Friday, April 24, 2009

What are your hottest authors this year???

Yesterday I posted my "formative" authors, and it was fun to see how many of us share the same favorites! Today I want to hear about who you're loving in the past six months or so. Not just what you're reading right at this minute, but who your "automatic buys" are these days... Just a warning, a lot of mine are urban fantasy. Romantic, but not necessarily romance.

Joanna Wylde's List:

"Any Given Doomsday" by Lori Handeland (I can't wait for the sequel!!!!)
Keri Arthur -- an amazing writer, and the coolest thing about her is she writes her heroine like she's a man. Not too often you get to see a woman who isn't defined by her sexuality... It's not as romantic as some authors, but very fun to read!
Karen Chance -- I have yet to pick up a stinker by her ;)
Ann Aguirre -- Got one of her books from the library and then I had to go and buy up her whole backlist...
Jes Battis -- CSI for the supernatural set! This guy's writing is really a step above, although not traditional romance at all.
Charlaine Harris
Jennifer Armintrout
Karen Marie Moning (LOVING her Fae series!)
Jeaniene Frost (loved her first, by the third not so much)
Kelley Armstrong (both her women of the otherword series and her hit-woman series)
Lisa Kleypas (Kinda tired of her Regency stuff, but loving the contemporary books)

That's just a small sample, of course. I'm a junkie, I have a serious book problem... They know me all too well a Borders, LOL.

So, what are you reading? What author will you buy without thinking twice? Does your list look like mine at all???


Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

Great list! We have a lot in common!

Karen Marie Moning is amazing! I wish she would write more books and faster!

Mary M. said...

I used to have so many auto-buy authors...Janet Evanovich, Laurell K. Hamilton, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Anne Rice, Julia Quinn, Angela Knight, Suzanne Brockmann, J.K. I either lost interest at some point, was disappointed, or I fell behind because there were just too many books for me to catch up. So they're all down to case-by-case: might buy the book if I like the blurb, but might not (LKH is permanently on the "not" list by now, although I might keep reading her books from the library.

At this point, I think I only have three auto-buy authors left, and even that is limited to their current series - no guarantee that I would automatically buy a book in a new series from them. These are Nalini Singh (Psy-Changeling and Guild Hunter books), Jim Butcher (Dresden Files only) and Karen Marie Moning (Fever series, and her Highlanders if she ever goes back to them). I will however be buying Kenyon's BAD MOON RISING even though I'm not up to date with the series, because this books stars some of her "old crew of characters.

JR Ward, who had been my absolute favorite author the last 3-4 years, is now on stand-by and it really saddens me. I have the next BDB in pre-order, and will probably try her new series in the fall, but I felt really let down by the last two BDB books and while the Compendium and the short story she published last year somewhat restored my faith in her, if Lover Avenged is a flop too I might not be able to remain a witness of this painful downslide. It is hard, though, because I have never in my life been as addicted to a series as much as I was with the BDB, and if I stop buying the books I can't get them from anyone else - libraries here don't stock much romance books, even less paranormal ones, and even less in English.

Carolyn Crane said...

I LOVE your list!!! A lot of those are on my auto-buy, too. I'd add Kresely Cole.

Looks like I should check out Karen Marie Moning.

Tracy said...

Great list. For me the list would be:

Nalini Singh
JR Ward
Kresley Cole
Anne Bishop
Julie James
Meljean Brook
Suzanne Brockmann

And oh so many more that I can't possibly name all in one post! LOL

Kati said...

Oh fun! I've read a few new to me authors in the last six months or so:

Julie James - I think she's the brightest new voice in contemporary romance. She's got such style and a gorgeous knack w/dialogue and bringing the funny.

Beth Kery - Holy smokes did Wicked Burn just slay me. Emotional and unbelievably hot.

Carolyn Jewel - OK, she's not new, but she was new to me, and Scandal is one of my favorite reads this year.

Deidre Knight - Butterfly Tattoo is just an amazing, amazing read.

Then, you gotta give it to Lisa Kleypas, her contemporaries are some of my favorites out there.

Willa said...

I've branched out over the last year - trying to be more adventurous, for me anyway, and dived headfirst into the Paranormal world!

Nalini Singh - paranormal shifters/changelings.

Larissa Ione - fab new series, paranormal, edgy and dark with great Alpha heroes.

Cynthia Eden - Paranormal shifters.

Oh and second Kati, Deidre Knights Butterfly Tatoo was lovely. Gut wrenching, moving and it makes you think - which is always a sign of a good read to me!

Mandi said...

That is a great list...

I would say my auto-buys are:

JR Ward, Nalini Singh, Lisa Kleypas, Josh Lanyon, Patricia Briggs, Karen Marie Moning, Colleen Gleason, Jeaniene Frost.

Mame Burkett said...

Your list is great Joanna and matches mine on several levels. I also see some authors I am adding to my checkout the new author list.Charlaine Harris is a must read whether it is Sookie Stackhouse, Aurora Teagarten or Lily Bard. Eve Dallas Novels by JD Robb are no brainers as are any of the Archane Novels by Amanda Quick/Jane Anne Krentz.
A couple of other must get authors who don't publish as often as some of the others are Susan Wittig Albert, Diane Mott Davidson and Joanne Harris.
Thanks for a great topic!

Jo said...

I can't believe I forgot Jim Butcher!!!!!

lbgregg said...

Josh Lanyon
Meljean Brook
Charlaine Harris
Suze Brockmann
Lisa Kleypas
Christina Dodd (historicals)
Connie Brockway
Jennifer Crusie
JL Langley
Nelson Demille
Terry Pratchett


And someday Carolyn Crane!

Kytaira said...

New to me that are keepers.

An Indecent Proposition by Emma Wildes - Just read this just released book last weekend and LOVED IT!

Maya Banks - I've read her series books now it's time to upgrade to the hot books!

Caught in the Devil's Hand by Ruby Duvall. Took me by surprise. I'm not usually a fan of books with an oriental twist. This one is wonderful though.

Katie Reus said...

The only auto buy authors I have are Linda Howard and Lisa Marie Rice (aka Elizabeth Jennings). I'm also a steady buyer of Sherrilyn Kenyon, Roxanne St. Claire and Patricia Briggs but I don't buy everything they put out. Jill Sorrenson's new, but after Crash Into Me I'll definitely be buying her next book. Don't know yet if she'll become an auto buy. Time will tell!

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