Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rainy day television

I've had a lovely time on the island and thankfully yesterday I spent a great deal of time on the beach enjoying the warm sunshine. I finished a book ("White Lies" by Linda Howard - an old favorite on my keeper's shelf) I was reading for my Re-read 2010 Reading Challenge and once I get home will have that up on my blog 'Moonlight to Twilight Blog'.

Today is my last day on the island and I woke up to some heavy rains. Looking out the hut window the place looks deserted with everyone inside their huts. Since I had finished my reading and didn't feel like getting wet, I decided to see what television channels and shows the Island offers its guests.

Morning television on the island isn't completely different from early morning television any where else in the regard that there are a lot of cartoons on. The difference on the island is...well the cartoons are...umm...well very much like the theme I saw all over the island yesterday. See for yourself...

All the guys in my hut thought this show was great, so they watched it for 2 hours. Finally, I had had enough of the dancing spurting penis and got the remote away from them so I could try another channel.
I thought I'd do some DIK Ebay shopping, so I checked out the DIK Ebay Television Channel...

Nope, nothing I wanted to buy on that channel. It was still pouring rain outside, so I began flicking channels (after getting the remote from the guys- NOT an easy task!).

I sometimes enjoy those cop shows. You know the ones where the cops chase down the bad guys, frisk them and toss them in the car? Sometimes the frisking doesn't go the way the cops plan and they find more then they bargained for. Listen closely to what the cop finds in this guys pants...

Bet that guy wasn't expecting to get felt up by a police officer! After the guys in my hut got done roaring with laughter over that show, I decided to put on a music video channel (DIKTV - their own version of MTV here on the island). Finally a channel that I really enjoyed.

The first show I watched was a radio show about body piercing. The guys were all getting into it hoping to see a woman get her nipples pierced. That wasn't what the show was about. Nope. Wrong body part, wrong gender.

The show was about one of the radio host guys getting talked into having his tally whacker pierced. He was terrified and basically bullied into getting it done.

The guys had suddenly gotten very, very quiet. Glancing around the hut, I noticed every single guy had crossed his legs or covered his crotch with his hand.

OK that was like watching a train wreck, you know it was going to be bad, but you just can't look away! After that we all wanted a little music (and the guys a stiff drink -they were looking a little pale at this point).
We found Jack's favorite music video playing - which put Jack in a great mood.

After watching this over and over the guys wrestled the remote away from Jack and watched a few other music videos until it was my turn. Here's my favorite...

I just love that song! It's one of those songs that sticks in my head and I end up singing it to myself in my head all day. So while I listened to this music I finished packing my bags. My time on the island is nearly over. I want to thank everyone for stopping by and commenting. How about sharing some videos or favorite music that gets stuck in your head?
Until next time, here's one more from Jack who asks "Why is the Rum gone?"...


Hilcia said...

Oh MsM! That piercing... I couldn't look away. He sounded like he was giving birth. I sure as heck hope he likes that piercing. ;P

Anonymous said...

I felt bad for poor Topher - he was ambushed into getting his wanker pierced and screamed so much I was cringing! LOL



KT Grant said...

Can you guess which video I will post tomorrow on my WTFckery post?

Anonymous said...


The dancing penis was on one of my WTF Wednesday posts a few months ago too.

It's just too good to pass up for a WTF post.



Renee said...

OMG, where do you find these? That penis cartoon was a crack up!

I had to admit though, I couldn't finish the piercing vid.

Lea said...


OMG Ms. M. I um "spewed my junk food watching that penis cartoon!! Too funny!!

The penis piercing? Yikes!

I enjoyed your stay on the island - awesome posts!!


diva donna said...

Well, It sounds you're having so much fun on this Island again. And I remember some of these video's. OMG!!! That Penis Piercing almost made me scream along with him. The dumb fool. Remember Cheryl's Dragondoodle tattoo and Pierced Guy? I bet that guy was screaming bloody murder too. All too Funny. See if you can leave the Island in one piece. Don't let Jack Destroy anything.

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