Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Author time!!!

Alright everyone lets welcome one of our favorite authors Katie Reus!!!!

She has been generous enough to pop back by to visit us and share with us her release of Everything to Lose (look for it tomorrow from Ellora’s Cave!!) *clears throat* okay where were we?

Oh yes questions for our favorite author!

How does it feel to have a new book out? (I have always admired those TV reporters that ask the obvious questions, so please bear with me as I take on that role!)
It’s exciting, but with a small dose of nervousness about potential reviews.

What do you do to celebrate a new release or what do you do when you find out you’ve sold a story? Any special traditions, toast, dinners you have to celebrate?
I try to have drinks with friends, some of whom have never read my erotica and probably never will, but are still my ‘biggest’ fans. They have no clue about the publishing industry or writing in general and that’s one of the reasons I love them! I’m definitely blessed to have wonderfully supportive friends.

After you’ve sold a story how long do you take before you jump back into writing another?
I’m usually already plotting out and/or have already started another story before I’ve submitted my most current one so there really isn’t an in-between time. Example of what my writing ‘schedule’ looks like now: Working on a new manuscript tentatively titled ‘The Deal’, also working on edits for Finding Hope (contracted with TWRP), and should be receiving edits for Dangerous Deception (contracted with EC) fairly soon. And, I’m currently plotting out two pieces: the first I hope to turn into a contemporary single title and the second is a sci-fi erotic novella I hope to get to my editor with EC in the next couple months. I’m sure that might change in a couple years, but for now I don’t feel the need to take a break.

I have noticed in your writing most of your stories take place in sunny Florida (Gawd I have to come visit b/c it always sounds like heaven down there minus those hurricanes.) have you ever wanted to write about a different part of the world? If so where would you set a story in?
It’s actually not too far from Florida, but I’d love to set an entire story in Cuba. Maybe now that Obama is in office he’ll open up trade with them and I’ll get the chance to visit. (crossing fingers). I’d also really love to set a story in Greece. Actually, I’d just love to visit there, but if I convince my husband I need to go for research….

Staying in those lines how hard would it be to set a story in a place other than you’re familiar with? How much research do you think that would take?
I imagine it would take a lot of research to make it realistic so that’s why I prefer either writing what I know or using fictional towns. (Dangerous Deception is set in a fictional beach town in North Carolina & my current WIP is a fictional town in Florida). A few of my upcoming stories will probably be set in NC since I used to live there.

I known you’ve said that in order to be a writer you must write. Any other advice you would give aspiring authors?
Always be professional, whether on your blog, a loop, or a writing forum. You never know who might be watching. The publishing industry is small and people talk.

Okay on to fun questions (du-du-duh! *insert me singing that in a low tenor*)

What do you put on your waffles?
Butter, syrup, & fresh blueberries. Why do you always ask me food questions? Now I’m hungry, lol! (IDK maybe b/c I'm always hungry which could explain that gaining of 10 pounds over the holidays YIKES)

What’s your favorite thing to do at a spa?
I love getting massages! I also like facials, but my last one hurt worse than my tattoo so I’m swearing them off for a while!

What is your favorite name minus your own, your husbands and mine *cheeky grin*?
I think the name Yelena is vera pretty and I also love the name Sophie.

What is the best quality in a man/hero?
Willingness to communicate and LISTEN. I lurv me some alpha males, but I hate it when alpha turns into asshole. A good hero knows when to take charge, but he also knows when to listen to and support his woman.

What is more important passion or comfort in a relationship?
I think passion is very important, but I also think trust is too. (Is that what you meant by comfort?) (Sortof... I was thinking along the lines that you get along together, your personalities match, the conversation is great)

How old is your oldest hero (that you’ve written about?)

Do you prefer older heroes or younger?
Totally depends on the story. For the most part, I’ve always written heroes between the ages of 35-37, but my current hero is 30. I don’t think I’d ever go younger than 28/29 though in terms of my own writing. IMHO, men emotionally develop slower than women.

Chest hair or bare chest?
Chest hair! (I think I mentioned this on one of Jenre’s blog days, lol). I don’t care for the pretty boy metrosexual types ;)

Scottish accent or Italian?
Scottish all the way *sigh* Ask me to do anything in a Scottish accent and you’re pretty much guaranteed to get it.

And last but not least (LOL b/c you didn’t have enough to answer) If you weren’t a writer what other job would you like to be doing?
Hmmmm, either a trained spy or a dolphin trainer. Is being a goddess considered a job? If so, that trumps the other two.

Okay everyone give a big round of applause to our Katie for coming out and playing with us! Look for an excerpt of Everything to Lose tomorrow! And don’t forget to pick up your copy of Everything to Lose tomorrow by going to Katie’s author page at Ellora’s Cave: or you can just visit her website at


Carolyn Crane said...

Katie: Congrats on another release! How exciting! I suppose with suspense romance, you have to do a lot more research on place than other kinds. Esp. paranormal!

I have never read a romance set in Cuba, but it sounds like it would be super interesting.

Katie Reus said...

Thanks Carolyn! You're right, sometimes there is a little extra research involved. I drill my husband on weapons info so I make sure I get that stuff right.

Tracy said...

Wow you've got a lot going with your writing - that's so very cool. It's amazing to me how authors minds work, and work, and work. lol

Congrats on the new release!

And I'm with ya all the way on the Scottish accent thing! :)

jessewave said...
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jessewave said...

Congratulations Katie. You must really be excited to have another new release.
I have a question - have you ever considered writing M/M romances? If not, is there any specific reason?

By the way I love the chest hair (on a man of course) *g*

Katie Reus said...

Tracy - ahh, the Scottish men. Yum!

Jessewave - Thanks, I definitely am excited! I've been asked that before and I'll probably never write M/M for the basic fact that it doesn't turn me on and it would most likely show in my writing. I truly enjoy writing hetero erotica and until that changes, that's probably what I'll stick with. ;)

Kaylea Cross said...

Hi Katie! Can't wait to read your new release tomorrow. I downloaded your other EC title last night, so I'll be up to speed. I have no idea where you find the time to get all this writing done, but I'm proud of you! Wishing you the best,
Kari Walker (AKA Kaylea Cross)

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