Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Smexy's Books

I’m back for my last day at the island to talk about the books I have drafted to bring with me. For as much as I like my half nekkid heroes strutting about, what really entertains me are the books they come from. Here are my picks:

One Foot in the Grave by Jeaniene Frost – Yes, this has the infamous chapter 32 ;) But even better, this book (and series) has an amazing heroine and some of the best supporting characters in uf/pnr. Action, humor, and such great romance. LOVE.

Fatal Shadows by Josh Lanyon – I don’t remember where I first heard about Josh Lanyon – but whatever blog or forum I was reading directed me to Fatal Shadows, the first book in his Adrien English series. I was completely mesmerized by this book – and the subsequent four books in this series. Adrien and Jake – oh the torture of their relationship. Easily one of my favorite books/series.

Unholy Magic by Stacia Kane – There was so much hype this past summer when this series debuted (three books in three months.) I was a little late to the party, but I finally read them. The first book, Unholy Ghosts was good, but then I read the second, Unholy Magic and said – OH – I GET IT. Wow. Love the heroine. Love our hero, Terrible. The world is unique. I really can’t get enough of it.

Unveiled by Courtney Milan – This is another recent book, but has gone straight to my favorite list. It is just an extremely well written romance book. And when Ash calls Margaret a “magnificent creature” I swooned on the spot.

Moon Called by Patricia Briggs – This book was one of the first real urban fantasy books I read – and I was hooked. The dynamics between the pack, Mercy and Adam, coupled with the trouble Mercy always finds herself always impresses me.

As Shadows Fade by Colleen Gleason – This is book five (the final book) of Gleason’s Gardella Vampire series. I remember starting book one, The Rest Falls Away, and putting it down for some reason. It wasn’t until a friend called me up and convinced me to read this series with her – and I’m so glad she gave me that nudge. Max! Victoria! Sebastian! A wonderful love triangle, and a great end.

Lady of Light and Shadows by C.L. Wilson – Book two of one of my favorite series ever! I picked this book because there are so many awesome moments – I remember I literally had to put the book down because I became so anxious. Book five, Crown of Crystal Flame, concluded this series this year, and is an excellent end to this series.

Before I retire to my cabana with my men and books, I want to give a little shout-out to Tracy for all of her hard work organizing the draft and her patience when I picked a hero or book (more than once) that was already chosen. You rock girl!


Chris said...

The Adrien English series is SO good, isn't it?

Sophia (FV) said...

Oh I think I need to check out As Shadows Fade. :)

Penny Watson said...

Nice choices, Smex. Just imagine an island get-away called Romance-landia. Millions of bookshelves filled w/ romance novels, and tons of bearded hot dudes serving us frozen daiquiris. Bliss! :^)

Kristin said...

Fatal shadows sounds like a good one, another one for the tbr pile!!

Julie said...

Quite the diverse list there Mandi! Looks like you'll have something to read no matter what mood strikes you. :)

Wynter said...

Wow - you gave me some great ideas for my TBR pile - thanks.

Tracy said...

A wonderful collection of books, to say the least. I love the CL Wilson series but am behind at the moment. Need to catch up.

Josh Lanyon - I love his work and the AE series is one of my favorites.

Mercy Thompson series is so damned good I just can't get enough of it. I have to be pushed into reading that one since it was more UF and I kick myself for having waited so long.

Jeaniene Frost -Chapter 32 - yum, yum, yum.

I just bought Unveiled so I'll have to see what I think and I'll have to look into the Stacia Kane series. Thanks for the heads up.

And awww shucks, thanks. You're too kind. {{big hug}}

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