Friday, January 15, 2010

Jill Myles and If Gentlemen Prefer Succubi Was Made Into a Movie


There's no such creature, and probably never will be.

But what kind of author would I be if I didn't think -- at least for a few minutes -- of the actors that would play my characters if it went on the big screen? Not much of one, right? Someone asked me this question the other day, and I admit that I've given it a lot of thought (perhaps far too much thought) since then. And spent several, several hours online picking out photos of the actors and actresses that I thought would be best for the characters.


Miss Jackie has always been a bit difficult to cast in my mind. She's a redhead with crazily red hair and a big, curvy figure. Hard to find in Hollywood, right? At least, until I saw Mad Men. Christina Hendricks pretty much has the perfect look - bright blue eyes, fire-engine red hair, and an amazing, lush figure. Perfect to play a succubus, right? I'm not sure if she could handle the quirky, nerdy parts of Jackie's personality, but I have no doubt in my mind that she has the right look for the part.


Remy's personality is a bit abrasive and over the top. She's silly, sexy, and uses people to the best of her ability. She's also very sultry when she wants to be, and loves for the good times to roll. She's been that way for 400 years, and is very much an immortal who has embraced modern society. Formerly a harem girl in the Ottoman empire in the 1600s, she has embraced the lifestyle of a succubus with verve. And I can't think of a better actress to portray Remy than Kim Kardashian. She's Armenian and not Turkish, but she does have the party girl thing down pat and she's not afraid to get naked on camera.


Noah is a big blond guy with longish hair that spends his time in business suits (when he's not trying to get Jackie out of trouble, that is). I needed a big guy that could look sensitive but strong at the same time. Someone who can kiss the heroine and still punch out the bad guys. And if you've seen the TV show "Sons of Anarchy", you and I both know who's perfect for Noah -- Charlie Hunnam. He's blonde, he's pretty, he's strong and he's sensitive at the same time. Just take the scruff off of his chin and give him a tattoo of angelic script on his arm and we're in business.


So. Zane. My criteria for this was playful and sexy. Sexy and playful. Roguish. Someone that looks like he's constantly up to naughty, no-good things. And when I saw the movie 'Star Trek' and Chris Pine, I knew who my Zane was. So Chris Pine is a blond guy -- so what. There's hair dye for that sort of thing. Look at this guy! Look at how sexy he is. How mischievously naughty. Tell me that this guy doesn't scream Zane.

(And now if you'll excuse me, I have to go fan myself)

So there are my picks for the Gentlemen Prefer Succubi movie. Do you agree or disagree? Who would you pick?


KT Grant said...

I could totally see Ryan Reynolds as Noah. I think because I'm majorily lusting after him.

Oh yes, Pine would be perfect as Zane.

How about Kate Winslet as Jackie?

Katie Reus said...

Until today I had no idea who Charlie Hunnam was but I'm going to Google him now! Loved your post ;)

Amanda said...

Oh what a great post!!

Pine yummy and like Kaite I had no idea aboutCharlie Hunman he is soooo cute!

Xid Trebor said...

I like all of your choices - and it's never too early to start casting!

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