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About Me - Erastes - Day 1

I would like to introduce you to Erastes, author of historical hot manlove whose motto is "the dirtier, the better" when referring to men. She loves men who are smudged with dirt ...... not so that she can lick 'em off and make 'em clean again, oh no ....... she just loves playing with and rolling in dirt! Erastes is busy preparing for the launch of Transgressions her newest novel which will hit the ground running on April 13 (that's Easter Monday, you heathens), so get out your wallets and prepare to be boarded. Wave

Now for the official profile -

Erastes lives in Norfolk, UK, if you call being slave to 2½ cats "living" and when she can be dragged kicking and screaming away from her computer, she enjoys walks by the Broads. She likes cats and cheese but has discovered only one of those is any good with toast. She's released two novels, 3 novellas and her short stories have appeared in "Best Gay Stories", "Ultimate Gay Erotica" and many others. She lives almost entirely in other centuries in the pursuit of her research, and gets extraordinarily turned on by buttons and Hessian boots.

Favorite Reading Position
Lying in the bath or in bed. I'm resisting the call of the e-reader because they are so darned expensive but when I can get get one for £30 and its waterproof, I WANT one.

Best love song
Hmm. I'm afraid my music tastes are a bit antiquated, when it comes to "modern music" I tend to live in the 1980's. Black's "Wonderful Life" is one of my favourites, or The Verve's "The Drugs don't work" - neither of them love songs, but gorgeously erotic.

Favorite Heroine
Probably Friday from Robert A Heinlein's book of the same name. She's a test tube baby, physically enhanced, has a lot going for her (beautiful of course) and there's every indication she could be a Mary-Sue but Heinlein makes her hugely insecure and with an enormous chip on her shoulder about not "Being Human" - she's perfect.

Author everyone loves but you don’t
I have several. Hemingway, James Joyce, Neil Gaiman. Sorry, fans of them.

If you could be in one book/series/world which would you pick?
I'd be a shield maiden of the Rohan in Lord of the Rings.

How old is your inside voice
Around 25. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. (stops jumping in puddles)

Favorite sex song
"All by myself" (only joking) Anything slow and Classical. Preferably by Jean-Baptiste Lully. Yes. I'm weird.

If you could be a hero who would you be?
None of mine, they are all entirely too flawed. Hmm. Probably Ralph from The Charioteer.

What heroine is most like you
Can I change this to hero, please? I don't read many het stories. Josh from my short story in the I DO! Anthology, "The Snow Queen"- although he's an ex-pat American living in England, he has just lost his partner, and when i wrote that story I'd just lost my mother, so there's an awful lost of me in Josh. Including the love for snow, and the fantasies about being Kay in the fairy tale.

Boxers, Briefs, boxer briefs, kilt (I say we add commando)
For my real life men? Hmm. Briefs I'd say. Kilts are great too. For my fictional men? Anything from strossers to long johns.

Favorite book set on a tropical island
I don't think I know of any, other than Lord of the Flies.

What hero is most like your significant other
The Invisible Man!!!

What hero would you like to be your significant other
Lucius Malfoy. What do you mean he's not a hero? Sez who?

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring
Jason Isaacs, Lucius Malfoy's Wig and Captain Hook's wig.

Favorite drink to bring to the DIK party
Bollinger and a magical icebucket


Anonymous said...

I am thoroughly dissapointed in you, young lady! WHY ARE YOUR MEN WEARING UNDERGARMENTS??? NUDE! NUDE I TELL YOU! EVEN IN THE DRAWING ROOMS!!!!

*ponders Jane Austen in the nud, adn figures if the zombies worked, there is no reason this would not*

Did not realise about the Snow Queen, am... well... giant hugs. It is the hardest of your stories I have read. Just really hits you. And now I know why.

Thanks so much for posting this. You realise I have not yet asked WHAT HAPPENS TO FLEURY today. Which is probably a good sign.


Capslock Chris :)

Erastes said...

Chris. Of course my men wear undergarments. With the possible exception of David because he's just... well, naughty. I'm waiting for someone to ask me what strossers are.

Can you imagine Geoffrey Chaloner without drawers? (although I don't think you've read that one yet) or Ed? Or Jonathan, in fact? The fun of having undergarments ON, is the fun it is taking them off, of course.

Fleury will be getting up to a mad romp when he finally gets the attention--it won't pretend to be anything else but a real erotic novel, which will be fun to do for a change.

jessewave said...

Hi Erastes
I was about to send you the link to your post and here you are already. The post looks great.

I thought you would say commando, not briefs, and I'm really disappointed in you. :) Enjoy your day on teh island.

Erastes said...

I won't say much more, but the connotations of commando in eras before there was toilet paper are unpleasant!

*waves empty glass around and looks for refill*


lbgregg said...

Hey Erastes! Welcome to the island. I may need to swipe your magic bucket.

(Why am I thinking of a LOL-rus?)

Erastes said...


Anonymous said...

What are strossers? I just have to ask.

Erastes said...

Lexin: *laughs* Goodness what a surprising question!

Undertrousers, or a pair of rough trousers cut in the same way as the outer part but in a much cheaper material.

c1613 MIDDLETON No Wit like Woman's II. i. 39 His son a-horse-back in cloth-of-gold breeches, while he himself goes to the devil a-foot in a pair of old strossers!

Anonymous said...

That sounds rough and not at all what a young man would want rubbing on his nether regions!

Was that what they wore in the 18th century, or had they moved on to something else by then. Commando?

Enquiring minds want to know, not least because they've read that different things are wrong, but nobody seems to want to commit themselves on what's correct.

Tracy said...

Erastes! Welcome to the island!

Lucias Malfoy...interesting choice and probably one made by more people than I would think.

Why would you bring their wigs? Just askin.

"All by myself" (only joking)
*snort* funny

Lb and Erastes - I'll fight you for the bucket!!

Erastes said...

Lexin: I did a history here:

but only got as far as the Elizabethan period. To be honest, underpants haven't changed all that much at all, other than for stretchy materials!

These were 16th century

by the 18-19th cent knitted fabrics were more readily available

Erastes said...

Thank you Tracy!

I envy Jason Isaac's wife hugely - can you imagine it?

"I think I'd like you to be Captain Hook tonight, darling..."

So if Jason is coming to the island, he has to bring his wigs!


jessewave said...


the connotations of commando in eras before there was toilet paper are unpleasant!
Now, every time I think "commando" this picture will poke my eyeballs out.

Erastes said...

I'm so sorry Wave!

I don't mean to pollute your lovely island!

Charlie Cochrane said...

Inside voice as old as 25, eh? *shakes head*

Love the sexy photo.


Erastes said...

Yes. 25 ... somethings at least...


Anonymous said...

buttons and boots and...frilly shirts! Long live the frilly shirt! :D

Erastes said...

Absolutely, Angel - there's nothing nicer than laces, ribbons and buttons and that's just the men!


Essayel said...

Whoohoo, sun and sand in funny places!

I envy you. I'm in St Louis and hoping not to be snowed on again.

The thing I noticve about your book choices is that they all seem to have masses of plot. I'm not fussed on stories that reduce me to little damp, sobbing bits, being a big fan of at least 'happy for now' endings, but some are so good i can forgive the author for breaking me.

Briefs - definitely briefs as long as they are the well tailored nicely fitting variety that keep everything well covered up.

Enjoy the vvirtual holiday.

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