Friday, February 4, 2011

I have a Fever

Ciara here, again. (This is how sadly sleep deprived I am: Even though I successfully blogged yesterday, by today I had already forgotten that I needed to blog again AND I couldn't figure out how to post anything. I have never been such a mental basket case. 10 months of no sleeping will do that to you.)

After yesterday's post where I listed Karen Marie Moning's Fever series under Scottish romances, just because I love it so much, even though it is set in IRELAND, I realized I have to tell you about my Fever love.

Two words: Jericho Barrons

He is a jerk. Rude, unsympathetic, mysterious.....but somehow also hot and heroic. I can't put my finger on it, other than to say KMM writes the best heroes I've ever read. I think Barrons' seven cohorts are going to get their own series and love interests, and I can't wait. Can someone explain to me why Jericho Barrons works? I shouldn't like him so much. (Note: painting Mac's fingernails at the end of the first book is completely out of character.)

The world building is, of course, also excellent. KMM greatly expands the Tuatha de Danon mythology that she started in the Highlander series. We learn all about the Dark Unseelie Court, the missing king and concubine. She creates some scary-as-all-get-out monsters.

In my humble opinion, the story could have been told neatly in three books. A few fewer characters. A little less philosophizing. But the characters and relationships coupled with the world building make this a certain reread for me.

Have you read the Fever series? Thoughts? Who was your favorite character? Do you think Dani is the heroine of KMM's next work? Is there a series you like better?


Tracy said...

Well I've definitely HEARD about Jericho but alas I've not read the Fever series. I love KMM's Highlander series though and know that she writes fabulous heroes.

Heather D said...

I just read this entire series!! I absolutely loved Jericho Barrons!! Yes he is everything you said, but he is so much more. I guess he works because he doesn't let Mac take the easy road. He makes her work to figure it all out. As you find, or will find out if you haven't read Shadowfever, OH darn I better not complete that thought. I would consider it a spoiler and be ticked off if I had not read it.
Mac is all happy sunshine to his scowling darkness. There is just something about the macho, take control guy that makes you want to scream I want you but don't come near me. You get glimpses into a different side of him as the series progresses and it makes you love him all the more. Barrons is my man of the month!!!

Heather D said...

Oh and Tracy, I found that we had similar feelings towards some of the books I read during the DIK reading challenge, I would highly recommend reading this series. I really couldn't put it down. Up until Shadowfever I was devouring them back to back without taking a breather, staying up until all hours of the night and used my entire book buying budget for 2 months on them. I never spend more than paperback price for a Kindle book but I couldn't resist Shadowfever and had to get it for 9.99.

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

I totally loved this series as well. Though I listened to them as audiobooks... by the end Barrons' voice sends chills down your spine.

And yeah, the pink toe nails & the grilling scene both felt out of character.

I'm excited to hear about the 7 Others... and I think Dani is going to get a YA series... that is one rumor at least.

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