Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hero Draft

Alright ladies guess what time it is? Well its pick a new hero time, one that will enhance your collection, feed you grapes and of course make you happy to be on Da Island. We’ve had a wonderful year with our 6 heroes a year that has been filled with rated R material that we can not share on this blog without the fear of the blog God coming down and slapping that Age Appropriate thing on us. *ahem* Any who we all have enjoyed it, loved it, and now its time to move past that and on to bigger and better things.

The bigger and better things are *drum roll* A NEW HERO!!!! *listening to the roar of the crowd* There is, however, a catch. Yes I said a catch; in order to gain a new hero you must first part with one of your beloved heroes and put them in the hero pool. *waits for the yelling, screaming, crying and anger to simmer down*

The hero pool is then open to any of the DIK girls. They can pick from that pool or they can choose a new hero to their mix. Now if you remember a lot, and I do mean A LOT of great books have come out since the last time we had this competition *clears throat* I mean draft. This means that there are plenty of new and old heroes for you to choose from. And yes I understand that you don’t want to part with any of your beloved, but really someone has to not be getting alone right?

Look this wasn’t my idea, its not like I want to part with any of my beloved heroes but I’m willing to make the sacrifice. I mean if Ana can part with all of her heroes minus one surely we can all part with just one to add new blood in the mix right? In the name of sisterhood and all that jazz?

Okay, okay enough with the sympathy and on to the rules: it will be held in the manner as the first hero draft only it will take place on this blog instead of sharing the love. All names will be entered into First time around we part with one hero. After everyone has gave one up hero we will start from the end of the list to the top on picking a new hero.

And as a special addition or surprise we will do another draft for an additional hero. That’s right ladies you didn’t think I would make you suffer for nothing right? So here it is, round 1 you give up a hero. Round 2 pick your new hero and Round 3 is pick your additional hero. You might ask what happens to the heroes not picked in the hero pool? Well they have a choice of going home (free plane ride of course) or they can remain on da island and be cabana boys/girls to serve us drinks when our night time heroes can’t and/or when our main heroes need their rest. So see ladies we don’t necessarily need to get angry about this.

So you get 2 heroes for the price of 1 not a bad deal. And to sweeten the pot we are also going to pick new books to bring to da island. The book picks work the same way only you don’t have to part with your beloved books. No 2 DIK girls can bring the same books and we are going to pick 3 new ones to add to the list. The selection will work the same as the hero draft. Our names will be entered into and we will go through the listing adding a new book 3 times.

Alright the fun begins May 1st. The order of DIK girls to give up their heroes we will follow up with parting from our heroes on Monday May 4th and continue until we finish getting our 2 heroes. By the middle of May we should be ready to pick our new books.

Any questions? Now’s the time to ask b/c I will post the list May 1st and then its too late. Alright ladies let the fun begin!


Tracy said...

wow. which hero to give up? Which hero to now choose? Oh the insanity!

Carolyn Crane said...

Tracy, is there a central list of who has what hero? I usually go to Sula's blog for it, but maybe there is one here.

Also, now that the Star Trek movie has come out, I will no longer be discarding Captain James Tiberius Kirk!!!

Ciara said...

Yay! Can I give up a few of my heroes as well? I've read too many good books since our first draft and I dearly want some of the delicious heroes on my island. :D
Thanks for organizing this!

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