Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Interview with Ginn Hale

Well, here we are on the final day of my DIK posting. Blogging in which I did very little, other than have several pistols at dawn moments with the dastardly blogger blog thing. Not as easy as wordpress and obviously I am little challenged in the area of html. meh. So, thank you very much Astrid, Nicole and Ginn, you're marvy! And, RomanceBot2000? Inspired. heh.

Thank you lovely DIK posters and I hope you all enjoy Ginn's interview!

RomanceBot2000 Meltdown with Ginn Hale

Hello. I’m Ginn. My novel, Wicked Gentlemen is available from Blind Eye Books and my story “Shy Hunter” has just been published in the QueerWolf anthology. My novella, “Feral Machines”, appears in the Tangle anthology, and of course I’m one third of the hellish heat that is Hell Cop ...what ever that means. I’m currently working on two sequels; one for Hell Cop, (cleverly titled Hell Cop2) and the other for Wicked Gentlemen,(Lord Foster’s Devils).
Two Desert Island Books
1. Anything that has a water filter and radio included.
2. A blank book to write in.
Ginn Hale: I’m Ginn Hale, like the attribution says. What should I call you--
Ginn Hale: Uhm… they’re books--
Ginn Hale: Well, it wasn’t really inspired--
Ginn Hale: I can’t think of anything not to have against tyranny of any kind. Just because it’s clothed in mysticism--
Ginn Hale: There was--
Ginn Hale: I haven’t completed it yet but--
Ginn Hale: When I’m done, which should be--
Ginn Hale: I’m getting a little sick of being cut off before I can--
Ginn Hale: You suck. Seriously.

ROMANCEBOT2000: Error.
Ginn Hale: No, really, this sucks.
Ginn Hale: I’m thinking of re-dedicating my time to destroying robots--
Ginn Hale: No.
Ginn Hale: Right back at you.

Ginn Hale: Well, that could have gone better… Uhm, so if anyone has a real question they are always welcome to contact me on
livejournal or at :

DON’T FORGET YOUR CHANCE FOR A FREE EBOOKThis is the last day to try your hand at our competition. What publication, apart from Hell Cop and Hell Cop 2, have we all three (Astrid Amara, Nicole Kimberling, and Ginn Hale) collaborated on? E-mail
Astrid with the correct answer to be in the running for a free copy of Hell Cop!


Sarah said...

Thank you so much Ginn. I just adored Wicked Gentlemen. It was brilliant.

In fact, I have thoroughly enjoyed all you Blind Eye ladies books, they're just something a little different, interesting and all beautifully written and I cannot wait for more. Write faster please, there is not need for fun and spring outings. I'm going into winter down here, more books please. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for having us, Sarah!

I 'm not sure how much faster I can write but I know that RomanceBot--er... I mean Astrid can break the sound barrier when her fingers get flying. It's amazing.

Anonymous said...

I think you broke RomanceBot2000!

Josh Lanyon said...

I think ROMANCEBOT2000 was ready and waiting for you. It's obviously got one of those sentient personality things...only seriously whacked.

I like that you short circuited Heh.

I sort of want to hear about the last time this happened...

Josh Lanyon said...

Also...I love the title LORD FOSTER'S DEVILS.

And I really would like an excerpt of it posted somewhere.

Renee said...

Welcome to the Island, Ginn!

I loved Wicked Gentlemen, and can't wait for Lord Foster.

I'm really excited I won Hell Cop in yesterdays contest, and can't wait to read it. :-)

(BTW, there's an excerpt for Lord Foster somewhere on Ginn's lj!)

Anonymous said...

BTW, there's an excerpt for Lord Foster somewhere on Ginn's lj!Where exactly *hunts for specs*??

However, the excerpt for the "Lord of White Hell" is beautifully intriguing

Anonymous said...

Right after the interrogation--er... I mean interview Romancebot did collapse into a heap, leaking jet fuel and bonbons all over the floor as it moaned," INTERCOURSE-INTERCOURSE-TOASTER..."

Tracy said...

Ginn you and the "bot" had a bit of an issue there. lol

Thanks for coming over to play today!

Anonymous said...

Josh, regarding 01100-KILL-KILL-AGAIN.
I think something bad happened to the check out girl at local Home Hardware where SlaughterBot666 was originally refitted into RomanceBot2000.

Anonymous said...

Renee, congratulations! Hope you like the book. We had a great time writing the stories and making fun of our characters.

Not to ruin the mystic of the Hell Cops but I'm pretty certain that at least one of them rocks out to Rush.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liade

Yes, you're right there is an excerpt from Lord of the White Hell on my livejournal and there's also a free short story on the extras page of my website.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tracy,

It was fun to be invited over.

The RomanceBot seemed to have been overheated by its last two least I'm assuming that's why it smelled so much like burning tires and Febreeze as it shouted KILL-KILL-AGAIN...I don't think Barbara Walters does that.

Anonymous said...

Didn't I say that Romancebot2000 was going to rampage soon. Didn't I?

Anonymous said...

Didn't I say that Romancebot2000 was going to rampage soon. Didn't I?As soon as the overlord (overlady??) turned his/her back, of course

Josh Lanyon said...

I just realized something. I think it is MASSIVELY flattering that ROMANCEBOT2000 apparently took the time to read WG before your interview -- seeing that it already knew in the book was on the understated and subtle side. You'll notice it didn't bother boning up ahead of time for anyone else!

I think ROMANCEBOT2000 actually has a wee bit of a crush on you.

Anonymous said...

It did grip my hands a little too hard with its steely clamps... I didn't say anything at the time since I wouldn't want to be accused of confusing a crush with being crushed.

lisabea said...

Ginn Hale: No, really, this sucks.
Definitely crushing.

Anonymous said...

lisabea,"Definitely crushing."

Still, it went better than that interview I did in Mexico when all my questions came from a tin can packed with C-4.

Sarah said...

Have decided I should not write anything late at night as I obviously make no sense whatsoever. heh.

Thanks Ginn, Nicole and Astrid. :)

Carolyn Crane said...

Ginn, I have heard SO many great things about Wicked Gentleman. I can't wait to read it.

RomanceBot: What is UP with you!! LOL

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