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Interview with Joanna Wylde

Please help me give a warm DIK welcome to Joanna Wylde. She'll be with us until Saturday and there'll be gifties so keep you eyes peeled!

Joanna Wylde is a freelance writer who worked as both a journalist and a fundraiser before finding her niche in erotic romance. In April 2002, "The Price of Pleasure" was released as an e-book and quickly found a receptive audience. Jo is married and lives in north Idaho with her husband, David.

So your first published book was the Price of Pleasure. Was this the first book you wrote or just the first one published?

"The Price of Pleasure" was my first book, although I've always been interested in writing -- I just hadn't finished anything before. When I started talking to the folks at Ellora's Cave I got really excited about the story and finished it in a very short time. I did have a great deal of writing experience in journalism and tech writing before I got serious about fiction.

What led you to write erotic romances in general?

In all honesty, I had never considered writing erotic romances before I learned about Ellora's Cave. One of my friends from the Linda Howard bulletin board posted about this new publisher, which was doing books unlike anything I'd ever read before. I decided to try writing one, just as a challenge, and things just took off from there.

You seem to write a lot of Urban Fantasy, Futuristic and mythological erotic romances. Which of these is your favorite to write? And what led you to these sub-genre's originally?

I have always loved fantasy and science fiction, but I really started writing futuristics because that seemed to be what Ellora's Cave was looking for. I had such a positive response from readers that I kept writing them, although I like to experiment with other genres every chance I get. I love so many different kinds of romance that it's hard to imagine being stuck writing just one -- I just finished my first western, and that was tons of fun to write. Each type of romance carries so many challenges and opportunities, and the readers have been great about not trying to box me into just one kind of writing!

What is your favorite genre to read?

Right now I really enjoy reading urban fantasy the most, although I have a weakness for Regencies and romantic suspense. I love alpha heroes, and the darker the plots, the better.

Do you have a favorite book that you've written? If so, which one and why?

I don't know that I have a favorite book, but I do have a favorite project. Recently, one of the editors at Elloras Cave lost her teenage daughter to smoke inhalation under horrific circumstances. A large group of EC authors has banded together to write a series of stories as a fundraiser for the family, with the proceeds going to pay off her final expenses. To say I'm honored to be a part of this project is an understatement, and it is my hope that people will buy as many of these stories as possible -- not only will you be getting great reads, but you'll be helping a truly wonderful family in a time of need. When I have more information I'll pass it along to you (publication dates, titles, etc.)

In her honor, I ask all your readers to check and make sure that their smoke alarms are functional, and that they have dual sensors. Here's a link to Consumer Reports that gives more information on smoke alarm safety and what kind of alarms you should have installed in your home: Fire Safety For Your Home.

You worked as a journalist prior to penning erotic romance, correct? Although they are both writing they are worlds apart. Was making that transition hard...trying to write a story instead of an article?

Well, I think that writing is writing. A novel is very different from articles in terms of preparation, plotting, etc., but both kinds of writing are ultimately about sitting your butt down in a chair and typing. Otherwise, they're far more similar than you'd think. It's about getting words onto a page, and then cleaning them up enough that people can understand them. It all requires commitment, creativity and research.

Of course, there's nothing like a writing deadline to get me serious about cleaning my bathroom... I'm a terrible procrastinator!

Who is your favorite author and why?

I don't have one favorite author, but there are a few whose books I buy automatically. They include Jim Butcher, Patricia Briggs, Charlaine Harris, Kelley Armstrong and Kim Harrison (can you tell I'm reading urban fantasy these days???). Some of my all-time favorite romance authors are Lisa Kleypas and Linda Howard. I also love non-fiction, and read lots of history. That's what my degree is in -- specifically, the education of upper-class Tudor women, which has got to be the least-practical thing on earth to study!

What's up next (release-wise) for you?

I recently signed a contract for a novella called "Gladiator's Price," which is the latest in my futuristic series. There will be more details about that one on my website ( as soon as I've got the all-clear to start sharing them. I'd love to tell you about the most recent historical I've written, but the contract is still pending on that one. I'm looking to write another western in the near future, and am also working on a Regency. There are just so many stories I want to write, but it seems like I will never have time to do even half of them. It's a good problem to have!

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Joanna thank you again for joining us here one DIK .


Lea said...

What a wonderful informative interview Joanna!

I've not read any of your stories before but will add them to my list.

Have a great day and I will look forward to the remainder of your posts at DIK. Sorry to hear about your friend's daughter, that is just so sad and horrific.


The Brunette Librarian said...

Fun interview! :) I've just started reading Ellora's Cave a few months ago and enjoy them. I have to drive like 40 miles to find them in a bookstore which is kind of silly, but if you can find a great author it's worth the trip!

Congratulations on your success and continued awesomeness! :)

Jo said...

Thanks for the lovely welcome! Rachie, you can always get EC books electronically for instant gratification, and they often have online specials complete with free shipping... You don't need to drive to get them :)

Tracy said...

Oh yes - thank heavens for instant gratification from ebooks! lol

Thanks again, Joanna, for visiting us here on DIK!

Katie Reus said...

Great interview and welcome to the island :) I'm another hard core fan of Linda Howard too!

Carolyn Crane said...

Hey, congrats on the transition to fiction. I bet it's a lot more fun to write. What an interesting interview, and it's great to have you here, Joanna! Now, I can think of one great use for that knowledge of the education of Tudor women - why not erotica set in the times of Tudor. Or a straight historical?

Sarah said...

I like the whole dark and twisty plots too in my urban fantasy too!! Your covers are so nice, love a guy with tats. Cool interview ladies. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Joanna! I love your books!

Caffey said...

Hi Joanna! I remember chatting with you a couple of times some time ago so its great to chat with you. I love reading those romances with mythology, fantasy, etc! I don't find much of those to read so I'll be checking these out! But love Regency! So I'll be watching for that one too!

Thanks for the info on fire alarms. I have special ones for the deaf that have also strobe lights that wake you up visually. They had to be sent away for and 20 times more than a $10 one in the stores, but worth it!

Kytaira said...

I'm sooo glad you are here. The Surellian series is one of my all time favs! Can't wait for more.

For some reason I had it in my head that you like Warrior Moon by Marilyn Jordan. Am I having a senior moment?

Jo said...

Thanks for commenting, everyone! Congratulations to Sarah, who is the winner of this contest!

Sarah -- please contact me off-list at joannawylde (AT) with your address and I'll send you a copy of "The Price of Pleasure," my first book :)

Mame Burkett said...

This was a terrific and inspirational interview. I felt like I was sitting around a table and listening in on a chat. Maybe I shouldn't shred all those half finished stories in my bookshelf.
And thanks for the reminder about the fire alarms! I will be checking the batteries on mine when I get home tonight.

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