Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Guest Author Carrie Lofty - Day 2

Top Five Reasons Why Monks Are Sexy

1. The robes! Who knows what he's wearing under those layers? Could be anything...could be nothing!

2. The self-control! Vows of abstinence imply a certain, ahem, restraint. Sure it's a romance novel and he's going to succumb to his overriding passion, but imagine the level of self-control he could muster when he does!

3. The humility! If a man can kneel to a higher power, that means he knows how to be wrong, how to say he's sorry, and how to make it up to the woman he loves.

4. The swords! I'm not talking about monks that sit around in contemplative silence or hit their faces with boards (a la Monty Python). No, I'm talking about *warrior* monks. Part of the job requirement is being able to face danger, stab bad guys, and rescue maidens--even if those maidens are not exactly pure.

5. The hair! I know that the man on my cover is very Fabio with his lush, flowing hair, but Gavriel actually has very short, cropped hair. (Forgive the disconnect!) I like short hair because it shows off a man's face and the strength of his neck. You can see this from the men I've included with this post! Plus it would be exceedingly fun to touch, all prickly and warm from his scalp.

Can you find a monk hero sexy? Or is there too much distance between monk and man?

Tomorrow: Top Five Sexy Songs from SCOUNDREL'S KISS


sula said...

whew...can i find a monk sexy? absolutely, when given those excellent reasons (also, if he looks like Robert Downey Jr. or Daniel Craig. heh) There is something to be said about still waters running deep...that inner passion being strictly hidden just waiting for the right one to break it loose. Very intriguing. :)

Carrie Lofty said...

Mmmm, Sula, it seems we're sensing the same potential!

I forgot I'd provided all those pics of sexy menz. This showed up on my Google reader and I thought, Damn, whoever posted that has good taste ;)

Hellie Sinclair said...

I can absolutely find a monk sexy. *wicked grin* But then again, the thrill of the forbidden has always appealed to...as well as blasphemy.

And anyone who puts up a Vin Diesel picture always has my vote.

Lea said...

Well, I have to say Carrie, if one of the menz pictured in your post was inside the monk's robe I certainly could find him sexy!

I think this is such a unique premise for a romance! I never thought of a monk in this context before.. Seriously!

Great post!!

Carrie Lofty said...

Actually, this model I found on istockphoto was the (physical) inspiration for Gavriel. His voice was Richard Armitage. Go figure!

Jessica said...

"THEY" always say you have to watch out the quiet ones! Monks, even warrior monks have their quiet times, yes?

Always made me wonder what they did wear under those robes? I like to think they took a clue from the Scotts...

LesleyW said...

The short answer is yes. :) Especially warrior monks.

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