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My First Ménage

Heather Rainier writes erotic ménage romance and shares with Desert Island keepers her memory of...
My First Ménage

I’ll never forget them as long as I live. The big, sometimes demanding alpha, his gentler and more diplomatic brother and their dark, damaged younger sibling. They made no secret of what they wanted and I was enthralled from the moment I realized “it” was really going to happen. What amazed me most was that they didn’t want a fling. They wanted forever. I was about to experience my first ménage. My heart pounded as I turned the page…

What? Did you think I was talking about myself? *snicker*

There are a few books I’d take with me for a desert island getaway, but dear to my heart will always be the first ménage romance I ever read, “Colter’s Woman” by Maya Banks.

What’s not to love about the idea of three men devoted to loving you, cooking for you and protecting you from evil-doers? Reading that book, along with a few notable others, was the beginning of something wonderful in my life. Within their tantalizing pages, I explored taboos, secret lives and heroines with hearts so big they had enough love in them for more than one man.

A couple of years later I celebrated the realization of a long-held dream of becoming a published author with the release of my first erotic ménage romance, a contemporary western entitled “Divine Grace.”

So, if I ever get to that desert island, you can bet Holly, Adam, Ethan and Ryan Colter are coming with me.

If you’ve never read a ménage romance, “Colter’s Woman” holds a special place in my heart and I’d recommend it to anyone. If you enjoy erotic ménage romances, why not leave me a comment and tell me about your favorites.

Heather Rainier writes erotic romance exclusively for Siren Publishing. Her latest release, Maya’s Triple Dare, book 8 in the Divine Creek Ranch Collection is available at Siren-Bookstrand. Also visit Heather’s website.


Aurian said...

Is the reason why you named your heroine Maya, because you loved that Maya Banks book so much?

Tina D said...

Loved Colter's Woman !! It is one of my favorites along with Maya's Triple Dare and so many others. What woman wouldn't want a couple of men dedicated to her. Everyday it seems I find more and more wonderful authors to read and I would have a complete library on the desert island before long.

Heather Rainier said...

LOL, Aurian, I've pondered that many a time over the last few months. I also managed to utilize the names Ethan and Adam in my first menage, without any intention to mimick Ms. Banks' menage. For me, Adam and Ethan were just wonderful, masculine names and the story was complete and in edits at my publishers before it dawned on me. As far as the title of the latest book is concerned, I've always loved the name Maya. It's exotic and lyrical and I knew once I'd gotten started with the series that I'd eventually have a heroine named Maya. But the subconscious is a powerful thing and I think that looking up to Maya Banks the way I do most definitley played a role as well. Thanks for the great question;-)

Heather Rainier said...

Celtie, the problem for me would be if they told me I could only take one book! I'd have a whole library full of books too. I guess that's when having an e-reader is such a great thing! Mine is stuffed full of all kinds of great books. JR Ward, Stephenie Meyer, Tymber Dalton, Leah Brooke, Laurann Dohner, Sophie Oak, Shayla Black, Jaid Black, Kresley Cole, etc. I can't imagine packing all those books but my Kindle fits write in my purse.;-)

Dr J said...

After reading your post I was trying to remember my first menage novel and I'm afraid I just can't pinpoint it. I, too, found Maya Banks' series of Coulter stories fascinating and have gone back and re-read them already. You know I love your stories and those of many of the authors you mentioned. Several I have come to love recently are Jenny Penn, Tonya Ramagos, and Samantha Kane. I am finding more and more authors writing about multiple partner love stories--possibly because it is being more accepted now, or because it is a relational configuration so many of us have wondered about--as you said--a love that is generous enough to embrace more than one partner. Thanks for the very nice post.

Heather Rainier said...

Thanks Dr. J, I owe a debt of gratitude to you for your wonderful reviews of my books but I'm also glad you introduced me to the wonderful ladies at Desert Island Keepers. I was honored to guest blog for y'all.

Luna Wildwood said...

Oh Heather, I started reading the blog and gasped! She did what? Oh you naughty girl. Read further and found out it was Colter's Woman you were talking about. Oh darn, she almost had me believing it was her lol. That book is on my to read list. Soo many menages to get through, so little time. ;-) ... books I mean, not the... you know what I mean :P

Ronda said...

Colter's Woman was my first menage book as well. I also went on to read the rest in the series. What a wonderful door that opened!! I, too, have 300+ on my Kindle and adding daily. You'll be happy to know that you and few others (Sophie Oak, Cherise Sinclair) have a folder all your own on that wonderful ereader. Am looking forward to Summer the end of September as it gives me another reason (besides they're great) to reread all the books before it again. Thanks for sharing your talent and keep up the great work!

Dragon Momma said...

I think Colter's Woman was my first menage, as well. Since then, I have all in that series. I then turned to Leah Brooke, RG Alexander, Trista Ann Michael, Annmarie McKenna, etc. Then, one day, I got my Nook. I started looking around at the books on B&N and knew I could find them cheaper. I found Siren. Last winter, I found one from this first time writer that intrigued me because the heroine was not only a full sized gal, but had been dealing with some mental abuse from her present bf. I had bells going off in my head. Hmm..outside of being blond and living in Texas with said bf, that sounded like something I actually went thru. So, I took a chance and bought the book. I now own all 8 books in your series, Heather. I have not been disappointed YET in any of them! I so love your heroes and your heroines. I want to move to Divine, Texas SO badly!!!! ;) I am also so very grateful that you did "take up the pen" and start writing. You have a way with words that hit home each time. You make all your characters believable and lovable. I look forward to each and every installment.

Just think....if I had never found Maya Banks to begin with, I might never have found you. *hugs* Thanks for writing!!!

Stacy Wilson

dragn_lady at yahoo dot com

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