Thursday, August 18, 2011

Keeping Motivated

I'm trying really hard to keep myself motivated when it comes to my writing. Moving twice in less than six months, working at least 8 hours Monday-Friday and just life overall keeps me on my toes. I have been writing, just not as much as I would like.

I need to figure out some sort of schedule; something that would allow me to write for a certain amount of time per day and maybe, just maybe, I would actually finish something. *gasp* What a concept!

Sadly, I am not a very regimented person. I hate planning out my life. I want to live each day as it comes and try to enjoy it. However, if I want to be a published writer at some point in my life (yes, please!!!!), I have to make some sort of adjustment to my thinking.

What are my options? Hmm...well, I could write for a bit in the morning. Or after work. Maybe before I go to bed every night. I admit, I'm stumped.

So...those of you out there who DO schedule yourselves writing time, what do you suggest? What works best for you? Help a would-be writer out. :)

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