Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pimping Out the 2009 Books! *Contemporary*

This is Kate your friendly island book pimp. Pull up a beach chair and relax with a drink of two because for the next 3 days I am going to be pimping out the books you all should have on your radar for 2009.

Day 1 of this presentation are the 5 most wanted Contemporary Romances:

1. Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James. Coming on March 3 from Penguin.
When it comes to the laws of attraction, there are no rules The battle between the sexes is about to make these two lawyers hot under the collar. Opposites collide when two lawyers try to make partner at the same firm. Payton Kendall is a feminist to the bone. Cocky J.D. Jameson was born privileged. But when they're asked to join forces on a major case, they gain a newfound awareness of each other's personal assets. The partnership spot will be offered to only one of them, though. The competition heats up. Sparks fly. Let the games begin.

WHY: Opposites attract leads to great sexual tension! Julie's first books, Just the Sexiest Man Alive made quite the splash on the Contemporary Romance scene.
2. Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas. Coming on March 17 from St. Martin's Press.
Jack Travis leads the uncomplicated life of a millionaire Texas playboy. He makes no commitments, he loves many women, he lives for pleasure. But no one has ever truly touched his heart or soul. Until one day, a woman appears on his doorstep with fury on her face and a baby in her arms. It seems Jack is the father and this woman is the baby's aunt. The real mother abandoned the child to her more responsible sister. And now, Jack is being called upon to take responsibility for the first time in his life.With delicious romantic tension, characters so real they walk onto the page and into your heart, Lisa Kleypas delivers the kind of novel that makes you laugh, love; cry and cheer.

WHY: if you read either Sugar Daddy or Blue Eyed Devil, you know why. Hello, it is Lisa Kleypas who can so no wrong in my eyes!

3. Hard and Fast by Erin McCarthy. Coming on May 5 from Penguin.
An experiment in romance...New to Charlotte, stock car racing country, graduate student Imogen Wilson meets Ty McCordle, a driver who inexplicably has her pulse racing. After an encounter at the track with a woman whose main goal in life is to marry a driver, Imogen realizes she’s hit on the perfect thesis for her Sociology degree. If she follows The Rules on how to get a man, can she steer her way to into the hearts of the drivers and establish their dating—and mating—patterns?That’s testing the limits of passion.Although sexy and reckless Ty is the ideal test subject, she knows she can’t pursue him for the sake of science. Yet he’s the one who’s chasing after her, and Imogen realizes that she actually wants to be caught. A southern gentleman like Ty won’t fail to disappoint, will satisfy all her curiosity—and make all the risks worthwhile…

WHY: Erin McCarthy writes some of the best Contemporary Romances. She takes chances with her characters, which we saw in Flat-Out Sexy.
4. Under Fire by Jo Davis. Coming May 5 from Penguin.
it doesn't get hotter than this! Zack fights fires and saves lives, yet his own thirst for life has run dry—until he comes to the rescue of a sharp-tongued exotic dancer named Corrine Shannon who soon has the normally shy hero burning out of control.But just as they are consumed by flames of passion, they find themselves under fire from two relentless enemies with fifty million reasons to succeed. Can they withstand the heat while trying to save their own lives—or will their newfound romance be extinguished as fast as it began?


5. Black Hills by Nora Roberts. Coming on July 7 from Putnam.
Lil Chance fell in love with Cooper Sullivan pretty much the first time she saw him, an awkward teenager staying with his grandparents on their cattle ranch in Montana while his parents went through a messy divorce. They spent every summer together, treking in the Black Hills, tracking cougar and falling in love. Then Cooper broke her heart and moved back to New York City. Ten years later and Cooper has given up his job in the police force to run the ranch after his grandfather is injured in a fall. Lil has stayed true to her love of cougars and of the Black Hills and opened an animal sanctuary. She has been targeted by animal rights campaigners in the past but this time someone seems intent on murder. As hikers are killed, animals mutiliated and a family member goes missing, Lil knows that she has no choice but to turn to Cooper for help in her fight for survival ...

WHY: Because it is Nora Roberts, the face of the Romance genre.

These are your must read Contemporaries for 2009. If anyone has any suggestions, raise your hand and leave a comment here. Tomorrow's presentation will be the must read Historicals for 2009.
Now excuse me because Rico the bartender and I have a date. Tomorrow's presentation will not be first thing in the morning because I am going to have a very late night. *wink*


Kwana said...

You know I'll be reading that Lisa Kleypas first, Katie! Thanks for all the other picks.

Sarai said...

okay your idiot friend hasn't read BED yet. So I am heading out to Books a Million to exchange the duplicates I rec'd over the holidays BED is first on the list to buy!

Sarai said...

Oh PS thanks for the list and the heads up!

Katie Reus said...

All these look so good! Under Fire is officially on my TBB list now :)

Anonymous said...

This reminded me to check the library and see if they have Sugar Daddy by Kleypas, which they do. I think that'll be the next contemporary I read, maybe I'll go get it today.

Most of these look good too. Thanks for the recommendations!

Carolyn Crane said...

Hey, this is a fabulous list. You're reminding me of all the books I've meant to get. ESP Smooth talking stranger. Must do it!

Randi said...

Great List!!

Tracy said...

Thanks Kate! They are all on my TBB list - well, except the Roberts. Not that I don't love her I just got burned out on her stuff a while back and haven't gone back.

Now I have to go add these to my wish list!

Anonymous said...

Lisa Kleypas rocks! That's all I have to say. I can't barely wait for this book!

The others look great as well. And you know, shame on me, but I never read a Nora Roberts book *gasp*

Shaymless Aymless said...

I guess that would make me idiot friend #2 on for BED. Its on the TBB really!

lbgregg said...

I haven't read BED yet. It's on the list!! I'm so far behind...

Shaymless Aymless said...

I bought Sugar Daddy, that counts... sorta... doesn't it? (okay so I haven't actually read it yet but its there)

Renee said...

Great list, as I'm expanding my reading genres and I'm always happy to read more recommendations!

Can't wait for the Kleypas!

Big confession: I'm not a Nora fan. ::ducks:: But, Black Hills sounds interesting. :-)

KT Grant said...

Your homework is to read Blue Eyed Devil!! That book was an amazing reading experience.

The next coming months are going to be incredible ones for books. And so my bank account will hate me for it.

Marg said...

I don't read many contemporary authors, but I will read Lisa Kleypas and Nora Roberts.

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