Friday, August 7, 2009

Personal ads back in the day

My dearest Readers,

I looooove researching how people hooked up back in the day. In particular, how finding that special someone came to be. Now although people seem to think that personal ads are something of a modern entity, it was actually quite prevalent back in the day. In honor of LORD OF PLEASURE, I thought it only fitting to resurface personal ads. For they were in their own rights hunting their form of pleasure.

Behold some of my favorite examples:
February 14, 1868, New York Herald:

"A gentleman worth $50,000 desires to marry a woman from 18 to 30 years old, who is willing to make home happy, with view to matrimony. Send photographs; rejected ones will be returned if stamp is sent."

How nice. Clearly, he wants sex first, matrimony possible but only if sex is good.

November 24, 1865, New York Herald:

"A young lady, extravagantly fond of dress, desires the acquaintance of a wealthy gentleman; no other need answer; with a view for matrimony."

It seems no matter the era, women will always pine for a rich man.

March 21, 1866, New York Herald:

"If the lady who from an omnibus smiled on a gentleman with a bunch of bananas in his hand as he crossed Wall Street, corner of Broadway, will address A, box 6, 735, Post Office, she will confer a favor."

Bananas, huh? Yeah, I'd totally remember a guy holding bananas...snort. So hot.

January 2, 1892, New York World:

"Wanted, a young lady of German parentage; must be a 36 bust and understand bookkeeping on a small scale. Apply Milbaner & Bleiweiss."

Now this here is the most straightforward employer I've ever come across. Clearly.

Glimpsing ads from days of old gives us a sense of what the reality was for these poor souls in search of the perfect mate. Curiously enough, I don't feel time have changed all that much. Us women still want handsome and rich. And men, God bless them, still want a particular bust size...That said, I urge you to drop in on my blog, A BIT O'MUSLIN, every first of every month where I delve into topics such as this focusing on sex throughout history.
Cheers and much love,
Delilah Marvelle


Margay Leah Justice said...

That was hysterical! Thanks for posting it. I still can't get the image out of my mind of the guy with the bananas. I just hope that wasn't a euphemism!

KT Grant said...

Bunch of bananas? That is pretty creative.
These are great!

sula said...

LOL! way too funny. the euphemisms are the best. :)

Delilah Marvelle said...

I wouldn't be surprised if it was a euphemism!!! LOL Thanks for stopping by :D

Men had to be creative back in THOSE days. Grin. So glad you swung by!

When I read these, I couldn't help but keep a straight face and knew people would get a kick out of it.
Thanks for posting!

Tracy said...

I had no idea! Those ads are just crazy!

I love the lady fond of dress. Clearly stating that no one who can't afford her should apply.

And the bananas - was he really carrying them or were they attached? lol

Thanks again for being on the island!

Anonymous said...

Like everyone else I, think the bananas are a hoot but I loved best the one requesting the bookkeeper to have a 36 inch bust. Please don't tell me that the bookkeeper job was a sham?:DDD

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