Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Guest Author Carrie Lofty - Day 3

Top Five Sexy Songs from SCOUNDREL'S KISS

I love, love, love writing books while listening to music. I always assemble a playlist--sometimes before, sometimes as I go along--that comes to embody the tone and content of a particular book. The playlist for SCOUNDREL'S KISS was very dark, with lots of songs about addiction and pain. But in the midst of darkness can be found moments of very raw sexuality. These five songs gave me those little shivery chills!

1. "Alice" by Cocteau Twins: This is the sound of Ada's opium high. Poor girl!

2. "Crashed" by Daughtry: I thrive on the idea that the process of falling in love can be a violent collision. Only those who survive it get the happy ending.

3. "Glass Breaker" by The Crystal Method feat. Charlotte Martin: This is another metaphor of violence and love, but from the woman's point of view.

4. "Safe From Harm" by Massive Attack: You gotta love a song with the lyrics, "If you hurt what's mine, I surely will retaliate." Click here for youtube...embedding is disabled. :/

5. "No Distance Left to Run" by Blur: Again, these lyrics make me all squishy inside. "I hope you're with someone who makes you feel safe in you sleep." link here

In truth, none of these songs are particularly happy. They made me work harder, determined to rescue Gavriel and Ada from these little heartbreaks!

What are your favorite dark love songs? Dig deep for some angst!

(final note from sula: please don't forget to check out Carrie's exciting new release Scoundrel's Kiss! It's available in all fine establishments now. And I can't help but post one final video...the trailer for the book. Enjoy! A big thank you to Carrie for being our guest here for the past 3 days. :) )


sula said...

whew, you have a lot of diverse musical tastes, girl! I'm impressed. *g*

As for my fav angsty love songs, is it ok to pick U2 tunes? lol. Not purely lurve songs, but With or Without You and All I Want Is You both seem pretty dark but lovely. sigh.

Best of luck with the release! I have to go see if my Borders has SK on the shelves now. :)

Carrie Lofty said...

You know, despite my intense U2 love, I've never used one of their songs in connection with a book. I think it's because I gobbled up their music over so many years that no one song stands out as being connected with a particular story idea. Although, dang, "With or Without You" remains one of my all-time faves!

Thanks again for hosting me these three days, ladies! With 6-10 inches of snow expected tomorrow here in Wisconsin, the idea of being stranded on a desert island with a few great books and hot dudes if particularly sanity-saving :)

Carolyn Crane said...

Nice list! Okay, now I have to dig out that Blur CD. It's one of my faves for writing. That and Elliott Smith.

Armenia said...

Carrie, interesting pick of songs. Loved "Alice", I can imagine being "out there" with that song. I don't have an angsty song in mind but I just love the music to the book trailer. Fan of Andrea Segovia so the guitar music really got my attention.

I love the trailer, oh did I just mention that, oh yeah, because it was beautiful. And the cover to the book is lovely. Congrats on your release.

Carrie Lofty said...

Armenia, I don't know Andrea Segovia, but the castle in the trailer is in the town of Segovia. Cool coincidence! The song from the trailer is called "Spanish Life," and I got it off Thanks for stopping by!

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