Friday, February 11, 2011

More titles from Author Stephanie Williams

Marty and Jerry gets more than Lacy’s creative juices flowing!

Lacy Cunningham is a prolific writer in the romance and erotica industry. However, for the first time, she is stumped by her latest project. A Ménage a trois. She’s done everything to help get her creative juice flowing. Reading others works, buying non-fiction books on the subject and renting DVDs. Everything short of participating in the act itself.

Marty, her boyfriend and Jerry her first crush from college are more than willing to help her with her research. When Marty mentions the possibilities and Jerry arrives in town for vacation, Lacy begins to mull over taking her studies a bit further. But it’s going to take a lot of prodding on the guys’ part before she indulges in that kind of research.

Coming soon... For Research Purposes Only from Decadent Publishing


LaVerne Thompson said...

Wow! Steph! This looks great. What made you decide to write a 3some?

Can't wait to read it.


Stephanie Williams said...

Thanks LaVerne!

I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could write a story about two men that could love one woman, without the jealousies that go with it.

Also I wanted to see if I could make the love that they have for her geniune and loving.

I think deep down that's a lot of women's fantasies. :)

Serenity King said...

Hi Stephanie,

This looks like a Great menage! Do you have a release date yet? I would love to purchase it. Congrats!

LaVerne Thompson said...

LOL! I'm sure there are women who wouldn't turn it down.

Stephanie Williams said...

I'm sure of that LaVerne. LOL!

Serenity, no release date yet, but I can honestly say within the next month.

I hope when you read it, you enjoy it!

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