Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why Heroes Are Important

Hello, all! I hope I don't end up rambling too much. I'm drugged out on Percoset and other wonder drugs in hopes of getting rid of ouchie tooth pain. I had to get a wisdom tooth taken out on Monday. I still look like I was on the losing end of a fight, but it's better. So, yay! :)

For my first day back on the Island I wanted to discuss a little somethin' somethin' with y'all. I've been a reader of romance since I was 10 years old and have been writting for a LONG time. I'm very much herocentric when it comes to reading and to me there's nothing better than a really well-written hero. Here are a few things I look for when it comes to heroes.

1. Must be an excellent lover. Okay, this is a given, but there's nothing worse than reading a love story, especially a story where there's supposed to be a lot of sex, and having the love scenes fall flat. You know what I mean. The hero has the heroine in the missionary position (not that there's anything wrong with missionary) and instead of really getting into it's all very mechanincal. Oh baby, oh baby...blah, blah, blah. *shakes head*

2. Must be tall. LOL! Okay this one's probably just for me, but being 6'1" and all that, it's hard for me to read stories when the hero is shorter than 5'11". To me, short is not sexy. Sorry to all the short-statured men out there. Again, it's probably just me.

3. He's gotta be funny. Not lol, split-your-guts laughing funny, but funny. A quick-wit, a great one-liner...something. I hate heroes that are so serious that they can't even laugh at themselves. That makes me very sad.

4. Intelligent. I don't need a Neanderthal-like hero who only thinks with his muscles. I prefer the tough, take-charge, think-it-through heroes. The ones who may have brawn, but whose brains are bigger.
5. They have to be sexy. They don't necessarily need to be an Alpha or kick-butt, but there needs to be something about them that appeals to the woman inside all of us. Something that makes us feel like we'd be safe with them, but also like they'd have us up against a wall screaming their name too.

And that is why a hero is important. I hope this makes sense to everyone. At the moment it does to me, but again, I'm high on Percoset (mmm...Percoset). :)

And just 'cuz, here's a cookie for your patience. :)


Jessica said...

I love cookies...LOL ;)
I agree with your def of a hero, it's makes dreaming...ah...fantising...ah..oh yeah, reading about them so much more enjoyable!!!

Good luck with the wisdom tooth, many years ago I had all four out at the same time, talk about a Percoset moment!!!

Lea said...

I hope you feel better Bridget! Tooth pain is awful.

All great reasons why heroes are important for sure and I love the cookie! ;)

Take Care!

Kris said...

"but also like they'd have us up against a wall screaming their name too"

I'm loving that description, Bridget. So very true.

I would list the things I look for in a hero, but, well, it's really more like a book... ;)

LesleyW said...

I sympathize with the wisdom teeth, had one out and it was awful.

Re. short heroes, I bet Miles Vorkosigan could change your mind. And if he can't no short hero can. He's funny, quirky and intelligent and once had sex with a 7 foot tall werewolf so I don't think your height would be a problem.

Carolyn Crane said...

Hey! You herocentric reader you.
Can't argue with that list, tho.
Hope you feel better soon, too!

Kim said...

You did a great job writing while high! Hope you feel better soon.

I read for the hero too. Most of the time if a book doesn't work for me, it's because I couldn't get into the hero. Either his actions or his attitude rubbed me wrong.

I guess I'm not an equal-opportunity reader.

Tracy said...

Nice cookie. I'm sorry did you write something before that? My mind kind of went numb there for a minute. lol

Kidding - very nice list!

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