Friday, January 8, 2010

Stephanie Tyler Picks Her Desert Island Keepers!

Welcome back to our second day of fun and sun at DIK with Stephanie Tyler! I agreed to let Steph borrow my blowfish bikini top because the SEALs um, 'suggested', I should during the luau festivities last night and, wow, I really didn’t want to say no to these guys (yikes).

How’s the fit Steph? BTW, I have to say, your SEALs sure know how to party!!

You might not get this top back because, oh my, I’m feeling quite sexy. The SEALs certainly help with that, of course.

Yeah, I see Chris from "Hold On Tight", oggling the "fish lips" now, that Cajun sure is charasmatic! (yum) lol But sorry, you can't keep my blowfish, it has become rather "infamous" here.. lol I have to say though, it does look very FINE on you Steph! ;)

Anyway, without further adieu I’m turning the mic over to Steph, who is going to talk about her 5 favorite DIK books she has brought along to the island.

1. "Mackenzie’s Mountain" by Linda Howard:

WOLF!!! OMG, was there ever a better opening line than, "He needed a woman bad". That story made me want to write virgin heroines. That story inspired me to begin writing "Hard to Hold" and I sold it three weeks later, so Wolf has a very special place in my heart. To watch the heroine just melt him was amazing. A total keeper.

2. "Lucky’s Lady" by Tami Hoag:

I never knew Tami Hoag wrote romance. I ordered a ton of books to take with me to Cincinnati right before my daughter had surgery. I swore I wouldn’t read any until we left but I cracked open this book and by the time I got three pages in, I was in love…and thinking, I could do this – I could write this…I could write romance – I want to write romance. I mean, Lucky is so sensual and it’s one of those, I hate you / I love you stories and I love those. The tension between the hero and heroine is through the roof.

3. "Kiss & Tell" by Cherry Adair:

I read this book at night when I was in Cincinnati with my kid – I swear I reread it constantly because it took me away from the hospital setting, transported my into the world of action and adventure and a hot hero. Again, a slightly innocent heroine is paired up with a former special forces soldier who’s trying to clear his name.

4. "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant:

This book, which I classify as a romance even though it doesn’t have a typical HEA, is just beautiful. It’s based on a biblical tale and it’s simply sweeping, breathtaking and heartbreaking.

5. "Gone With The Wind", by Margaret Mitchell: 

I reread this one every single year – the detailed descriptions (which I usually don’t care for but here they work), Scarlett’s stubborn determination, Rhett’s attitude which hides the fact that he’s madly in love with Scarlett…this book is simply a keeper.

Thanks Steph! Awesome choices, "Gone With The Wind" is one of my favorites too, and I will be adding a couple of your other keepers to my list!… 

The Giveaway is now closed to entries! Thank you to everyone who came by and visited Steph while she was here at DIK. Steph will announce the lucky winner at her blog on Monday morning!


INCiDeNT (Kayleigh) said...

Gone with the Wind sounds promising & I can hear you recommending it so I'll look into it! :)

Amanda said...

Wow they all sound amazing! I have to confess I have never read gone with the wind! Shame on me I know!

But I think some of your choices will be winging their way on to my TBR pile!

Jessica said...

I read GWTW over 25 years ago, it is a great story. Long, but good. I like what you had to say about Linda Howard's book and will look into it. I've seen Tammy Hoag's books out there but have yet to try one, with your recommendation, I may pick one up. Cherry Adair is on my must read list...and I'm not too sure about the other book, but you can never tell where you will find a treasure...thanks for the ideas for new reads.

host said...

Hi! I've never read GWTW just saw the movie - and loved it!
I did read the sequel (can't remember the title) and wasn't really impressed whit it.
The other books you recommended sound really good to, they are going on my TBR list

Lea said...

I hope you are enjoying your stay on the island Steph!

Those margaritas? Yummy...

You have gotten me really interested in "MacKenzie's Mountain", especially since it inspired you to start writing Jake's story. :)

Have a great day Steph and thanks for sharing your DIK books with us.


Virginia C said...

"The Blowfish Bra" is quite spectacular : ) Does it glow in the dark?

Stephanie, your DIK choices show why you are such a great writer! Intensity! Rhett really had to be a man of deep feeling to endure Scarlett for as long as he did!

Mary G said...

Hi Stephanie
Jake Dolan from Kiss & Tell - SIGH.
I wanted a lair like his with all that equipment too LOL. Series was great but I've reread that one so many times. Your books are going to be like that too.

Blanche said...

Good Morning Stephanie and Lea....Happy Friday!!
Great list of books, Mackenzie's Mountain is my very favorite book....I love Wolf! :)

oklanannie said...

Great group of DIK books! I've read all but "The Red Tent". I'm going to check it out soon.

It's so much fun to see what others include in their DIK lists. And it's a treat to add some new books to my TBR stack!

Have a good day!

Stephanie Tyler said...

Morning all! Stopping by before I have to head off and try to kill off my characters :)

INCiDeNT - GWTW is really excellent. And it always makes me hungry because the food that's served is described in such detail it seriously makes my mouth water.

Amanda - LOL, no shame! There are many authors I haven't read who I know are consider staples, especially romance authors...

Jessica - Linda's book is a category reprint & it just kind of takes you to a different time. It's one of those, just go with it, books, you know. Cherry's books got me through some very tough times - she's just so damned fun!

Host - the movie's really good - and pretty loyal to the book. And Scarlet (the sequel) was pretty bad, I agree. I was working in Borders at the time when it came out and I remember all the hype for it.

Oh, Lea, you MUST read Mackenzie's Mountain!

Virginia, you'll have to ask the SEALs about the glow in the dark ;) And doesn't that ending of GWTS just KILL you?!? I'm like, nooooooooooo!!! *sighs* In my mind, I change the ending...

Mary - Yes, Jake Dolan. *sighs* I would want the underground lair if it came with him - LOL!

oklanannie - I was really surprised I liked the Red Tent (okay, loved it) as much as I did. It just really grabbed me.

You guys are all really sweet! Thanks for the nice compliments - it's a good way to head into a morning of writing!

See you guys this afternoon!

Scorpio M. said...

Stopping by to say hi again, improve my chances for Chris's story *sheepish grin* and admit that I've never read GWTW or seen the movie. It just seems so angsty and I'm simply a little bit afraid to tackle it.

Mary G said...

Are you talking about Jake's equipment or Jake's "equipment" cause I want both.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Georgia and would defintely list GWTW with DIK status.

Isabel said...

I'm a big GWTW fan as well! Cherry Adair is always a fun read.


Jennifer D. said...


I'm a big fan of the MacKenzie series from Linda Howard and Cherry Adair's books are always entertaining. Romance and action - love that combo.

On a side note, I do have to admit I have never read or even watched Gone with the Wind. I'll have to check out the book or movie one of these days.

The Scarf Princess said...

Very interesting choices you've brought along Steph. Of those, GWTW is my favorite! And it was especially pleasant that it translated so well to the big screen. So many books don't.

Janna said...

I've read The Red Tent and never thought of it as a romance. It's been a while since I read it so I can't remember much of it or in what way it could have been romantic... :)

Unknown said...

Hi Steph and Lea!

Gone With The Wind is a keeper for me, I love the sweeping saga that unfolds!!

I'll have to take a look at some of the other, a few new authors for me!

I hope you're having a splendid time on the island. My, those SEALS sure sound great!! Sounds like a good time has been going on over here!

Thanks for the recommendations!

Dottie :)

Lillie A said...

Love Linda Howard. Mackenzie's Pleasure was one of the books that got me addicted to romance many years ago, then I had to back-track and read the rest of the series. I love Wolf but Zane Mackenzie flat-out does it for me. And...he's a SEAL! Can he come play on the island too?

Katie Reus said...

I can't believe I missed the first day! A belated welcome to the island, Stephanie. I don't care if I sound like a fangirl, but I'm a big fan :) Good and interesting choice on The Red Tent. I actually wrote a paper about it my junior year of college.

Stephanie Tyler said...

Seriously, pass the margaritas because my book is thisclose to being done! Whew!

Scorpio, I don't blame you at all for upping your chances! And yes, GWTW has angst...lots of people get annoyed with Scarlet as well...

Mary, you are so bad...the SEALs like that. They might invade your house sometime soon...

*waves to Anon from GA* I'm feeling a reread come on after all this talk about it.

Isabel - I've never met Cherry but all I hear is that, in person, she's so much fun.

Jennifer - It's a good book / movie for a rainy / snowy weekend!

Joder, it really did translate well. They were very true to the book and that seems to never happen these days.

Janna, no, you're right, it's not labeled romance at all, but I just think when the heroine falls in love, she falls so hard and's those early scenes before the heartbreak that I remember most vividly.

Dottie, I've been loving my time on the island!!!

Lille, I'm writing a Zane who's a SEAL now! It's a damned fine name :)

Aw, Katie, thanks!!! And that's a great book to write a paper on - SO much symbolism and history and such! Thanks for having me on the island ;)

Jane said...

I love Cherry Adair, too, but "White Heat" is my DIK. Max is my man.

Anonymous said...

I love Linda Howard and all those MacKenzie books are at the top of the list- great heroes.
I read "Lucky's Lady" last year and it was one of my favorite books of the year.
Keeper shelf material to be reread for years to come.



Stephanie Tyler said...

Jane, I have White Heat but haven't read it yet! Most recent of hers I read were the edge books, but I think WH came out before that. I'll move it up in the tbr.

MsM, seriously - it's awesome. I love stories that are love/ hate attraction like that and the author does it so well...the first scene alone and I was hooked!

Amber E. said...

Hi Stephanie! The only book I've read on your DIK picks was Linda Howard, and loved it. I'll have to check the other books out. I've heard a lot of good things about Tami Hoag's "Lucky's Lady" and seen Gone With the Wind movie, but have never read the book.

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

OH wow... Okay, this is what caught me, lol - you ready for this one.
Picture of Lea's Famous Fish Top
Steph wearing it - No doubt looking hot!
One of Seal's being Cajun... (I am from Louisiana..) So, I can only imagine what that Cajun might want to do with that fish top!!!!

Steph, love your choices. All new books to me. Thanks for opening the world just a little more!
Please drop my name in!
Have a great time on the island!

Mitzi H. said...

Kiss and Tell is one of my favs too. What a great story!!! I've never read GWTW, but I own the movie.

I love the fish bra....I still bust up laughing when I think of my husbands best friend wearing the coconut bra on the booze cruise in Hawaii...What a great time we had!!

I just picked up 2 old books about the Mackenzies's and Mackenzie's Mountain was one of them...awesome story!!! And now I see they are rereleasing the series!!!

I don't think I've read Tammy Hoag and will have to look her up.

Can't wait for your new release!!! Ohhh, this is gonna be a good year!!!

mitzihinkey at sbcglobal dot com

Lori T said...

Mackenzie's Mountain was amazing and yes, I did LOVE Wolf!!

Gone With the Wind was, also, incredible and I am very pleased that my Mom bought me a copy for Christmas a few years ago.

Great choices Stephanie!!

maered said...

I loved MacKenzie's Mountain, too. It was my first Linda Howard and definitely a keeper.

I love Cherry Adair's books, too. My favourite is In Too Deep. I loved Michael.

Great choices!

INCiDeNT (Kayleigh) said...

Stephanie - The food? Seriously? Lol. I'll be checking it out along with those ones by Linda Howard. Great recommendations, ladies!

Lea said...

Morning Everyone!

I hope you all enjoy a great weekend. Thanks so much for stopping by again yesterday to visit Steph, us ladies and the menz!

She picked GREAT book DIK's.


Maija said...

Mackenzie’s Mountain by Linda Howard was definitely a great one. I read it last year. I found it from an used bookstore by accident and it might be my greatest discovery so far. Have to check the rest of your recommendations!

Linda Henderson said...

I love Linda Howard's Mackenzies. I think Chance is my favorite. I've always thought she would write about Joe's sons. Maybe she has and I've somehow missed it. I will certainly have to check.

Lea said...

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for visiting Steph while on the island.

The Giveaway is now closed.


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