Friday, January 23, 2009

Its Contest time Ladies!!!

So break out those pencils and paper (or computer microsoft works) and get ready to right down the answers. I'm looking for the person with the most correct! Winner gets a prize from Katie herself.

Your mission should you accept is to match the lips to the actor/guy that's it. Simple as pie.

Then shoot me an email at
I will tally up the points one with the most wins (if there's a tie will pick the winner baby!)

Alright here we go!








Alright that's it you have until midnight tonight psyche you have until midnight tomorrow winner announced Sunday! to give me your answers. Good luck!!!!


lisabea said...

I'm just going to make them up:
1) Colin....Whatshisname.Not Firth. The Irish one.
2) Brangelina
3) That elf
4) Johnnie Depp
5) No wait..that's Colin whatshisname
6) OMG
7) PDiddy?

Katie Reus said...

Okay, I'm gonna give y'all a hint. PDiddy is not on the list ;)

Sarai said...

I have to say this one is harder than the last LOL

Kati said...

1- No clue - I keep wanting to say Eric McCormick, but I'm guessing that's not it.
2- The Rock
3- Heath Ledger
4- Johnny Depp
5- Colin Farrell
6- No clue
7- Denzel

Jenre said...

OK. I think I've got 6 out of the 7.

1)Hugh Jackman
2)Vin Diesal
3)Orlando Bloom
4)Johnny Depp
5)Colin Farrell
6)Brendan Fraser (with a really good tan)
7)OK so I'm stuck on this one but it could be Denzel Washington.

I've spent hours faffing about on this. I must have looked up every African-American Actor I could think of on Google. It's totally your fault I've not got the hoovering done!

Katie Reus said...

I have no idea who Eric McCormick is :) Okay, one (or two) more hints. Heath Ledger is not on the list and #7 is Denzel. Can't believe no one's gotten #6. Maybe b/c I'm obsessed I think everyone else should be, lol.

Tracy said...

This is hilarious! lol I missing 2 though. I'll figure it out - hopefully! lo

rebyj said...

I'd have to kiss them all first to figure out who they are.
Think you can arrange that? LOL

Katie Reus said...

Rebyj, I like the way you think. If I could arrange that though, I think ya might have to get in line, lol.

Bridget Locke said...

I emailed yesterday. 99% sure I nailed it. :) Yay me! *happy dance* LOL!

Shannon said...

1) Hugh Jackman
2) Mark Whalberg
3) Orlando Bloom
4) Johnny Depp
5) Colin Farrel
6) Will Smith
7) um, not sure... Blair Underwood?

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