I begin? OK, sure, I could be altruistic and revamp education funding. Take money from the disgustingly wealthy and give it to the poor. Feed the hungry, house the homeless. That would all be well and good, but let’s be serious here, folks. If I held that kind of power I would grow drunk with it all. My ability to make decisions would become questionable, and I would likely come to a bad end.

Before that happened, though, it is very likely I would go the route of Doctor Frankenstein. I would attempt to engineer the perfect hero, even the perfect book. I mean, how could I resist? Taking the best characteristics from my favorite brooding Alpha men, I could create the FrankenHero. Utilizing elements from my favorite books, the FrakenRomance would be born!!!

Mmmmm... FrankenHero! What would he be like? Well, let me tell you! FrankenHero would have the brooding intensity of Derek Craven. His humor would be taken straight from Sam Donovan (Mr. Perfect). He would possess the wealth and power of Roarke (In Death series). Adam Hauptman (Mercy Thompson series) would be the source of his leadership skills. My FrankenHero would share Sam Starret’s (Troubleshooters) love of chocolate syrup and Kev Merripen’s (Seduce Me at Sunrise) undying love and devotion. His stamina would be that of a member of the BDB (as would certain anatomical proportions.) My gorgeous hero would be a cross between Gerard Butler and Richard Armitage, with the eyes of Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Once I finished creating this perfect creature you would find me, like Jayne (Firefly/Serenity) “in my bunk.”
After my FrankenHero has finally reached the end of his stamina (many days later), I would sit back and begin piecing together the FrankenRomance. Since I am a Chicago gal, it would have to be set here. Sam Donovan (Mr. Perfect) would be cast to star along with Lilith (Demon Angel). Dialogue would be written by Linda Howard. Suzanne Brockmann would write the action scenes. Elizabeth Hoyt could pen any sex scenes that include a chair. I suppose we need an antagonist. I will call in Patricia Briggs for that one. Her vamps are creepy as hell and you truly feel her “bad guys” are Bad. Cameo appearances would be made by Cam Rohan, Jessica Trent, Colin Ames Beaumont, Mercy Thompson, and Jules Cassidy. There would be tension and intrigue, steamy sex and emotional depth. It would be mine!
Power drunk and satiated, I would lay back and see what I had created, and it would be good. I would be able to do no more. My work would be done, and so I pass the baton to you. It is your turn. Tell me about your FrankenRomance. Share with me your FrankenHero, but guard him well, else he may suddenly disappear. If you need me, I’ll be in my bunk.


KT Grant said...

Can I borrow Frankenhero??

Katie Reus said...

For real :) (Don't think I can top that!)

Shannon said...

haha! Glad you girls like him :)

Tracy said...

omg lolol Frankenhero! What a great word. I don't think I could top your hero qualities. Let's see for my Frankromance I'd have some Singh, Ward, Moning, Brockmann, Ward, Wilson and more than a little contribution by Brook. How could I go wrong?

Renee said...

Any hero with Derek Craven as a starting point rocks my world.

Ummm...if he's a Frankenhero, does that mean it might be possible to create another? If so, sign me up! :-P

Shannon said...

Tracy- I will sadly admit that I have not read some of those authors. More to add to the TBR list!

Bridget Locke said...

Whoo-boy...Shannone, I'm thinking you nailed the it. Except for no Singh heroes, but ya know, that's okay. :)

Shannon said...

Man, I really need to read Singh, huh?

::moves book to top of TBR pile::

Carolyn Crane said...

Oh, boy! Will your Franken hero be 20 feet tall? he'll need to be to fight off the hordes of women!

Sarai said...

So I am lovin Frankenhero!!

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