Thursday, January 7, 2010

Please Welcome Guest Author Stephanie Tyler (and her SEALs) To The Island!

It is my great pleasure to introduce and welcome author Stephanie Tyler and her heroic Navy SEALs to the Island! ::Big round of applause - raising drinks:: I was delighted and honored when Steph agreed to guest here at DIK because I’ve been a fan since I read her novella “Night Vision”, in 2008, and love her recent "Hard To Hold" Romantic Suspense Trilogy about a tight knit trio of Navy SEALs affectionately known as “Jake and Co.”.

Steph’s most recent release “Too Hot To Hold”, the second book in the trilogy, takes readers on an exciting suspenseful journey through the jungles of Africa. "Too Hot To Hold", for me, was as enjoyable, thrilling, and HOT as her previous publication "Hard To Hold".

Welcome to DIK Steph! I have to admit I was a little concerned when you arrived on the island via military helicopter flanked by 3 huge (and handsome) SEALs heavily armed and dressed in full camo this morning. However, I see your guys are off “securing the perimeter of DIK”. lol (Yikes) Whats it like traveling with a trio of handsome Alpha Navy SEALs Steph?

I could probably arrange a transport for you with them – it’s best to experience travelling with the SEALs firsthand. It’s definitely…exciting.

A transport with SEALs? Are you kidding me? I'm definitely in... ;)

Are you ready for the rapid-fire induction DIK “About Me”, questions?

Always! I’m thrilled to be here.

Well, we are thrilled to have you Steph!

Favorite Reading Position?

Lying in bed, propped by zillions (okay, 4) pillows. It’s one of the reasons I’m loving my new Kindle – I can hold it and turn pages with one hand!

I love my e-reader too!

How old is your inside voice?

Twenty-eight. That’s also when I stopped counting my age. It’s also how old I consider my friends, so for today, everyone involved is 28. Unless, of course, you are younger.

Oh, I wouldn't mind being 28 again - good age. ;)

If you could be a hero who would you be?

Oh, what a good question. Hmmmm, I guess I would like to be Wraith from "Passion Unleashed" by Larissa Ione.

What heroine is most like you ?

Probably Isabelle from Hard to Hold – I understand the whole, need to be alone, thing.

What heroine would you like to be?

I wouldn’t mind being any of them – all my heroines are pretty brave and fearless – they try things I probably wouldn’t dare.

Boxers, Briefs, boxer briefs, kilt (I say we add commando)?

Commando for sure.

Your not alone - I think "commando" is a favorite here on the island! lol (especially when SEALs are around)

Favorite book set on a tropical island?

"Then You Hide" by Roxanne St. Claire.

What hero is most like your significant other?

That is a great question…I have to think…hmmm, he’s probably closest to Nick.

What hero from a novel would you like to be your significant other?

Well, I’m quite happy with my current situation, but if I had to pick, it’s either Sam from Suzanne Brockmann’s series or Lucky from Tami Hoag’s Lucky’s Lady.

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring?

My family, electricity and migraine meds!

Favorite drink to bring to the DIK party?

Margarita, on the rocks, with salt – YUM!

Thanks Steph, great answers! That margarita sounds darn good to me too! LOL

We’ve planned a rockin luau tonight with the DIK menz, and WOW Navy SEALs "Jake", "Nick" and "Chris". (Steph tells me these boys party hardy!) Steph is going to be back on the island with us tomorrow talking about her favorite DIK books she has brought along.

The Giveaway is now closed to entries! Thank you to everyone who came by and visited Steph while she was here at DIK. Steph will announce the lucky winner at her blog on Monday morning!


Jessica said...

Moring Steph, and every one else. I was having a wonderful time on the island when some idiot from TX dialed a wrong number, at THREE FRICKIN' A,M., so here I am passing the time till I have to go to work.

I love SEAL's too. I look forward to your stories Steph, I'm hoping my local library has them. If not, I'll find them one way or another. Till tomorrow people, though tonight I'm turning the ringer's off on the phones.;)

Scorpio M. said...

Awesome! more chances win Chris's book. I really enjoyed Hard To Hold. Will be reading Nick's story this w/e.

Good luck with the rest of the series, I'm SO happy that you will be writing more SEAL books.


Kitty said...

Sounds like a great read. Question is, at my age can I stand it? Having a hot flash just thinking about Navy Seals.

Lea said...

Welcome to the island Steph!

I hope you and the SEALs enjoy your visit here with us!! ;)

I wanted to ask what the impetus behind the development of "Jake and Co", as characters was? Is there a particular event that inspired your imagination to create these characters?

Thanks for visiting the island Steph!

Amanda said...

Morning Stephanie and Lea!

I am sooooo due a break on the island! I'm snowed in here in Ireland and brrrr its cold so a stay on the island with the boyz and the SEALS sound great!!

I haven't read any of your books yet Stephanie but they sound wonderful so I am going to have to go in search of them for the ereader!

Hope you enjoy your time here on the Island!

Mary G said...

Hi Stephanie & Lea
You lucky girls. Alpha heroes & Seals to boot. My fave hotness.
I never get enough of romantic suspense. Keep it up Stephanie & I'll keep buying.

INCiDeNT (Kayleigh) said...

I'm reading yours & Larissa Ione's ACRO series under the name Sydney Croft. Gotta say I'm loving it so far! I also dig Romantic Suspense, so I'm planning to commit to buying your series soon. (Their on my TBR list.)

Seanna Lea said...

I have the same question whenever I see a series that is new to me. Is it best to start from the first book, or is each book stand alone.

Virginia C said...

Brava, Stephanie! I am a total fan. You are the best of your genre! Fabulous website too!

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Jennifer D. said...

Hello Stephanie,

Thanks for another good interview. I see that you're also a fan of Suz Brockmann's Seals / Troubleshooter series. I was happy to read on another blog that you were not going to give Sarah and Clutch the "Sam & Alyssa" treatment - many books before HEA :-). Anyway, my question is - the next books after Hold on tight, will they be back to back or will there be waiting involved? Thanks again.

Blanche said...

Hi Stephaine and Lea!!

Great interview!! I love your books Steph and SEALs....well they are just the best!! I can't wait for Chris's story!!

Janna said...

I have devoured your Blaze SEAL's and Hard to Hold is on my ereader waiting to be read! I loved the interview! Funny thing is that I still feel 28 years old as well, it's the best age :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the island Stephanie! I hope you enjoy your time here.
I ADORE books about Navy SEAL's (or just guys in the military) so when Lea mentioned this book it went right on my TBB list.



Stephanie Tyler said...

Hey Everyone!!! So happy to be here. And guess what showed up on my doorstep last night, weeks earlier than expected?

That's right - HOLD ON TIGHT! Which means that the winner will get the book nice and early :)

I'm going to read the comments and answer any questions I come across...brb!

Stephanie Tyler said...

Hey Jessica! HTH showed up at a lot of libraries, so I'm hoping the bought the whole series. UGH on the phone call - middle of the night calls are the worst to begin with. It's the whole, something is wrong, adrenaline rush.

*waves to Scorpio* Hope you like Nick:)

LOL, Kitty, they'll go gentle on you ;)

Lea, thanks so much for inviting me! As for the impetus...well, characters have always just kind of arrived for me. These three showed up a LONG time ago. Like seriously. Maybe I was 10 when I first started writing stories about these guys? And they come to me with their backgrounds all in tact too. So it's kind of cool, kind of weird, but it helps me enormously because I don't have to spend time figuring them out, if that makes sense. They are who they are, right from the start. Love them or hate them, it's their story.

Stephanie Tyler said...

Amanda, no snow here yet this week but we're freezing! Here's to desert islands!

Thank you, Mary!

INCiDenT, oh, I'm glad you're enjoying Sydney!! Those books are SO much fun to write - Larissa and I have a blast with them :)

Seanna Lea, I try to make each book standalone, but personally, I think this series is better read in order.

Thanks, Virginia! I adore Waxcreative (they designed the site)

Jennifer - Yes, I'm too impatient to wait to give my own characters their HEA! And my next two books are tentatively (I must say that b/c this is publishing, which changes by the second) scheduled to be released back to back in Nov / Dec 2010. So not bad, b/c that means I'll have had 4 books out in 2010.

Thank you, Blanche!!! I'm excited for Chris too! And I'm excited that he releases on the same day as Larissa's book :)

Janna, glad you liked the Blazes!!! And yeah, 28 is a good age, I think. You have wisdom but you're still a kid...

Aw, thanks MsM! Military heroes are my fav to read too!

kalynnick said...

I never read this series but would love to try it out!

kalynnick AT yahoo DOT com

Victoria said...

Hey Stephanie - How cool of you to give away Chris's book. Love to win it. My Border's finally put out Nick's yesterday (Wednesday). They're a bit slow.

Unknown said...

Hi Steph and Lea!

Great to see you here on the island, Lea always brings the best guests!! LOL, and I'm including the hard bodied SEALS *wink*

Your heroes sound wonderful, what could be better than a strong alpha ready to take on the challenge of a strong heroine? Can't wait to take a peek at your series!

Dottie :)

Spav said...

I've never heard of this series but it sounds interesting.

Kati said...

Morning Steph!

*passes pomegranate margarita*

Welcome to the Island! Your books are currently 1 & 2 on my TBB list!

It's always a thrill to have authors here. Have a wonderful visit!

oklanannie said...

Hi Stephanie! Just finished "Too Hot to Hold" and WOW! Nick and Kaylee were paired perfectly. The storyline kept me on the edge of my seat guessing who was or was not going to make it out of the jungle. This series just gets better and better with each book! Can't wait to read Chris's story on January 26th!!

The windchill here this morning is minus thirteen degrees with snow on the ground. I love margaritas but I think I'll stick with hot chocolate today!

Cheers and congrats on another fantastic read!

Carolyn Crane said...

Welcome Steph! Well, who couldn't use some Navy SEALS around? And I hope you'll be able to find lots of pillows for reading on the island while you're here. Your trilogy sounds awesome.

Lillie A said...

Hi Steph! Loved Jake and Nick. Can't wait for Chris! SEALs!!!

The Scarf Princess said...

I have to admit my mind went in the gutter for a second at the favorite reading position question. It must be all the meds I'm on for back spasms.

And I too would pick Sam as husband material. He's loving and yet not smothering. Very sexy as a husband and father.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

maered said...

I'm a newbie to this series but it sounds fantastic. I love reading romantic suspense.

It's absolutely freezing here - well below freezing, actually. Perfect time to curl up with a great book.

LSUReader said...

Hi Stephanie--So glad you're here...and with margaritas! How perfect. The new book sounds great.

Stephanie Tyler said...

*waves hi to kaylnnick*

Hey Victoria! Yes, I've heard from people whose stores don't have him out yet too...I guess it depends on staff and stock (as in, they need to find room on the shelves)

Hey Dottie! SEALs are pretty fun, I have to admit :)

Hey Spav! I had a blast writing the Hold series, that I can tell you!

Kati, I have never HAD a pomegranate marg...OMG, it sounds delicious!

oklanannie - YAY, am glad you enjoyed :) I keep saying (and it's true) that release week is fun and nerve-wracking, so I love hearing that you liked Nick & Kaylee. & yeah, we're supposed to be in the same temps in NY by morning, with snow. I feel your pain.

Thanks, Carolyn!!! Pillows, reading and warm sunshine..there's nothing better...

{{{Hugs}}} To Lillie!

Joder - Ouch on the back - I hope it's better with the meds?! And yeah, Sam's pretty awesome. He curses as much as I do, so we'd be fine together :0

maered, it's absolutely perfect reading weather...

Thanks, LSUReader! Margs for all!

Amber E. said...

Hi Stephanie! Great interview and congratulations on the release of your new book. I plan on starting Nick's book tonight and can't wait tell Chris's book is out. I just read the new excerpt you have posted on your website and loved it. Thanks for writing such a great series.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie! *waves* I can't wait to read all of these - I LOVE SEALS :D One of my best friends was a SEAL for years (actually, he's the one who introduced me to my hubby of 22 years when I was 14) So how do you go about doing research for your books?
Congrats, and now I'll always think of those 2 ladies fighting over Nick at Wal Mart...hahahahahaa

Jane said...

Hi Steph,
Congrats on the new release. I'm a big fan of Suzanne, too, but my favorite is Frisco.

host said...

Hello! Lucky you with all those men :) sigh...

I'll be 28 in 22 days and I wasn't looking forward to it but since I read that all of you are 28 (wink) I'm happy to be joining the club :)

Good luck with your series, Stephanie!

Lea said...

Good Morning everyone!

Thanks for coming by and saying Hi to Stephanie (and her SEALs). It's great to see all of you here!!


Stephanie Tyler said...

Morning everyone!

Amber, I hope you enjoy Nick!

Ah, Bonnie Jean, that's a GREAT story - so you definitely have a soft spot for SEALs, don't you ;) I do a lot of reading for research and I do have a lot of firsthand sources who I go to with questions :) They answer what they can...I'll never forget I asked one such source a question about, um, demolition and he was like, yes, nice way to get the FBI tracing your phone calls, kid. heh. And OMG - the Walmart story is classic!

Host, Happy early B-day! 28's really a great age, I promise!

Morning, Lea :)

Maureen said...

That was a fun interview and I have started reading the first book in the series and it's great.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for Chris's book. I have loved the first two and am excited for more!

Isabel said...

Ooh, count me in. SEALs are so sexy and based on everyone's comments Stephanie's books sound great.


Lori T said...

Hi Stephanie~

Your SEALs sound very good and I am bumping them up on my to be read pile...I have Jake and Nick sitting right next to me.

Oh, I did love Wraith, too.

Congrats on the release of Nick...and of course Jake, too!!

Maija said...

I'd be glad to get to know your series. It was just last year that I found romantic suspense genre and noticed I liked it a lot! Looking forward to reading your books!

Mitzi H. said...

I've always read historical romance, but this last year I've started reading other genres and that is how I found your Navy Seal them!!!

And I love margaritas on the rocks with a splash of Grand Marnier...Yum!

mitzihinkey at sbcglobal dot net

Linda Henderson said...

I love SEAL stories. I've always had a weakness for military men and law enforcement. I look forward to reading your book.

Lea said...

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for visiting Steph while on the island.

The Giveaway is now closed.


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