Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Best/Worst Date Ever

My husband and I went out on a date last night for the first time in a while. You see the kids are gone this week, on vacation with my parents, and it gave us the perfect opportunity. So we just went out to dinner, but while we eating we started talking about dating. First it was if so and so (one of his friends who's divorced) was dating anyone, or if one of my friends (forever single) was dating anyone and then it went onto when we first started dating. All this talk about dating brought to mind a movie that I saw recently called My Best Friend's Girl with Dane Cook and Kate Hudson. Men would hire Dane Cook to date their girls if they felt that the women were about to bolt on them, or if the women had already bolted and Dane would take them out. He would be a complete ass and be the epitome of the worst date in history and then the girls would run crying back to their men thinking that they were wonderful. Parts of the movie were retarded while others were just laugh out loud funny.

When the hubster and I got home we started talking about all the horrible dates that we had and we were laughing hilariously at some of the stuff that we put up with before we found each other (yes he is my real live hero).

So I want to hear about either the worst date you've ever been on or the best - whether you've found you're real life hero, or not.


Anonymous said...

Oh God this is embarrassing...
I had a blind-date when I was about 19. The whole thing was horrible - but to top off the evening, he was feeling romantic and I kept checking my watch to see when I could get home without being too rude.
Anyway, he pulls the car over and leans in to (I thought) kiss, even worse. The guy was into LICKING faces! He was licking my face and I was like "WHAT THE HELL?!"
That was the LAST blind-date I went on and my friends to this day LOVE retelling the story of my Licking Date. ACK! Still creeps me out decades later! lol


Tracy said...

omg Ms. M. roflmao! It sounds horrifying but to read it's it's hilarious! What in heavens name did you do to get away from the sicko?

Anonymous said...

I shoved him off me and told him I wanted to go home NOW! lol
Do you know he had the nerve to call me and ask me out again?!
I wasn't sure if he did that to all his date or if he just like the taste of my Cover Girl Foundation and blush I was wearing! LOL



Lea said...


How could anyone top a "face licker" ewwww... ROFL...

I don't think I "dated" lol... Can anyone say "late bloomer" and now I'm old and have been married since the middle fourth century..

Is he my hero? Um, no but we are still together so I guess everything is as it should be. lol

Another great post Tracy!


Anonymous said...

I could write a book on some of the dates I've been on! It'd be a comedy I tell ya!



Jenre said...

I'm like Lea. I've never dated. I met hub when we were still at school and our 'dates' involved going around to each other's houses to study.

And we did study too! Hub was very strict - no kissing until after 8pm!

Mind you, having read Ms M's account I'm quite glad I managed to skip dating!

Tracy said...

Ms. M - So funny. When I thought of him licking your face I thought of the make-up too. Not tasty! :)

Lea - The fourth century? Wow - that's a long time! lol
And thanks!

Jenre - awww - your hubby didn't let you kiss til after 8pm? Is he still as strict? :)

I didn't meet my hubby until I was 26. Although I hadn't gone on too many dates there are a few that were interesting. I remember one where I double dated with my roommate and he sounded so nice on the phone and then was a complete asshat in person. Why? Why? lol

Renee said...

OMG, the licking date takes the cake!

I don't have any real horror stories. Just a couple of really uncomfortable blind dates. One double-date with a friend, her boyfriend and his friend included a heavy metal rocker dude (it was the 80's! lol) a pit bull, and some wrestling in the back of a car --and I don't mean the romantic kind, either! It was so mortifying that I've actually blocked some of it from my memory. I'm tempted to call my friend and ask her what she remembers.

Lea said...

a pit bull, and some wrestling in the back of a car --and I don't mean the romantic kind, either

Yikes Renee - lol - I think I'd have a memory lapse too. lol


KT Grant said...

Worst date ever was when I went to the movies and my date brought his father along, couldn't pay for the $5 matinee movie and I ended up buying the snacks for both men.

Now you know why I have become a dating hermit.

Katie Reus said...

Omg, the face licking thing is hilarious! I know I've had some bad dates but I'm drawing a blank. I think I've been married too long and have blocked all the horror stories out. For some reason all I can think about is this creepy roommate I had who wanted to be my boyfriend. I'd wake up in the middle of the night to find him standing at the foot of my bed watching me sleep...and he wondered why he didn't have a girlfriend!

Bridget Locke said...


I can top that though. I don't date much (still VERY single), but back in my early 20's went on a ton of blind dates *icky shiver* and most of them were horrible. Let me for a second...*tapping chin* All right...

There was-

The guy who came to pick me up, we got down to the end of my block and then he demanded I get out of his car because I wasn't who he thought I was. Um, yes.

The guy who picked me up, we went to Wonderland to play video games and he ditched me. I had to walk home in the rain (about 8 miles) in the dark until a nice bus driver took pity on me and gave me a ride the rest of the way home.

(this one takes the cake)- guy & I talked for about a week before meeting. Told me he was tall and thin. More like obscenely obese and short. We went to see Titanic (ack!). He turned into an octopus and would NOT stop touching me. I kept moving and he didn't get the picture. After movie was over, he followed me out to arcade and pinned me up against video game console, trying to shove his hands down my pants. Thankfully, I was able to turn around and kneed him so hard he dropped to the floor.


As for best date? Probably my first real boyfriend who took me back home to very small town he was from. It was his grandmother's funeral, but we didn't get there until after it was over. I got to spend the day with his family and it was a gorgeous day. We spent hours just talking and it was just a really, really nice day. Yeah, doesn't sound like it, but it was a great date. :)

Tracy said...

omg Renee! Pit bull and wrestling? Wow - you know how to have fun! lol

KB - You are a saint. What a loser that guy was!

Katie - How creepy is THAT??? *shivers* I would have moved immediately.

BL - Wow. Just, wow. I can't believe you've lived through that. What jerks!
And the nice date? Awwwww - how sweet. Some nice memories there.

Kris said...

Dating?? What's that again??

My worst date... when a bunch of us went out and a so-called friend set me up without telling me first. I spent the night trying to avoid him as much as possible (another octopus) and from that he somehow got the idea I was into him and for the next week or so dogged me.

This didn't end until my brother answered the front foor and told him I just wasn't interested. Then he and his friends drove past my house for a couple of nights afterwards yelling out 'bitch'. Good times.

Sarai said...

Okay and you guys wonder why I don't date... the picture is very clear

Tracy said...

OMG Kris you Siren, you!
Ewwwww - what a creepy stalker! And he drove by your house calling you a bitch? What a freak!

Kytaira said...

I was stood-up one night. That didn't really bother me. However it was during a period in my life that I decided to take what life offered and go out with alot of guys. So I had a date with a different guy the next night.

So guy number 2 picks me up and he starts asking what I did the night before. I honestly answer that I stayed home. He keeps on asking questions though. Eventually he confesses that at work that day, he had been sent out on a job with a guy from a different shop. That guy starts talking about how he really screwed up the night before because his ex-girlfriend called up so he stood up his new date. Ex-girlfriend redumped him after he gave her some stuff she wanted. He regretted standing up the other girl - Me!

So, the guy who stood me up the previous night is telling my date for that night.

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