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I think I've reached new heights of zealotry for Goodreads in the last few months. I've started banging on about it at social occasions and even found myself earnestly extolling its virtues to a salesman in my local book store. All unwillingly, captive audiences to be sure. Nerd.

But seriously, it is just so cool. The community aspect is great and there is always someone willing to recommend a new author or genre. The compare libraries function and friend options make sure you're not sharing your pornalicious reads with a poor, aged nana or some knob trolling for followers. I've also enjoyed the groups area, although I am useless at posting anything remotely interesting and prefer to often just lurk and steal book recs.

I started my online catalog of books with Librarything a few years ago with my partner. We're both huge book geeks and have loads of them. It was a good way to keep track of what we'd brought and read from the library. But, as I started to read more and more ebooks, I found adding them to be rather painful. I'd have to manually type in most of the book data whereas Goodreads is a quick click of Add Book. Becoming a Goodreads librarian was pretty painless, but librarything seems to hold the reigns a little tighter. I do wonder if this is down to making sure content is correct on the site, but to be honest I don't imagine that there is a more anal bunch of people than bibliophiles. One only has to look at these entries for Archangel's Consort to see happy book nerds all over the world love cataloging, adding detail, finding covers and making sure everything is just SO!

The iPhone app for Goodreads really floats my boat. No more being limited to being nerdy in the privacy of my own home! Reading reviews on the go, checking that the book I'm reading has a point and that someone did say it was good! The only thing they could add is a notifications section and more access to your profile stuff, but I am sure they'll sort that at some point. It's marvy. The barcode scanner within the app is magic too, although I must admit to feeling a little weird and shifty wandering round scanning books in Borders the other week. But, it's quick and has picked up everything I've scanned to look at later.

So, geek much? Are you on Goodreads? Love it? Truly, it is awesomesauce and if you're keen, come friend me and yak about books! Do check out the Goodreads blog for more stuff too, they have some great links to reading challenges and other geekery.


Tam said...

Are we friends? We might be. I use it to keep track of what I read (more or less) and I've started posting my reviews (such that they are).

I am a member of the m/m group and have won a few great prizes there and I tend to comment on more inane non-book related posts. I really can't get into book discussions on-line. Maybe it's too slow, waiting for responses.

I've chatted a few times, that was fun and I like getting to know people from there.

However I've sworn off challenges and I don't really need a list of books with guys who like fisting because I probably have enough. LOL And I don't need recommendations on new books because I get them from the few book blogs I regularly visit and that's plenty. No more books. Please.

In some kind of perverse way I love checking what others graded a book when I give it a star rating. I'm more interested in what my friends gave it. Something makes me want to check if I'm "in the norm" or completely whack. I will sometimes scan down to other "strangers" who rated it, but those few near the top interest me. Most of the time I'm within a star of my friends which relieves me that I'm not completely out to lunch.

What I HATE about Good Reads? No half star. There is a big difference between 3 star, 3.5 star and 4. To me a 4 is really pretty damn good and a 3 was kind of forgettable but I enjoyed it at the time. There is something in the middle. I enjoyed it more than normal but it had something about it that held me back. GR doesn't allow for that. So that bugs me.

I don't hang out there all that much though. I check the m/m group every couple of days and TRY to keep up with listing my books although I went for about 3 months without doing it. Luckily I post them all on my blog so I can keep track but it was a bitch cathching up.

Tam said...

Jeebuz I do long posts. Sorry.

Holly said...

I was just thinking about how little I utilize the community on Goodreads the other day. I use it to keep track of my books, and occasionally check a review from someone else, but mostly I'm totally selfish about it. I should work on that.

Are we friends? I think so...

Sarah said...

Hey Tam, yep, I think we are. I usually check what my mates have given stuff too and I totally know what you mean but the am I completely out of whack comment. I gave a 1 star to something bleh the other day. I think I was the only one to dislike it LOL.

I'm not as keen on challenges and stuff either. I can see the appeal, but I do prefer to read at my own speed and comment when I feel the urge. Too much pressure otherwise, kinda like blogging!

The half star is a bitch. I agree. I usually write it in, if it feels necessary.

Sarah said...

Hey Holly, I think the iPhone app has definitely made it a part of my daily book nerd thing. Possibly why I'm on it so much!!!

I've found it often better than trolling through blogs, I just don't have time. Which sounds stuffy I guess, but as a reader I'm looking for a quick snapshot of what people thought a book is like. If I like the book and read it, I'll often go look for other, longer reviews on blogs to see what people thought and what other recs they have. It's cool. :)

Lesley D said...

Same story with me, started out on LibraryThing but now I love Goodreads. It's just so user friendly and it seems like there's way more people on it. I'll still stay on LibraryThing, though, because I spent so much time cataloging my collection and organizing my tags that I'd hate to stop using it. But Goodreads is now a bigger resource for finding books and interacting with people. And I <3 the Goodreads iphone app lol!

Chris said...

I'm still toughing it out at LibraryThing and using GRs. I do like how easy it is to get book data there, versus LT.

Tracy said...

I'm so with you! I love Goodreads and would be lost without it at times. :)

Lily said...

I love Goodreads! Before I started using it I was manually keeping track of my books and boy, what a pain that was getting to be.

It's so simple to use and it's great to meet others who also love books. I'm a member of the M/M Romance Group and while I don't usually chat or comment on non-book issues I do participate in some of the challenges.

I also add my reviews there as well.

And hey, we're already friends! :)

Jenre said...

I love Good Reads too! I've lost track over how many good books and authors I've discovered through the recommendations of my GR friends - or friends of friends. I've also found on the whole that it's a safe place to put reviews - yes there's the occasional controversy but mostly people are polite and respectful of the views of others.

I don't get time to do the group thing as much as I would like. I occasionally pop into the m/m group but you could spend hours there and I can't fit it in :).

Great post Sarah and I hope it encourages others to join.

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