Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cookies & Why We Like Them

I betcha thought I was talking about the kind you actually eat, huh? Chocolate-chip (yum), oatmeal raisin, even the plain ol' sugar cookie. Though those are yummy, the kind I'm talking about today is the COOKIE (Kris's term, not mine).

First things first...there's something extra delicious about a scruffy guy who's totally fit stripping off his shirt. Maybe it's the dirty girl in me but all I can think is "Oh, yeah!"

Okay, so the hand behind the head pose kind of kills it for me, but the whole stripping thing? Plus being commando? Oy!

Just...yeah. *sigh*

Let's see. Strategic tattoos. Check! Totally ripped. Checked twice! Sweaty? Checked again! Kinda dirty, but in the best possible way? Oh, who am I kidding? *sigh* *drool* Ack!

Okay, this one makes me sigh, but also giggle just a smidge. For one thing...very unfortunate tan line. For another? Ouchies! That tatt on the butt had to hurt! Still, yummy (I figure Kris will appreciate this one, especially after her rather vocal thoughts on tatts not that long ago. Hmm...Kris? :D ).

And I hope you enjoyed today's random cleverness. :) I'm still high on pain pills and am going to bed. Ciao!


Bobbie said... I think I'm getting the point of this girls read alot of books (I'm assuming with a gratuitous amount of smut) and post pictures of hot guys???

Where do I sign up???

btw...the butt tattoo is beyond hot!!

Anonymous said...

All these cookies are yummy! I think you've given me a sugar high. ;)

Bridget Locke said...

Bobbie-Um, yes, that'd be the basic overall design of this here bloggy. heh

Eyre...*sigh* Yes, they are indeed yummy. I'm hungry now. Excuse me. :D

Kris said...

Geez, Bridget. You'll make everyone think I'm a total perve.

Bridget Locke said...

Kris-You're not? R U sure?, I love ya, hun. :) You entertain me on a regular basis. :D

Tracy said...

Oh Bridget how I love you right now! lol These cookies were just what I needed this morning. Especially "man stretching on couch". Thank you!

Bridget Locke said...

Aw, shucks, Tracy. You're welcome. :D

Lea said...

*waggles brows* Nice cookies... :)

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