Thursday, August 13, 2009

Visions of Men Dancing in My Head

When I first started reading, I would never envision the characters I read about as the actors or actress that I liked. But all that has changed.

There are four famous actors that most women, including myself, go gaga over. These four men are in every hero I have been reading. And since this is the island where we have a group of women who appreciate a nice looking man, I have welcomed them to the DIK island and for a sleepover in my hut, the most rockin one here!
Ladies, the sleepover is invite only, so better start sucking up so you can be placed on the VIP list.

Hunky Gaga man #1: Ryan Reynolds

*hello mister peek-a-boo abs*

I admit it, I have become obsessed with Ryan Reynolds. Ever since I saw him in Wolverine, he has made me all tingly inside. If you have seen Wolverine, then you know what I'm talking about. He practically steals the movie away from Hugh Jackman. He also was wonderful in The Proposal. And he is not just some eye candy on the screen. The man can act. And don't get me started on that body of his in Blade 3. He has a beard in that movie and I am not a fan of bearded men, and I still couldn't stop the drool.
Because Ryan is known more for his comedic skills, every funny contemporary I have read this year has Ryan as the hero. The one book that I hope is made into a movie, is Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James. This is one of my favorite books this year and Ryan would be perfect as the J.D. Jameson. Can you just imagine Ryan in a suit and tie? A man in a suit is a very sexy thing indeed and with Ryan Reynolds in one, you can bet millions of women would be in the theaters fanning themselves!

Hunky Gaga Man #2: Gerard Butler

Gerard has that way about him where he can pull off any hero in any genre. I can't help but seem him as Jamie in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander. Yes, I know Gerry is a bit too old and would have to dye his hair red, but can't you just imagine him in a kilt and a boots with a big sword in his hands? And no shirt? He wears scruff so well. I kept seeing him as Benedict “Gray” Grayson, the hero in Tessa Dare's soon to be released Surrender the Siren (August 25, Ballantine). Gray is a former pirate captain gone respectable. He is a bit rough around the edges but makes your heart melt. Plus, Gray is wonderfully scruffy throughout the whole book. Gerry is scruffy also. See, a perfect fit!
**And if I ever read any books set in the Roman era, all the men will look like Gerry. I blame the movie 300 for that.**

Hunky Gaga Man #3: Johnny Depp

This is one man who can be play any hero, regardless of the book. In part, because Johnny is such wonderful actor. He will go down in history as one of the best actors of the 21st century. When I read Scandal by Carolyn Jewel, I saw Johnny playing the Earl of Banallt. Banallt is a slick character but underneath it all, he suffers because he has fallen in love with a woman who refuses him. I can see Johnny so well as Banallt. I also see Johnny as Daemon the Sadist in Anne Bishop's Black Jewel books. When Daemon broods or is raging and about to make his enemies around him suffer, I see Johnny lashing out. I see him crooning, begging pleading to his heart and soul mate Jaenelle.

Hunky Gaga Man #4: Richard Armitage.

I am such a Richard fan girl it is not even funny. He can play either hero or villain and I would be happy. Richard oozes such restraint and broody sexiness that cannot be compared to any actor that I know of. He is the only man who can wear eyeliner and leather during the medieval era (BBC's Robin Hood) and I don't giggle. I want to lick the eyeliner off and pull off those leather pants...

Where else has a man pulled off wearing a cravat oh so well? Only Colin Firth comes in a distant second. Watch North and South and you will see what I am talking about. I was so obsessed with how Richard, playing John, wore his cravat. Richard has become every historical romance hero for me. I see him so well as Professor Alexi Rychman in Leanna Renee Hieber's The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Percy Parker (Dorchester, August 25). Alexi is an excellent brooder. Richard does it so well. Put these two together and you will be swooing like Percy does. I found myself swooning.
On this island we welcome you to talk about your favorite actors, and yes, even those actresses, who you see playing your favorite characters in the books you have read.
Excuse me while I prepare for the sleepover extravaganza for tonight! Dress to impress in your best PJ's. It is going to be a late night. And if you see a cravat over my bedroom door knob, you know to keep walking by...


Anonymous said...

Great post. Richard, Johnny and Gerard always top my list of sexy men.



Kati said...

Hm great list, KB! I stick with my objection to Ryan Reynolds (at least I'm consistent), but I'll take Gerry and Johnny and Richard (or REEEshard, as I like to call him.)

Fun post!

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Okay... I will take all of them. Oh, I am sorry... I thought they were up for taking home with me... lol!!!
Those are some delicious choices as far as visions of men dancing in your head!!! I would love to have them dancing in my bed with me... **oh was that my out loud voice**
Thanks for the wonderful pictures, it really started my morning off!!
I hope you ladies have a wonderful day!!!

KT Grant said...

Excuse me while I continue to drool over Ryan Reynold's peek-a-boo abs.

Leanna Renee Hieber said...

Oh, Kate how I love you, and The Armitage. My agent will be sending him the book, you know, in case film rights are of interest. You are correct, he would be so very perfect as my dear, dark Professor. Thanks so much for the mention, you make my day!

Leanna Renee Hieber said...

PS, the cravat over doornob mention made me LOL my coffee almost out my nose.

I forgot to mention who I envision as my other leading ladies. I'd love Kate Winslet to play Headmistress Thompson and either Dakota Fanning or Emma Watson to play Miss Percy. :)

KT Grant said...

Leanna: my goal is to have people laugh so hard that liquid shoots out of their noses ;)
Hmmm cravat... Richard... doorknob...


TDF Pamela said...

Fantastic! I'm in the middle of Percy Parker, and I've been picturing Richard Armitage as Alexi, too. It must have been RA's turn as Mr. Thornton in North & South, but he works SO well as the brooding type.

Leslie Dicken said...

Sorry, I stopped at Gerry. Was there something else in this post? LOL! I have GOTH in my TBR and now I most definitely have to get started on it. YUMM! :-)

Louisa Edwards said...

Mmm, Ryan Reynolds. Always lovely to find another RR fan! Although we don't match up perfectly; I'm the only woman in America, I think, who doesn't get anything out of Gerard Butler.

Julie James said...

I think Ryan Reynolds would make a great J.D. Jameson.

[ducks tomatoes being thrown by Kati D.]

Can you imagine finding abs like that hidden underneath a shirt, tie and well-cut suit? Kind of like a piece of Fannie May chocolate--which you know is going to taste great regardless-- and then you bite in and there's a surprise cream-filled lusciousness inside. ;-)

Kati said...

LOL! Julie James, it's SO unexpected to see you here commenting on the RR thing. I said that in the hopes that you'd comment. ;o)

Kris said...

RR is abiliscious. Just sayin'.

KT Grant said...

I second the abiliscious comment.
I wouldn't mind taking a nibble or two.

Kati, come to the RR dark side. Such yummy abiliscious goodness

LesleyW said...

Definitely agree with #1 and #4.

But whenever I imagine a hero in my head whilst reading they are always unique and my own idea of what the hero looks like to me. (lol hope that made sense it's v. late here)

Stacy~ said...

#1. Ryan IS cute, but he's no J.D. He's way too goofy, imho. Great body? No question. Charismatic? Definitely. But he just doesn't have that intense, driven edge that makes J.D. so sexy.

#2. Yes please. Give me more of this.

# 3. Johnny? Oh yeah. Since 21 Jump Steet that man has been on my "to do" list. Yum.

#4. Richard, sigh... No one's ever made a cravat look so good. And as Guy of Gisbourne? I surrender...

Great list Kate. Needed some tweaking (PMP correction *g*) but other than that, no complaints

KT Grant said...

Sorry Stacy, you and Kati run away now because Ryan is meant to play J.D. I say so. No one is allowed to argue with me.

sula said...

never heard of ryan reynolds, but all the rest of the hunkalicious guys are ....raorw! Definitely on my list. :)

Bridget Locke said...

Um, wow. Excuse me while I wipe up my drool. I've liked Ryan Reynolds since he was on Two Guys, A Girl & A Pizza Place. :) And I'm not even into blonds!

Gerry, Richard, Johnny. *sigh* You're evil! :)

Even though he's not the hottest man in the world, I have to throw in Toby Stephens as Mr. Rochester in the Masterpiece Theater version of Jane Eyre. The man just seethed with passion and there was just something about him that made me go...hmm.

I find it funny that some actors can pull of just certain rolls though. Guess it all depends on who they're playing. :)

KMont said...

I love you more than love itself for making Ryan Reynold numero uno. He's been making my insides tingly for years. Fave movie of his is Blade Trinity. Ryan, chains - what's not to love? Plus I do believe he gets to call Parker Posie's character, Danica Talos, a thundercunt. A cunt something or a something cunt. One of the only times I've appreciated the Big C, I swear. Normally cannot stand it.

Lauren Taylor said...

Naughty Ryan Reynolds.. I love him and my jealously towards Scartlett Johanson has officially turned into hate since their nuptials. WHY LOVE HER, RYAN??? Why not me?

Anyhow.. I totally agree with your #1 as he is mine as well. I just want to hug his abs and perhaps fall asleep on them. Maybe eat ice cream on them..

KT Grant said...

Lauren: I would so eat a Ryan Reynold sundae with a big ole' cherry on top ;)

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