Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Emma Bachelors of Highbury Quiz

In honor of  PBS Masterpiece Theater airing Emma, they created a quiz where you can find the right perfect man for you!

I"n matters of the heart, aspiring matchmaker Emma Woodhouse believes "A lucky guess is never merely luck. There is always some talent in it." Is she right? Take the compatibility quiz and find out which of Emma's men is the one for you.

I got:

Mr. Robert Martin
"...every body spoke well of him. His mother and sisters were very fond of him. Mrs. Martin [said] that it was impossible for any body to be a better son; and therefore she was sure whenever he married he would make a good husband."

You're looking for a faithful partner and friend who won't let you down and who will build a solid future with you. You've found him in Mr. Martin.

Good-natured, hard-working, and devoted to his family, Mr. Martin is what anyone would call a "stand-up guy." Even his boss, Highbury VIP Mr. Knightley, calls him "an excellent young man." This respectable gentleman-farmer has an unflagging work ethic and a head for business, but he likes to unwind with moonlight walks and parlor games in his downtime. He has an open, curious mind and a gentle, forgiving soul. Close with his two sisters, he knows how to treat a woman and understands the power of a kind gesture. "Bad-boy behavior" isn't in his vocabulary.

You can look forward to many years of love, laughter, and the joys of life's simple pleasures with this steady and true companion.

Who is your ideal Emma bachelor?


Heather D said...

I got Frank Churchill.

I don't know if that is good or bad. I am ashamed to say that I have not read this one yet.

Tracy said...

My kids just watched Emma this weekend and loved it. I have yet to see it - I know, bad Tracy. I'll work on that and then take the quiz.

Thanks again KB!

Scorpio M. said...

I got Mr. Knightley! Yay, he would be my ideal man if he were real, lol.

Jenre said...

I got Frank Churchill too. Oh dear only I would manage to attract the heart-breaker as my ideal partner :).

Renee said...

I got Mr Knightley by an overwhelming margin.

I have Emma on my dvr, and have to get around to watching it!

Last year I "re-read" Emma in audio format and decided I like the movie versions, best. I love her observations, but Persuasion and P & P are my favorites by Austen.

Bev(QB) said...

Mr. Henry Woodhouse

*sigh* iz depressed

I know I'm no spring chicken, but does my perfect man have to be old too?

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