Saturday, January 17, 2009

Guest Blogger: Jenre

Hello, my name is Jenre and I'm thrilled to be guest blogging today amongst such illustrious company.

What is your perfect hero...?

One of the best parts of this marvellous blog is where all you DIK ladies pick your favourite heroes from romance. But what if you could take one aspect from your heroes to create the ultimate hero? What parts would you choose to use in building your own hero?

Here are the attributes of my perfect hero:

Let’s start with the physical shall we? I’m not bothered about hair colour or how tall they are or even the size of his package (although, as we all know, every hero is very well endowed), but there’s one element of physical form which has me swooning every time and that is body hair – specifically chest hair. Now I’m not talking about a rug, but rather enough hair to run your fingers through, giving a texture to my hero’s chest. I know that not everyone likes this, but for my hero it’s a must.

Next on my list is intelligence. I like my hero to be a very clever man who isn’t afraid of using his brains rather than brawn to get what he wants. A man who can reason his way out of a tricky situation is much sexier than one who just uses his fists – although I do appreciate that sometimes a show of masculine strength can be very sexy when defeating the powers of evil.

Onto my next attribute - the ability to withstand pain/illness without complaint. In this time of ‘manflu’ I have to have my hero as a man who doesn’t whine when he gets shot/hit/fall ill. He has to be a terrible patient and demand to be released early from hospital despite the severity of his injuries. This is the ultimate show of strength and makes me fall into a puddle at his feet for being so manly.

The final attribute might be a bit surprising but given that I’m British is one that I have to insist on. It is having a ‘stiff upper lip’ as it were, or to put it more plainly not showing your emotions to all and sundry. My hero must remain aloof and impassive. He must not wear his heart on his sleeve and let everyone know what he is thinking. Then when he finally falls in love with me, I am the one who will see the cracks in the aloof exterior to the closely guarded emotions beneath. Sigh, it’s just so sexy to be able to break through the defences of a hero like that.

So there you have it - the attributes of my perfect hero. Would you choose the same qualities that I have, or are there some others that are more important to you?


Tracy said...

Wonderful qualities in a hero Jenre! Thanks so much for saving us in our time of need! :)

Jenre said...

No problem, I'm just so flattered to be asked.

Besides I had great fun finding all these pictures of gorgeous men. ;)

lisabea said...

IT'S G!! You're talking about G!!!

I have to have my hero as a man who doesn’t whine when he gets shot/hit/fall ill. He has to be terrible patient and demand to be released early from hospital despite the severity of his injuries. This is the ultimate show of strength and makes me fall into a puddle at his feet for being so manly

iz g.

Jenre said...

You lucky woman LB!

To have a husband who doesn't whine and complain when ill is a good man indeed.

JenB said...

I agree on all points. I look for those qualities in a hero too. I'm a little more flexible with the "stiff upper lip" because I don't think it's sexy for a man to make an ass out of himself or put himself in further danger just to protect his pride, but I still don't want a sissy boy. Gotta have some balance there. :)

Great post!

Jenre said...

Some of my favourite heroes are of the 'proud' variety. It makes it all the more delicious when they have to swallow that pride and admit to have fallen hopelessly in love with the heroine.

Having said that, you are right in saying that purposely courting danger just because they may dint their pride isn't sexy, it's TSTL. I wouldn't tolerate it in a heroine, so why should I in a hero?

Jenre said...

Hub has just pointed out that my perfect hero appears to be Mr Darcy.

I think he may have a point there...

Katie Reus said...

Great qualities! I'll admit, I've got a thing for the hairy chest too. I don't want a beast or anything, but I like a manly man ;)

KT Grant said...

I would love for my hero to have a nice smile and a sense of humor.
Also, I don't mind a bit of chest hair myself.

Kris said...

Ooh, Mr Darcy. *sigh*

I do like 'aloof' in a hero, and I especially like it when he starts opening up to his love interest and you get to understand the depth of his emotions/feelings. Tis verrry romantic.

I also like a wicked/dry sense of humour, although in m/m I do like it when one of the heroes is cheeky - it adds a bit of naughtiness to the relationship dynamic.

Cool post, Jen.

Carolyn Crane said...

Great post! I like a bit of hair on my man's chest, too, and a stiff upper lip is a great quality in a hero.

Jenre said...

Katie: Chest hair, sigh...You are right though, don't like too much hair, just enough to prove he's a real man!

KB: Oh yes, sense of humour is also very important *makes note*. Thank you!

Kris: I often find that it's the aloof heroes who have a dry sense of humour under the dour exterior - very attractive. I also like a cheeky hero in m/m, but I don't think I'd like to live with one!

Carolyn Jean: Love me some British reserve!

Wow, thanks for all the comments and great suggestions ladies.

Thanks also for making me feel so welcome on your blog. :)

Sarai said...

Very true on all points LOL I do like the chest hair. Although I agree with Jen about the stiff upper lip. And Katie had a point about the sense of humor that's a plus!!

thanks for hanging out with us on da island

Shannon said...

Oooh, fabulous qualities. You would love John Thornton of North and South. Stiff Upper Lip? He's got that one covered.

The Bookworm said...

great qualities in a hero!
'stiff upper lip' sounds like Mr Dary to me :)

The Bookworm said...

oops...I meant 'Mr. Darcy'

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