Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bookworm's Top 7 Hero Requirements

Hello ladies, for my third day on the island i'd like to chat about Hero Requirements . I think we all love our heroes for different reasons. So today, let's discuss some of those reasons.

Bookworm's Top 7 Hero Requirements

1. Tall, Dark and Handsome and has a great smile with good teeth. (okay, I know I really stuck alot in there, but read on)

This is a no brainer, the hero must look good. This means he's got good oral hygiene, takes care of himself and is an all around hottie. Hugh is 6 ft. 2, 'nuff said. Look at those pearly whites!

2. Bad Boy attitude, good guy heart.

I like my hero to have an edge, but I don't want him to be a jerk. I like a man who's not afraid to get into a bar fight, but who will also give me a foot rub later that night. He's got to be a sweetheart and treat his lady right!

3. Intelligent

He has got to be smart, I want to be able to hold an intelligent conversation with him. He's got to be able to talk books, politics and current affairs.

4. Good in Bed/Fabulous Kisser

This is self-explanatory. And a must for any hero. He's got to be able to make his lady swoon! Yeah baby!

5. Facial Hair

I like my heroes to have a bit of stubble. Take a look at Hugh here, he has perfected this look.

6. Sense of Humor

My hero has got to be able to make me laugh. He's got to be able to loosen up and not take himself too seriously. Laughing is great foreplay :)

7. Smells Good

Okay, my hero must smell good. I'm not a fan of stinky men. Look at Matthew here, you know he smells divine!

Those are my Top 7 Hero Requirements,what are yours?

Thanks everyone, it's been a fun three days here on the island...Hugh and I are off for now, he wants to take me for a midnight stroll on the beach, afterwards we can drink wine and snuggle while I admire his facial hair :)

-The Bookworm


Mary G said...

You pretty much covered it.I might add that he has to not mind all my books LOL.

Tracy said...

You certainly didn't leave anything out! Great posts Naida! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... my personal 7 hero requirements...
1) cleanliness (that's a given for all women right?)
2) must be responsible for himself - no bums or mooches
3) listens & is observant - doesn't just nod his head while I talk - he must hear me and know what the hell is going on at any given moment
4) I like a guy with deepset hooded eyes and great arms - don't ask me why, I don't know, but if its my perfect hero he's got those physical attributes
5) he's close to his family, but not a momma's boy
6) we are a perfect match in bed
7) he's a avid reader (guys who read, I don't care if its Time magazine or the Wallstreet Journal or some best seller if he reads he's smart and knows what the hell is going on in the world, I like that)- seriouly, a guy who does that has my attention from the get go

The Bookworm said...

thanks aldies.
great list ms moonlight! number 5 is a must :)

Anonymous said...

There may be something wrong with me, but cleanliness is at the top of my list. My guy could easily have a small bald pate if he smelled great. Oh, and something I can't live without. The dude has to have GREAT GUY FEET. I'm in to feet, what can I say. No weird toes, no fat feet. A little bony, alot of arch and a tuft of hair on the toes. Would you like me to tell you more about feet? I thought not...

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Okay, I will take all the requirements above and Ms. M's!!!
Those hit the nail for me as well!!! I mean come'on... We love our men!!!
Even a little sweaty... from working out... in all kinda of ways, lmao!!!!

Jill Sorenson said...

Great requirements! I concur.

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