Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blue Light Special


Today we have a special in aisle two.

A free sample of CAROLYN CRANE's upcoming release MIND GAMES!

All you need to do is leave your name and email addy and I, LB/LISABEA will place your wee name on a scrap of paper, drop it in my bucket, and I could possibly if you are VERY lucky, select you to win a SIGNED (not really) SEALED AND DELIVERED copy of MIND GAMES**see photo.

Carolyn Crane: Hold ON! You can't give away my book, I was just going to give away YOUR book today!!! Your release is way before mine! Gimme that bucket.

LB: Where the hell did you come from? This is my DIK. Not yours. ::checks security of password:: You can give a book away next week when it's YOUR turn. ::shoves CJ:: Until that time, here's a shivery excerpt of CAROLYN CRANE'S highly recommended first novel MIND GAMES.

Shivery Excerpt of MIND GAMES by CAROLYN CRANE:
FROM WHERE WE SIT I have the perfect view of Shady Ben Foley, dining on the other side of the lavishly decorated Mongolian restaurant. He’s with an innocent-looking young couple— a pretty girl with dark ringlets and a wholesome blond country- boy fellow. Do they not get what he is?

The last time I saw Foley was maybe fifteen years ago— I was a teen and he was a middle- aged man in drawstring pants, mowing his lawn and ripping off my family. He’s grown paler and thicker, but I recognized his sharp little nose and peering eyes the instant I saw him out on the street.

My boyfriend, Cubby, pulls a hunk of meat off his skewer. He’s been a good sport, letting me drag him here to basically stalk a man--
Carolyn Crane: *interrupting excerpt* HEY, that's enough! stop it! It's my DIK now, because Catch Me if You Can is coming out NEXT WEEK, on March 2nd! And it's a a fun, sexy caper where getting caught is half the fun. And I'm giving it away NOW! So go sit down!

LB Gregg: No!

*Carolyn Crane grabs LB Gregg by the hair and hurls LB across the room into the wall.

Carolyn Crane: AHEM, DIK SHOPPERS! Today we have a special in aisle two--a free sample of LB Gregg's upcoming release. Leave your name and email addy and I, Carolyn Crane, will place your wee name on a scrap of paper, drop it in my bucket, and I could possibly if you are VERY lucky, select you to win a SIGNED (not really) SEALED AND DELIVERED copy of CATCH ME IF YOU CAN**see photo.

LB arranges flatty hair-do over bump-it: I understand that within CAROLYN CRANE's exciting first novel due for release on March 23rd but you can pre-order from Amazon here--the heroine Justine knows she's going to die. At any second. DO YOU SEE A SIMILARITY MISS CJ?

::LB makes puny fist::

Carolyn: *Throws head back and laughs* Try it.

LB: Uh. Okay. *Lisabea punches Carolyn in the face and, arms akimbo, CJ flies into a sand dune on the island shore.*

Carolyn: *Fighting her way out of sand and picks up a palm frond* Keep your DISTANCE! Because I understand that within CATCH ME IF YOU CAN there is a mysterious art gallery gatecrasher. And a mysteriously missing Justin Timberlake statue. People are going to want to know WTF is up with that. And I AM going to send them the book so that they find out.

*Carolyn whips palm frond in the air at LB*

Carolyn: Here is the blurb of CATCH ME IF YOU CAN:

The fear of getting caught is half the fun.
Lowly art gallery assistant Caesar Romano is freely out of the closet. Now he'd just like to get out of his Nana's guest room. Everything -- his reputation and his financial freedom -- is riding on the success of tonight's gallery opening. If only he could shake free of the past so easily.

A mysterious gatecrasher, Dan Green, looks like a promising addition to his pending new life -- until Caesar's ex shows up and suddenly the opening disintegrates into a half-naked dance melee. When the glitter settles, a missing sculpture of Justin--
LB: *interrupting blurb* What are you doing? NO! We at DIK want to know more about the psychological hit squad and who exactly it is they're hitting on--because that's naughty! It's pure genius and we're quivering with anticipation over CAROLYN CRANE's new book MIND GAMES because we luff her and we know she's going to kick all kinds of ass.

*Carolyn pokes LB in the eye.* NO! We want to know about the insane capers, and the clown kleptomania.

LB: Get that fricken twig out of my eye, CJ. OW!

Carolyn and LB fight some more. Punches are thrown. Hair is pulled. Heros begin to gather, eyes gleaming. Bets are placed.

Carolyn: Wait, we don't have to fight. We can each give away each other's book!

LB: You. Don't. Say.

Carolyn: I'll give away yours on March 2, and you can give away mine on March 23rd! One random commenter can win both books.

LB: You're such a smarty, CAROLYN CRANE. It's one of the things I love about you! Plus your fashion sense and the fact that you're a lightweight. ::dusts hands::

**LB glares at heroes as money changes hands** Alright Alright. Nothing to see here people. Keep moving.

Leave a comment here between now and next Monday March 1 and you'll be entered into the BUCKET for our

CJ & Lisabea have book releases WOOT contest

Tell them the parameters, CAROLYN CRANE.

Carolyn: Okay, um... *wipes blood from fat lip, glaring at LB* Okay.

RULES: to enter, leave a comment naming a favorite showdown from literature. It can be vampire on vampire, hero on vampire, heroine on werewolf, or even verbal sparring from a historical! ONE lucky winner will be chosen randomly. That lucky winner will win TWO books! First, One copy of CATCH ME IF YOU CAN by LB GREGG will arrive. Later in March, one copy of MIND GAMES by CAROLYN CRANE will arrive. Contest closes Sunday February 28th 11:59 pm ET.

Thank you.

(LB to CJ: So, hey, are we going for coffee or what?)


Chris said...

LMAO! Of course, if CJ doesn't look like she's been beat up the next time I see her, I'm going to doubt the veracity of all of this...

No need to enter me in this contest. I already won LB's awesome book, and I'm hoping to strongarm CJ into signing a copy of her book for me. :)

Kati said...

Oh! Cat fight! Nice!

Favorite showdown in literature? Jeez, there are so many.

When Jessica shoots Dain in Lord of Scoundrels is probably my favorite of all time.

Um, and both of your books come out in my birthday month.


Janna said...

LOL! This is the kind of cat fight that has no losers :) I like it!

Armenia said...

You two are too funny! Although, I do enjoy a good cat fight.

A good showdown, hmm? My favorite is the last showdown in Breaking Dawn. Just love when good vamps and shapeshifter wolves trump it over smelly old-world vamps.

Congratulations on the upcoming releases!!

s7anna said...

You guyz are hilarious!!! :)

Fave showdown...I'm going with a recent's from Kate Hill's Ravtvyn's Rogue...the showdown between Zamiel and Ondro...loved the fierce fight between the two...

Happy Reading
Anna Shah Hoque

KT Grant said...

That walrus picture is too much.

Stacy~ said...

OMG you guys are hilarious *g*

Hmmm, my memory sucks, but the first thing that came to mind was the scene in Pride & Prejudice when Darcy proposes to Lizzie against his better judgment, and she shoots him down cold. Loved it. Not quite a dramatic, last one standing showdown, but very satisfying in its own way.

Another is the fight Barrons & Mac have in Bloodfever when they go at each other in the cave and it ends up on a scorching hot gropefest. Love that one, though there wasn't exactly a winner in that one.

Or there's the Black Jewels trilogy when the Council tried to take Jaenelle away from Saeten, and she kept it night (or was it day?) for so many days until they relented. Told you my memory sucked.

Would love, love, LOVE to get these books!

The Scarf Princess said...

Ooooh, cat fight! Place your bets now. And I like how Stacy is thinking when she brings up the argument between Elizabeth and Darcy when he first proposes. Great spitting mad dialogue between the two of them.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Ellz said...

woot, woot, my money is on...errr, tough one.

My favorite showdown scene is from Kim Harrison's Hollows series. Rachel Morgan kicks butt!

Lea said...


You ladies are too much.

No need to enter me. I'll be getting LB's book when it's available and a little bird (or cat) told me Carolyn's is on the way.

Thanks for the laugh ladies.

Carolyn - you look after that fat lip now. :)


Heather (DarklyReading) said...

Love the walrus and cat pics! Hope all the bruises and scratches from the fight heal soon ;)

I liked the showdown at the end of Crossroads by Moira Rogers.. I love a good old werewolf throwdown..

Please enter me in the contest!

hacarleton (at) gmail (dot) com

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Oh my gosh, you ladies are absolutely hilarious!!!!!!! This was wonderful!!!!!!! Drop my name in the urrrr... bucket! Still LMBO!!!!
Have a great day!

Amber said...

One showdown that keeps coming to mind is the little old lady's Pomeranian (male) menacing (male) werewolf Richard in one of the early Anita Blake books.

JenB said...


LB knows my email addy.

Sayuri said...

Those acts are too cute.

I have too many fav showdown moments.

I love the Elizabeth and Darcy one, Another one of my favs is Wuthering Height where Heathcliff sneaks into Cathy's room when she'd ill and berates her for keeping them apart.

donnas said...

Great post. Congrats both of you on the releases!!

I love the sparing between Cat and Bones in the beginning of the Night Huntress series he is training her. And between Barrons and Mac in the Fever series.

Blodeuedd said...

Lol, you too, fighting like that. That is one catfight!

Fav showdown, oh have to go with Pride and prejudice, Lizzy and Darcy going at each other.

If this is open to everyone everywhere then I am in
blodeuedd1 at gmail dot com

Sullivan McPig said...

Hmmmm, favourite showdown....
From books I've recently read that has to be between Alexia and Lord Maccon in Gail Carriger's Soulless.

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Oh my! That was the most entertaining thing I have read all week. BTW Getting me to smile in the morning is a phenomenal feat - consider yourselves awesome!
My fav lit showdown.... Artemis vs. Tory in Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon!

Abbie said...

Well, since I just finished Mr. Impossible not long ago, I was going to say one of the many showdowns in that book. However, now that I've read the comments I'm torn between Darcy and Elizabeth and Artemis and Tory. I need to think about this some more.

Tracy said...

lmao! You guys are too funny! I love it that the heroes are standing around watching too. That would put a gleam in their eye, wouldn't it?

Unknown said...

Hi LB and CJ!

LMAO, reeling with the funnies!! I haven't seen a good fight in AAAGGGGEEESS!!!

My favorite showdown was Piscary and Rachel Morgan is the Hollows Series, she kicked his ass twice, but with deadly efficiency the second time, with a little help from her friends (and maybe non-friendlies too.)

Thanks guys! I love a good chuckle! *wiping eyes*

Dottie :)

Bookwyrm369 said...

Any of the battles Anita Blake has in Laurell K Hamilton's series is awesome but the one that comes to mind is in Obsidian Butterfly with her and Edward battling the Aztec vampire/goddess. Anita rocks!


Jill Sorenson said...

You two whackadoos crack me up!!

My favorite showdown in literature? Hard question, too tired, can't...think....!!

Oh, screw your contest. I'm going to buy these anyway.

Nastassia said...

One of my favourite showdown is between Anita and Elizabeth in Narcissus in Chains by Laurell K. Hamilton.


Renee said...

One of the most chilling ones I've recently read is in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, when Lisbeth Salander gets hers back against her "guardian" after he assaults her. Man, don't mess with that girl!

Ladies, love ya both! Can't wait for your releases. Mwah!

LSUReader said...

I hope no animals (especially kitties) were harmed during the writing of this blog. Favorite literary showdowns...I'm partial to Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird) facing down the angry mass of armed men at the town jail and Scarlett O'Hara (Gone With the Wind) shooting the Yankee thief at Tara. Thanks for a fun post.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

folklore -DOT- fanatic -AT- gmail, etc.

My favorite showdown has to be when Alanna confronts Duke Roger with the evidence of his (evil) sorcery in high court from Tamora Pierce's In the Hands of the Goddess.

Anonymous said...

if it's not too late, i want in the contest!

Ina said...

Hi there!
grea-at interview - thanks sooo much!!!
I will got with Stacy and the showdown between Mac and Barrons - both are gorgeous characters :)
oh, please enter me in this fantastic contest!
greetings, Ina

booklover0226 said...

My favorite literature showdown is between Edmond Dantes and Fernand Mondego in The Count of Monte Cristo.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Nicola O. said...

I'm so entering. And I didn't even look at Kati's comment before deciding it was the Jessica-shooting-Dain scene. :-)

There are some good ones in Carrie Lofty's first book too.

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