Saturday, February 13, 2010

just because i read romance doesn't mean i'm a sap

Oh, all right. That's probably the biggest, fattest lie I've ever tried to type with a straight face in my life.

Just my sorry arse attempt to be bah humbug in the face of all the hearts, roses and whiskers on kittens abounding the world at this time of crass over-commercialisation.

What do you mean am I single?! What the hell does that have to do with anything??


Hi, my name is Kris, and I read romance. It is also true that I am a complete and utter hopeless sap for any other form of romance that happens to resonate my way.

It is approximately 1 minute cos I had to make sure that I had the right clip 2 hours, 24 minutes and 13 seconds since I stopped re-watching the love scene that I am the teeniest bit obsessed with at the moment.

Yeah, I said at the moment, thus indicating it is something which happens on a frequent basis in my world.


Admit it. We've all had a deliciously, mushy experience where we've read or watched something which gave us such glorious goose bumps to the point that we couldn't resist doing it all over again. (Or, in the case of those of us with OCD, over and over again to the power of infinity squared.)

For example, does anyone remember that moment right at the end of Sixteen Candles when Jake asks Sam to make a birthday wish and she tells him 'it already came true'? *sniffle*

How about when Baby and Johnny do the final dance in Dirty Dancing? You know you were clapping and squeeing like me. *Woot!*

Or when Romeo and Juliet see each other for the first time in Baz Luhrmann's modern interpretation? With Des'ree singing Kissing You it still has the ability to give me shivers. *sigh*

Recently, my love of m/m romance has led me down the time suckage path of watching gay couples find love - not to mention drama - in various soap operas.

I know. Believe me if I wasn't enjoying myself immensely I'd be totally ashamed. Go Kish! *unrepentant grin*

And now... well, now I've discovered the awesomeness that is Queer as Folk. It's from this tv series that the object of my current obsession comes. It's smoking hot subtext, the onscreen chemistry, clever camera shots and montage as well as a great soundtrack has me all aquiver:

God, I'm so friggin' in love with this scene! :D

*Must. Not. Rewatch.*

What about you? Have you ever become so thoroughly enamoured with a love scene from either a book or a movie etc that you've obsessed it to death?

C'mon. Fess up.

Think of this as an international chapter meeting of Saps Anonymous. ;)


Chris said...

Um,I can't really think of any, actually. Maybe it's just you. ;)

KT Grant said...

I love romance but I am the least sappiest person that I know.

SCK, you and your evol mm love pimping ways!! *shakes fist*. I can't get anything done because of you and these videos.

Tam said...

Oh I'm a total sap. Crying all the time. Hate Valentine's with a passion. LOL I'm very romantic when it comes to others, not so much for myself. But maybe I'm just old and jaded and single. Sigh

I guess I really must get going on the QAF American version.

wren boudreau said...

Yes. Also in QAF. Brian and Justin make love at Brian's loft, while Justin's dad searches J's room and finds the pics of him and Brian. I think the love-making in this scene is just awesome. s

Kris said...

Chris: See. It's not just me... this time. LOL.

Katiebabs chook: Now that's a contrast. :)

"SCK, you and your evol mm love pimping ways!! *shakes fist*. I can't get anything done because of you and these videos."

Well, geez. It's not like I'm holding a gun to your head... you perve. ;)

Kris said...

Tam: I'm meh on Valentine's. Yet, I am the world's biggest sap. I get mushy and awwy at the drop of a hat. If it wasn't so ridiculously funny, it would be completely sad. LOL.

Case in point being my harassment of our peeps in the US until someone would buy Kyle and Oliver's song from One Life To Live for me. I have it on my iPhone and play it all the time. *sigh* Hopeless.

You should so get QAF. It's bloody fantastic. *g*

Kris said...

Wren: So you have a QAF moment too?? Maybe it's the show and not us. :)

The scene that I posted just hits me on so many levels, especially the chemistry between the actors. The body language, those little smiles... GAWD!!!

It's just one of those scenes that hits you on so many levels that you just can't imagine it being played out or acted by anybody else because it is just so delicious. I have a list of those too. *g*

Kris said...

Sheesh. I think my obsession has killed my usual awesome eloquence.

*note to self: drink more morning coffee before even attempting to put fingers to keyboard*

Anonymous said...

I love a good romance, but I have to admit, I don't really get into Valentine's Day - too commercial and in your face.



ElaineG said...

I am a total sap....I admit it, and I revel in it lol! I SO agree with you on the Dirty Dancing scene AND the scene from 16 Candles *shivers*....I also love the scene where Jake goes to the church where Sam is and nods to her, she looks at him, then over her shoulder, says "me?" and he says "yeah you"...while he BITES HIS I wanted to be Molly Ringwald SO bad lol! I am also obsessed with Drew Zachary's On Fire II scene when Robert and Sam get married and Robert recited his vows to Sam....simple yet SO heartfelt, loooove it!

Kris said...

MsM: Me too. Although I admit that for the first time in my life I sent a Valentine's this year.

I shit you not.

Granted it was to an author that I love to stalk and it was a card that Tam found for me specially for the occasion and may have included a reference to boiling pet rabbits in the message, but, hey, it's the sentiment that counts, right. *g*

Kris said...

Elaine: We'll be saps together. LOL.

"man I wanted to be Molly Ringwald SO bad lol!"

I'm glad I wasn't the only one. *g* I love the 'yeah, you' scene too. *sigh* So good.

When I was writing this post I had such a blast finding all of these different clips of my favourite romantic moments in film. Sometimes it doesn't have to be a whole scene, but just an image that sticks clearly in your head like the hand on the steamed-up window in Titantic. No matter what I thought of the film overall, I thought that was very erotic.

Erotic Horizon said...

I can get you with the QaF obession - while I dont get it myself..
** ducking from the evil eyes***

I am addicted to Junjou Romantica - I even have the stupid things in the original text...

I have my fav reread from period piece books like Morning Glory and Whitney My Love...

With Caution - that scene ** you know the scenes***

But as much as I love "the scenes" - I am not a valentine fan....

It causes more trouble than it's worth in my opinon...


Kris said...

EH: "I can get you with the QaF obession - while I dont get it myself.."

*trout stare*

I know a couple of other people addicted to Junjou Romantica. I would admit to watching the OVA and reading the entire series, but I'm abjuring you for diss at me as well as your questionable taste in not liking QAF. Hmpf!

PS - Which scene in WC? Let's face it. There are a few delicious ones in there. *g*

wren boudreau said...

With Caution - i agree! The scene where Remi first goes down on his knees and gives Jake a blow job. That is so beautifully written and sensual and hot.

Kris said...

Definitely. I love how the author is able to convey how Remi just loses himself in the act. It's terrific. :)

Jenre said...

I do this all the time. I have my favourite sex scenes in both m/m and m/f books and revisit them from time to time. I also have my favourite non-sex scenes in books where the tension is high between them. The scene where Johnny attempts to seduce Taylor over Final Fantasy in Heaven is a scene I read often, or the scene in the school in Purgatory, or the opening section of Collision Course, or the scene in the hotel in A Dangerous Thing where Jake kisses Adrien for the first time.

I also rewatch all my favourite romantic bits of films. The 'beside the lake' scene in the BBC Pride and Prejudice or the bit at the end of Notting Hill.

Yep, I think this is proof that I'm a complete sap too :).

Jenre said...

or Tyler even.

Kris said...

Jenre: "Yep, I think this is proof that I'm a complete sap too :)."

LOL. Yep.

Awww, the "'beside the lake' scene in the BBC Pride and Prejudice"...

I love that moment too. I also like the scenes showing Darcy's recognition of his love for Elizabeth after she dines at Pemberley. *sigh* And now I feel like rewatching it. *g*

Tracy said...

Fabulous clip honey - very nice. Will rewatch many, many times.

btw - you are the best arse-saver ever. Just sayin.

Kris said...

Tracy, glad I could pimp my current obsession to you. I'm all about sharing after all. :)

And I <3 your arse so I figure that I must always do my best to save it. ;)

Bev(QB) said...

You know, I miss QaF on Sunday nights. I mean, some of my favorite shows are on Sunday nights (er... when they're actually ON, that is) True Blood, The Tudors, Entourage. But there's STILL a big empty hole where QaF belongs. I STILL miss them!

With all the repeats that air on the on-demand channels (good as it is, do we REALLY need to see Apollo 13 for 12 straight months?), WHY can't they repeat the QaF episodes?

Kris said...

Bev: Although I've only discovered QAF recently, I know exactly what you mean. I've never come across a tv series before where I finished it and then promptly rewatched the whole 5 seasons again. Even now I have the DVDs sitting next to my tv because I know I'm not going to be able to resist a 3rd time. LOL.

Just something about this series really gets to you. It has such an intense honesty and bravery about it that I've not come across before. God, I need to stop gushing. :)

As to why they don't rerun it? I'm not in the States and wasn't there when it was announced it was being discontinued, but reading about it online there seemed to be a lot made of the fact that Showtime didn't want to be known as the go to place for queer tv. Not sure how true that is, but you have to wonder why since it continues to be so popular years later. *shrugs*

Chris said...

And hey, they might cut into their profitable dvd sales if they reran it...

Kris said...

*snort* True. What's the point in being cutting edge and delivering an in your face look at GLBTQ issues when there's a little old thing called 'profit' to consider.

Bev(QB) said...

reading about it online there seemed to be a lot made of the fact that Showtime didn't want to be known as the go to place for queer tv

Actually, since The L Word was placed in QaF's time slot, it doesn't lend much weight to those opinions.

You know, I'm just going to have to break down and buy the DVDs too. It's just I have such a ridiculous track record of buying TV show DVDs and then never getting around to watching them. However, if they are available through on-demand, I will watch them before they drop off. Or maybe it's because I'm too damn lazy to get up and load the DVD. Yeah, I know, I make NO sense at all.

Kris said...

"Actually, since The L Word was placed in QaF's time slot, it doesn't lend much weight to those opinions."

Really?? No, the 'queer tv' argument definitely doesn't track at all. I wonder why then... maybe it could be seen to be a competitor to The L Word. Who knows.

"Yeah, I know, I make NO sense at all."

That's why God invented multi-DVD players. LOL.

Bridget Locke said...

I hate Valentine's Day, but that is because I'm always single on V-Day and hate all the goopy silliness that ensues with others. *sigh*

I'm a complete and total sap. The end of Never Been Kissed when she finally gets the kiss? Le sigh

13 Going on 30. The end. Every. Single. Time.


The first scene where Jace sees the heroine in To Tempt a Wolf by Kate Steele *fans self*

The first sex scene between Rafe & Tess from Christine Warren's Fur For All? I can read these things over and over and over again.

My name is Bridget and I'm a sap.

Kris said...

And what do we say to Bridget, Group...

Hi Bridget!

Whether it is a book or a film, there appears to be a number of us saps about so you're in good company. We definitely are our own support group... and enablers.

*skips off to rewatch scene*

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