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OCD Reading or Men What Do They Know!

I'm Rebyj , I've been reading romance since I was 12 years old and have been posting on some of the reader blogs for years, including reading this one daily! I also have a small blog Rebyj's Reading . I was so tickled when Katiebabs asked me to blog here at DIK! Thanks ladies.

The first thing I did was look through past posts to see what had not been talked about. HA! Everything has been covered. But no big deal , we readers love to talk .

The second thing I did was realize that this post was going to knock the
pic LisaBea posted off the front page. So to correct that horrible event,
I'm reposting that pic.

Yeah, so now we can relax and continue.

I'll tell you all about a recent conversation with "The MAN". My honey just loved the "Beyond Heaving Bosoms" book the Smartbitches wrote. He brought it to my room yesterday after he'd finished it and was looking at my bookshelves and scratched his head asking " Which shelf does it go on?"

I asked what he meant? Just put it on a shelf!

He says "Your shelves are all set up by themes, what theme does this fit in?

I'm not that organized but I got up and walked over to the shelves and he started pointing out what he meant.

"See? "Vampire shelf (Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Maggie Shayne,)What he called my Church shelf (The Red Tent, Ann Burton's women of the Bible series, One Night With the King , Margaret George's Mary of Magdalene )
And he proceeded to point out my Witch collection, Cowboys, Tudors,
Highlanders, Vikings, Egyptian romances etc.

He said " You read in themes too you know. You have that psychosis, you know the one that most women clean a lot when they have it, you don't clean , (grrrr @ him ) you read obsessively of one topic till you're ready to move on to the next."

What! Is he an expert on romance novels now because of reading the Smartbitches book or expert on crazy? I ask him, " If you are so smart what kind of books am I reading NOW?"

He smirked "Nascar, you chubby lil redneck you."

Busted. Seriously they're like crack so if you don't want to go searching for the whole back list of publications don't start ! I picked one up to read because I liked a contemporary by the same author, Abby Gaines . I Liked the first Nascar book I read ok but no big deal , I picked another up at used book store because it as cheap. Uh oh! Now I see they're connected. I had a Harlequin order so added April's Nascar book to the mix. That was the third book. Hooked. Addicted.

Now I'm snapping them up where ever I find them. The one I read Friday night April 09's release "From the Outside" by Helen Brenna the hero was reminisent of Harlequin race car playboys of the past, he actually was kind of condesending about Nascar.

The heroine was at times one of those TSTL gals. At one point she didnt even know what color to dress herself in without his help, even though she'd been an actress for 10 years with wardrobe crews , cameras to check herself out in etc. But all that didn't matter, it was part of the Nascar series, full of familiar characters and the story was a classic good girl/ bad boy story that I'm a sucker for.
My main criticism is I think the books need to be rednecked up some because well, I remember being a Nascar addict's wife and honey, they're all rednecks. When my ex used to watch the races and a wreck or a fight would happen we could hear roars from the whole neighborhood !

To clarify why the series is so addicting, there is ongoing drama throughout the whole series . Who is Patsy and Dean's long lost kidnapped daughter Gina? Was her disappearance due to someone within the Nascar family kidnapping her? Is her book going to be the end of the Nascar series? Is the private eye going to be her love interest? After all this build up of Gina's story , how are they going to fit it into 250 page HQN?? I MUST KNOW!!

If you want to see your Nascar heroes in the flesh, check out David Lettermans top 12 perks of being a Nascar driver.

The excitement of Nascar can be seen here in a fight compilation.

These guys would kick the shit out of a Dark Hunter, Vampire or Horned Demon any day!

I am now reading Ann Aguirre's Blue Diablo and as fast paced and exciting the book is, there is not a Nascar mention anywhere in it! HA! Addicted I don't think so! I plead the fifth on whether or not I've ordered more Ann Aguirre books or asked her when Corine Solomon's next novel is due.

Help me prove to the man that I'm not crazy. Everyone gets in some subject groove or another, right? Tell me! Anyone else Nascar addicted? Does your man know your reading habits better than you know them yourself?


Tracy said...

I have to say my husband doesn't have a clue, nor does he care to have one. lol He knows I read romance but other than that..he's completely oblivious.

I don't usually get into subject grooves. I try to avoid that by reading different sub-genre's each week. I'll read a contemp, then a historical, then a paranormal and so on. I find if I read too many of the same sub-genre I get stuck and don't want to move from there! :)

Thanks for stepping in and posting today!

rebyj said...
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rebyj said...

Tracy, I'm sure there is less teasing from an oblivious man!
I may be in trouble, I got a surprisingly good book in today, "Sealed with a Promise" by Mary Margret Daughtridge. Where am I going to find more Navy Seal books if I get obsessed?

lbgregg said...

Welcome Rebyj! Nice picture! Heh.

Ok Nascar isn't my bag...although my uncle Ronnie has an entire room in his house dedicated to his Nascar collection... but there are some other folks here who love sports romances. Baseball. Tennis. Diving (m/m diving!).

Tracy said...

RebyJ - Tell me you've read Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooters series - if not let me tell you it is chock full of Navy Seals!

rebyj said...

Nope, the only Navy Seals I can remember reading about are some Sandra Hill books and I think some of Feehan's Ghostwalkers were former Seals. Not sure though.
Will look the Brockman books up , thanks.

Renee said...

Well, I would have said NASCAR wasn't my thing, except I loved Flat Out Sexy. However, I burn out fast, so I (like Tracy) tend to jump from one type of book to the other.

My husband tends to roll his eyes when I tell him I'm reading a romance, tho' he's enjoyed reading the first 2 in the Outlander series, Anita Blake (pre the multiple-partners thing,) and the first Sookie. I'll get him reading a category yet! lol

Carolyn Crane said...

Rebyj, this is such an entertaining and hilarious post. I always wondered what the NASCAR thing is all about, so thanks for clueing me in. I especially enjoyed the fights video you put up.

But can one of these guys really take on a vampire though? Hmmm. I'm not so sure. Then again, maybe I need to check one of these books out.

rebyj said...

Carolyn,I don't know if a fictional Nascar driver could beat a vampire but after seeing all the real Nascar driver fights, I'd say they'd kick some ass big time!

Renee, Flat Out Sexy is on my list!

Kris said...

Cool post, Rebyj. I'm a big mood reader where I get huge cravings for YA or spec fic or a particular author or... well, you get the drift. LOL.

I don't have a partner, but I do have a brother who's first question whenever he sees me at the moment is not 'hey, how are you' but 'so what gay books did you read last night'. Must mean I'm on a m/m romance kick at the moment. ;)

Mary M. said...

I don't think I ever read a book involving Nascar or racers. All I know about Nascar is 1- it exists and 2- It's very popular in the U.S. Lol. We don't hear about it much where I am so I never developed any interest in it. I do like real life Formula 1, but I'm not sure I'd go loking for books about it.

So funny that your SO noticed how you read and classified your books in themes before you did! :-D I don't have a man in my life at the moment, so I doubt anyone understands anything about my reading habits at all -beyond the fact I read all the time ;). Unlike you, I seldom read several books in the same genre in a row. Sample of what I read in the last 3 weeks: One contemporary romance, one vampire, one M/M, two straight historicals, one futuristic menage, two eroticas, one paranormal romance, one regular fiction, one mystery/suspense... I'm all over the place :-D I think I'm afraid of burning out on a genre so I'd rather skip from one to the other. The only exception is when I read a series or discover a new author; in that case, I can perfectly read several similar books in a row.

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