Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dakota Flint Day 1: All About Me

It's my very great pleasure to introduce our guest author today - the lovely Dakota Flint.

For all those who love their cowboy men, Dakota has a m/m cowboy novella, Seeing You, recently released at Samhain HERE. Just to prove what a kind and generous person she is, Dakota is giving away two copies of Seeing You to two people who comment on her posts in the next three days - Good luck and over to Dakota!

Favorite Reading Position?
Second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning. (Why Never Land was the first thing to pop into my head…I don’t know what that says about my state of mind. *g*)

Favorite Heroine?
Now this one is easy. Anne Shirley.

Author everyone loves but you don’t.
I don’t think it’s safe to answer this one. *g*

If you could be in one book/series/world which would you pick?
I was just talking about this book the other day, but definitely Time at the Top. I mean, seriously. Who doesn’t want an elevator ride back in time? As long as it’s not a ride back to high school.

If you could be a hero who would you be?
Batman. Definitely. Don’t laugh.

What heroine is most like you?
Well, I’m hoping it’s not Ramona—the pest. *g*

If I had to pick one I’d say Penelope Featherington from Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn. I guess. This question was hard!

What heroine would you like to be?
Oh man. I’d be Bella from Twilight so I’d always have something to laugh at (myself). And I could make the right choice and choose the wolfie. *g*

Seriously though, she’s not from a book, but I’d want to be Sydney Bristow from the tv show Alias because she kicked all kinds of ass and looked great doing it.

Boxers, Briefs, boxer briefs, kilt (I say we add commando)?
Definitely boxer briefs. Black. Hugging tanned muscular thighs and a significant…um, not that I’ve given this much thought. ;)

Favorite book set on a tropical island.
Will I get heckled if I say Swiss Family Robinson? Because man, they knew how to live.

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring?
A boat. (Is that cheating?) Sun block. My iPhone…don’t tell me I’ll be out of the 3G network?!?

Favorite drink to bring to the DIK party.
Blue Hawaiian.

You can visit Dakota here or at her blog


Lea said...

Good Morning Dakota!

I loved your answer to the DIK questions. I too though Sydney Bristow was an awesome heroine in Alias - great pick. ;) And Batman, yummy... lol

Welcome to the island - looking forward to your posts!

Chris said...

I hope you have a solar charger for that iPhone, Dakota! Thanks for visiting!

Jenre said...

Hi Dakota
Thanks for sending me these great answers.

I think the boat is cheating - although why you would want to have an escape route from an island filled with hunky men is anyone's guess :).

Tam said...

Ohh, I love Blue Hawaiians. But Anne Shirley? Really? The chick had braids.

Excellenet underwear choice by the way and nice pic too.

lisabea said...

::sloppy kiss::

Hey Miss Dakota. Welcome to the Island, and thanks Jenre for inviting one of my favorite people in internetland.

I was just thinking about Ann with an 'e' (why does that sound familiar? ::taps chin::) Shirley this morning. The movie with Megan Follows is a girl favorite in this house. I need to watch it again.


Jessica said...

Mornin' Dakota...nice interview. Interesting answers by the the choice of briefs, I'm a kilt woman myself! Especially on a windy day...;)

Tracy said...

Hey DakoTA! Welcome to DIK. I'm sure it's not every day you get to hear that, now is it? :)

Great answers! I love Batman and would never laugh because you picked him - ever.

Those black boxer briefs are fine! I need to put my heroes in them and then they can serve us blue hawaiian's. :)

Amanda said...

Hi Dakota!

Hope you have a great time here on the island!

Mary G said...

Hi Dakota
Love Anne Shirley too. Thanks for the show & tell on the boxer briefs!!

Dakota Flint said...

Lea: I'm glad you liked my answers. I'm always trying to strike the right balance between funny, silly and inane. *g* Thanks for the welcome!

Chris: I wish I had one of those charges now. My only complaint about my new phone is that it eats its own battery for dinner, or at least that's what it feels like. Heh.

Jen: You're the type of friend everyone should have: extending invites to a place with sun, sand, and hunky men. ;) Thanks again for the invite!

Chris said...


Ok, Dakota, I got a bad image of your phone finishing off its battery, then looking at your hand and smacking its little phoney lips.


Dakota Flint said...

Tam: Braids, sure. But also an imagination that wouldn't quit, a plucky attitude, and a penchant for trouble--that everyone soon forgives b/c they love her so much. She's my kind of gal. :)

LB: Hey there! Nice to see you around bloglandia. :) I love those movies too, probably my favorite adaptation of a book (series) ever. Megan Follows is just perfect for the role, I think they really captured the spirit of Anne very well.

Jessica: Thanks! And I'm guessing one of the three things you'd bring to the island is a wind machine? *g*

Dakota Flint said...

Tracy: Thanks for the welcome! And I love saying that I'm over at DIK. Heh.

Those black boxer briefs are fine! I need to put my heroes in them and then they can serve us blue hawaiian's.

Now THAT sounds like a definite plan to me!

Amanda: Thanks! I'm already having a blast--and it's not just the Blue Hawaiians. ;)

Mary G: Thanks (though you should probably thank Jen, she helped me with the lovely images)!

Dakota Flint said...

Chris: Ha! Now you know exactly how I feel. *g*

And the sad part is, even if there was a danger of it actually EATING me, I'd still love it. I think it's awesome. See? I'm already feeling like Bella. *g*

Sarah said...

LOL, I know what you mean about being out of 3G range. AHHHHHH!! Cool post!

Clare London said...

Hi Dakota, great to see you! (and all the other DIK-ers of course! *g*).

My eye was caught by the pics (ok, ok, the boxers) and then I stayed for the chat. Looking forward to hearing more :).

LesleyW said...

Sydney Bristow - darn it I have got to get me the rest of the Alias box sets I'm missing. They never did get round to showing Season 5 over here at a reasonable time.

Dakota Flint said...

Sarah: Thanks! Knock on wood, I have to admit I haven't had much issue with it, but I think I'd feel cut off from the world if I was out of the 3G network. And I've only had the phone for a month! I've become a slave to technology. *g*

Clare: Hey! It's always great to you out and about! Pull a chair and grab some sun--and tanned flesh. I hear that's lots of hunky (naked?) men running around this here island. *g* Oh, and I love your icon--very cool.

Lesley: I've actually never seen season 5. I was a huge fan right from the beginning and I watched it faithfully for four seasons, but it just never hit all those good notes again--for me anyways--after season three-ish. Loved Sydney's character and the first couple season. You'll have to let me know what you think of season 5!

Karen W. said...

Thanks for the fun interview!

Your novella sounds yummy, Dakota! I love me some cowboys! :)

Dakota Flint said...

Karen: Thanks! I'm partial to cowboys, too. :)

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