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DIK -- Major Crossover Event: Jamie Craig - Day 3

While debating what we should do for today's post, we came upon the idea of letting a few of our characters meet each other. I was really amused by the thought of Aden, the alpha werewolf from Trick of Silver, meeting Gideon, our master vampre in the The Master Chronicles. Plus, Jesse would waste no time in corrupting Darren--I mean, what's not to love about Darren? He's pretty, he's strong, he's a trained killer, and he's got a werewolf wrapped around his finger. Jesse would love that! So Vivien and I decided to write two short scenes. I'd write Jesse and Darren meeting, while she would get Aden and Gideon. As for the third scene...we haven't written that yet. We want you to decide what should come next!


After pacing around the room for a solid five minutes, Darren finally sat, but his gaze still darted from one corner to the other, as though he was waiting for somebody—or something—to burst into the room. He wasn’t exactly nervous, just attentive, his body tightly coiled and ready to spring into action. Maybe living with a pack of werewolves did that to a person. Either way, Jesse decided he’d be sure not to do anything to startle Darren. Though he did wish an entire table wasn’t separating them. He found Darren’s energy very enticing—not to mention Darren’s body and Darren’s mouth.

“What’s it like living with a vampire?”

“Oh…I don’t know. It seems pretty normal to me. What’s it like living with a werewolf.”

“Strange. Especially since there’s usually one or two wolves from his pack drifting around the house. And they don’t exactly like me.”

“Why not?”

Darren lifted his shoulder in a half-shrug. “They think I’m going to kill them. I’m not. Well, I don’t plan to. You ever meet a werewolf?”

“I’ve met a werebear. There aren’t any werewolves around here.”

“There probably are. They’re everywhere.”

“Why do they think you’re going to kill them?”

“Because I used to be an Argenti agent.”

He said it like that was supposed to mean something to Jesse. “And you used to kill werewolves?”

“I used to be the best at killing werewolves.”

“And now you’re fucking one.”

“You’d fuck him, too, if you were in my shoes.”

“Really?” Jesse leaned forward. “What’s it like?”

Darren’s brows knitted together. “Do you want me to draw you a diagram or something?”

“Not unless you want to.”

Darren took a deep breath. “It’s very intense. Aden is very…intense.”

“Any biting?”

“Why do you ask? Does Gideon bite you?”

“Sure, all the time.”

“You’re not scared about becoming a vampire?”

“I’d have to bite him back. And I’ve only done that once…”

“What do you think they’re doing?”

Jesse shrugged. “Probably goading each other into a fight.”

“What’s it like with Gideon?”

“Intense. I should show you the playroom.”

“Why? What’s in there?”

“Chains. Whips. Racks. Gags. Shackles. Cages. Paddles.” Darren’s eyes got wider with each word, and Jesse’s groin began to tighten. He’d love to know what Aden was capable of, and while he’d like to witness it from in the room, he would settle for watching the two of them with the closed circuit cameras Gideon had installed. “Think Aden would be interested in that?”


“Gideon doesn’t share well with his toys.”

“You just want to see what sex is like with a werewolf.”

Jesse grinned. “True, but I wasn’t just thinking about him.”

The corner of Darren’s mouth lifted. “Aden doesn’t share with his toys, either.”

“We’re just going to have to convince them that this is their idea.”

“I don’t know if that’ll work.”

“It should. You never know unless you try, right?”

“If Aden doesn’t like the idea, I’m blaming you.”

Jesse’s grin only widened. “You can blame me anyway.”

“So Gideon can punish you for your bad behavior?”

“You catch on fast.”

Darren’s smile matched his. “Oh, I’m a quick study.”

Jesse pulse began to hammer. He just hoped that Gideon and Aden weren’t trying to kill each other.


Aden Richter filled the playroom doorway. Filled. Tall, broad, and so straight, Gideon automatically pulled himself up even more. Only a computer or a network executive could ever equate this werewolf/used bookstore owner with Jesse and his Cambridge education.

Clear blue eyes flickered over the cages lining the far wall. Jesse’s eyes were better. “Interesting room.”

“I like it.”

“Yes, I think you would.”

Gideon frowned. “Come in, or get out.”

The wide mouth canted. “Not much for hospitality, are you?” But he sauntered in anyway.

Gideon folded his arms over his chest and waited. The wolf made his skin crawl, and the feral scent of his blood made Gideon’s fangs itch. He bit the inside of his cheek to keep from lashing out when Aden toyed with one of the cuffs on the St. Andrew’s cross.

“You don’t seriously think I’m going to let you fuck me, do you?” Aden’s tone remained casual. He didn’t even glance in Gideon’s direction.

“My playroom. My rules.”

“Playroom. You’re a funny man.”

“Yeah, I’m hilarious.”

Chains clanked where Aden let them hit the wall. Gideon’s hands balled into fists.

“Rules are one thing. You seem to be suffering from delusions.”

“I prefer to think of it as knowing who I am.”

A small snort. “Translation? Inflexible.”

“And I suppose you’re more relaxed.”

“I’m a fucking contortionist compared to you.” Aden came to a halt in front of the long cupboard and opened it without asking. Rows of whips, cuffs, floggers, and everything else he and Jesse used in here swung into view. “Though I do give you credit for thoroughness.”

“Gee. Color me flattered.”

Aden swept his clear gaze down Gideon’s body, pointedly tilting his head to get a better view of Gideon’s ass. “You really expect me to believe you’ve never bent over for a nice cock? Try again.”

“But not yours.”

“We’ll see.”

The urge to throw Aden in the smallest of the cages and keep him there until he howled brought a smile to Gideon’s face. But no way was he going to submit to Aden’s lead.

“Feel free to look around.” Unlocking his arms, he strolled for the door. “Just remember if you break it, you buy it.”

“Where are you going?”

“Out.” Gideon paused. “How pretty is your boy?”


“And he’s with Jesse right now.”

“Yeah. Why?”

“They didn’t tell you much about him, I take it.”

Aden’s eyes narrowed. “Like what?”

“Like the fact all you have to do to get Jesse on his knees is blink in his direction.” He smiled. “I’ll bet he has your boy all primed and ready to go by now. And not a top in sight. Pity. For you, anyway.”

His hand hadn’t even reached the doorknob before Aden leaped at him from behind.


So...what comes next? A fight between Gideon and Aden? Or do they work out their differences in other ways? Maybe Jesse and Darren don't make it as far as the playroom. We'll write the best suggestion by the end of the day--and by "best" suggestion, I mean the suggestion that we think we could write well. :) As before, all commentors will be put in a drawing for a free book (print or ebook).


Kris said...

Those two scenes are terrific, Pepper & Vivien. How could you not be inspired by that!

I think Jesse and Darren attempt to play their little game of seduction, Aden and Gideon catch on, and the boys are 'punished'. As to the punishment?? It would be interesting to see how Darren and Jesse especially would react to being forced to watch Aden and Gideon, don't you think?? *g*

jessewave said...

Are you a writer in disguise? I'm trying hard to think up a scenario for them. I just got in after being out all day while you, on the other hand, probably spent sometime thinking about this.

Pepper and Vivien I will be putting on my thinking cap to come up with something soon.

Kris said...

LOL. Nope, Wave, I just have an overactive imagination. Plus I just got up so am still in 'slash dream' mode.

Jamie said...

Kris - We want to write that! Our only problem is, that will take more then 500-1000 words we figured we could get done in time to post tonight. So what we're going to do is write it anyway, and then post it on our website, with a link here to go back and read it. That should be up tomorrow or Monday then. :)


Kris said...

Srsly, Vivien?! That's so cool. I can't wait to read it.

Tracy said...

I'm soooo not a writer, I wouldn't even begin to know what to do next. But those are very, very cool scenes. I just loved them!

Thank you so much ladies for taking the time to be with us here on DIK for the past 3 days. It was great!

Sarah said...

Defnitely a brawl, with Gideon and Aden in which there faces are suddenly close... then it's all on, like Donkey Kong.

jessewave said...

I'm a lover not a writer so I have to defer to Kris's idea. Damn! Does this mean that she gets the prize? I never win anything * whine*

Kris said...

Wave, you realise you just put the kibosh on my book winning streak, don't you?! *humph* You now owe me. I'm thinking early postings of Friday's hot menz for the rest of the year. LOL.

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